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Does Pain Make Your Anxiety Worse?


I've been dealing with chronic pain since I was around 14 or 15 and I'm 25 now. I have days were the pain is excruciating to the point were every day activities hurt and days were I'm decent and can function like everyone else. It seems that when my pain is at its worse my anxiety seems to be worse. Not as I worry about my health or anything but like for some reason I just seem to go off about the littlest things to others. What I mean by to others is that I actually let my anxiety known where I normally try my hardest to keep it to myself. But when I'm hurting very badly I can't seem to keep up my front. I freak out and end up flipping out on people. It's happened recently and I just don't understand it. I've been doing very well recently but now I just feel like everything has gone downhill. Maybe I'm overreacting but I don't know. Does this happen to anyone else? When you're in pain or hurting does your anxiety seem to get put of control?

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When you are having anxiety you are super sensitive. Lack of sleeps worsens it, a flu worsens it, so am assuming that yes am sure that pain might make it worst.

That is true and I haven't been sleeping well either.

I can’t emphasize on how important sleep is for anxiety, please get enough of it

I'll try my best. It's not easy.

To answer your question, my anxiety is a bit more difficult to handle when my pain is worse, and I know what activities to avoid to reduce the pain. Sometimes that means just not doing much of anything to let my muscles and nerves just relax. It is what it is. I know my pain is the "collateral damage" from an accident and can vary, so I don't actually worry about what's wrong.

My anxiety and pain can play on one another.

You didn't mention what is the cause of your pain, but after 10 years, if you probably do. Perhaps you can adjust your routine to allow time when necessary doing what you know may reduce your pain so your anxiety doesn't increase too.

Not an easy balance to maintain, and I hope you have better days soon.

EchoSounding in reply to HearYou

Thank you so much for your response. I'm feeling a bit better pain wise. It comes and goes depending on certain variables. Hoping I can start sleeping better and things to help my anxiety subside a little more.

Is it possible that instead of your pain causing anxiety, your anxiety causes your pain? If true then you should work towards mitigating your anxiety through therapy or anti-anxiety meds such as valium.

I have other issues that are causing the pain but it could be making it worse as well.

Simple Answer ? You Darn Right It Can.

My Wonder Is, This Started At Age 14 & Now You Are Only 25 ?* That's Awful Young To Suffer From A "Chronic Pain" Disorder. What Have Your Doctors Found ?*

Thanks & Bless Ya !*

I have external tibial torsion and internal femoral torsion. So basically my hip bone sits 50 degrees too far in and the bone below my knee sits 30 degrees too far out. Doctor said those were the worst degrees he's ever seen and it was a miracle I could even walk. Plus, after a horrible ER visit, I think I may have endometriosis as well.

Well. What's Their Plan For Treatment ?*

[ sorry to hear that too...bless You ]

For the torsion there isn't really anything they can do that wouldn't require two huge surgeries and having to learn to walk all over again. He said I wouldn't recover from that for years so he did a smaller surgery to stabilize my knee, it kept dislocation from it, but my hip still locks on me and some days it's a struggle to walk.

For the endo I have to see someone about it. I haven't had insurance in years but was able to recently get it.

prayers for ya......

Thank you. I hope you have a Merry Christmas

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