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Why won’t things get better


I feel like I’m taking all the right steps. Seeing a therapist getting back on meds. But I’m feeling worse than ever. My anixety is 10x worse than it’s ever been. I’ve been on Prozac for about 4 weeks. 3 of those weeks on 10 mg and now 1 week on 20 mg. I can’t stop feeling nervous and scared all the time. My panic attacks are awful my heart rate got up to 165 today which has never happened. I’m so scared to be alone because I’m afraid I’m going to have a heart attack. Why aren’t these meds helping. I took them last year and they worked for me...which is why I went off of them. I thought I was better. Should of never done that. I feel worse now than before when my anxiety first starter.

Does Prozac make you more anxious or am I literally going crazy?

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You’re not going crazy maybe u something different this time please let your doctors know how u feeling

Hi darlarae,

I don't have any experience with Prozac, but I know psychotropic medications can sometimes take a while to really kick in -- is Prozac the only med you are taking right now? How long did it take to start working when you took it last year?

I agree with tamka38 that you should definitely inform your doctor about the worsening anxiety to see if you need some adjustment with your meds.

I know all too well that feeling of fear and panic of having some kind of cardiac event while alone; I live with it every day. I'm so sorry you are going through something similar.

But, as you say, you are taking all the right steps. I know it sounds trite, but, if you've got the right therapist and the right medications, then it just takes time. Day by day, moment by moment. Things will get better.

Message if you need to talk. Take care and be well.

I was put on Prozac many years ago and became extremely agitated, too. I was eventually put on something else. If your symptoms are unbearable, just call your doctor and say so. The symptoms of these drugs are always uncertain and vary greatly from person to person.


Medications are hit and miss, Prozac doesn’t sound like it’s working for you. You could ask for some Xanax to get by while you adjust to a new med. Lea pro and celexa are good options, I’m on abilify which is a mood stabilizer for me (an antipsychotic as well). You just need to keep trying and if the anxiety is really this bad right now there is emergency medicine like Xanax for a short period of time.

I'm so sorry these are making you worse!

Why do I feel like Prozac is the new go-to for docs now? I know you had success with it before and maybe that's why but I see this a lot. My best friend was put on it a few months ago and she had this happen within days, she was way way worse than before and freaking out even if her phone rang (she wasn't like that before these). She contacted the Dr and was taken off of them immediately and given Neurontin and Ativan low dose for 2 weeks until they put her on different kinds until she finally got to Buspar. Those have really helped her but she went through about 4 kinds to get to these.

Some of us are more sensitive to the meds that should take a week or 2 to get into our system, we get that feeling within days instead. I'm one of those people as well if i were to switch and I currently take Effexor 225mg. My Dr has told me it's in our biological makeup that causes us to feel them sooner and has a lot to do with our metabolism as well.

I really do pray for some relief for you and finding the right meds to help you. In the meantime, ask what homeopathic capsules you could take like magnesium has helped me.


Just wanted to say I’m sorry you feel like you’re going crazy and I definitely know that feeling. For whatever reason I’ve had a couple weeks of really heightened senses and jitteriness and realized I need to burn off some of this nervous energy!! I’m lucky to have a nice long lunch break all week near a park and change into comfy clothes and do a brisk walk for about 30-40 minutes. It helps. And of course as always, the moment I feel that panic rising despit my walks I take all that energy and focus in on deeper breathing, mindfully relaxing my shoulders, arms, knees and legs. And after all that if it’s not working, phone a friend and have a freak out fest. 😁 The anxious life is exhausting. Hugs.

Why you have panic attacks? Just try to figure out your fear. And try to overcome it. Running away from the things that bothers won’t help so try to embrace them

Sounds like what I just went through. One thing you have on your side is you beat it before. Just accept as who you are for now.

This time when you beat it just stay on a low maintance dose at least I think that’s what I’m going to do.

I understand what your going through and it’s just temporary and you are strong and it’s just a part of your life for now

I am also on Fluoxetine, I am coming up to my 4th week, on Friday I was put on 40m a day 20m morning and 20m noon, before I was on 20m.

I have had every side effect possible, high pulse rate, shakes, no sleep, no appetite, I have also been on these before, like you I wished I had stayed on a low dose, I am sure it took a while last time before I felt better.

This time I seem to get one good day and then go backwards.

I am not sure if when the drug is increased, you have similar side effects again until they get into the system.

I think it’s important to stick with it and give it time to work, it does say between 4-6 weeks and sometimes much longer.

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