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I lost my friend


Yesterday I asked her where does our relationship stand? Because I just don’t know anymore. Are we even friends still? I’m ready to move on if you don’t want to be friends anymore. I’m just tired of waiting.

She said to me I suppose it’s for the best since Your not happy about the space.

I also have this anxious thing about me where I need space myself and I was letting know another friend I needed time to get better. But I betrayed my own request because I contacted my friend. He never answered me back because I told him I’ll wait for him to contact me. Now I’m all anxiety ridden he’ll never contact me for a while or for a few weeks.

Why do I do this to myself?

I just don’t want to lose him as a friend. I have some hope that he’ll contact me today because maybe he was to busy to answer me. But I don’t want to bring my hopes to high. Even though I feel like I did.

I’m still trying out my new meds it’s been 7 days that I have been on it. So it’s still gonna take some time for me to get better.

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Sorry if my post doesn’t make much sense. I led one thing to another it seems like. I have cried losing my friend the space she wanted from me took a while and like 2 months I think. So I finally asked the question. I was suffering by waiting and not knowing if there was a friendship.

I definitely understand this.. I am going through this right now with one of my greatest friends. Although, I don’t really have the courage to ask her where we are, what we are. It makes me sick to even think about asking... I’m just too afraid to be alone, she’s all I have but lately things just haven’t been the same.

I’m sorry I don’t really have any sage advice for your situation at the moment... But I wish you all the best and hope it all works out somehow and you can find some happiness in spite of everything.

Magic101 in reply to faulhallen

It’s hard for me to be happy at the moment. But I feel relieved that I asked her the question. Because I didn’t want to be always wondering when will she contact me? Are we still friends? But she decided to not be friends with me.

And the other friend that I have well time will only tell if he’ll contact me. I just did it to myself again. My anxiety is so bad I have these impulses sometimes to call or txt him. I’m worried I’ll drive him away from doing that. But he has told me that if he had a problem with me he has a pretty good reputation of letting someone know that he has a problem. He hasn’t told me that he has a problem with me. So I keep reminding myself that. I’m afraid I’ll contact him again in a few days.

faulhallen in reply to Magic101

I know I don’t know what your text messages say and I am admittedly very weird (especially for a man).... but I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t be happy to hear from you if he really is your friend. Life gets in the way and you may not always respond when you should but a true friend should be happy to see you’ve made the effort and that you care enough to reach out to them.

Then again that could just be me and my high standards for any form of relationship...

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