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my psychiatrist cant figure out whats wrong with me either i really need support

hello :D

actually my life was great growing up.

but then these last few years everythings started to go downhill fast.

i could figure out alot of things to cause me anxiesty, but its hard for me to say precisely whats wrong with me.

if i had to give one core reason it would be how scared i become of change, and how much i fear death.

each day i feel like im fighting through the day,

i have kept myself from alot of people and lost alot of friends the last few years. but i still have the most important people left, my mom, my brother and this single friend i still talk with online sometimes, though i think it would be scary to meet him in real life again, considering how im not proud of myself anymore.

but for these people, i really want and need to keep on living, im just feeling so awefull every day and i dont want them to remember me as damaged when im gone one day.

im 20 years old, and also i apoligize for the poor english

but good day to you all, and also theres good times too, so i hope we all have more good times, and that it will all be a little brighter one day

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Hi "theuglyfrog" (why that username?) Reading your post, I was taken back when you

said you were only 20y.o. It sounded like it came from a much older person who had lived a long life and now was fearing change and death. We are not doctors or therapists

so letting you know when we offer advice, it is coming from our own life experiences.

I too had a perfect fairytale childhood but then just about your age, I became fearful. Changes were happening too fast, I feared I'd make mistakes and I just didn't feel like a

young adult but still an innocent child inside. For me, I knew that my anxiety was coming from an over protective mother who put the doubts in me with every choice I made. You can't grow emotionally like that. I don't know what happened in your life more recently to make you not feel confident or have self esteem in who you are. It's important as a young woman to be able to express herself w/o being judged or knocked down emotionally.

Why would you fear being thought of as "damaged" when you die. You are only 20 and have a lifetime to blossom and grown into the person you were meant to be.

Life is about learning and making mistakes along the way that just help as to grow.

I'm glad you reached out to this support site. We all have different life experiences along the way and by sharing those experiences, we help each other. We are here for you.

You are never alone. :) xx


That is very sad 20 is still a very young person- in fact having such a fear of death sounds like you are not living. I am an old person by any means but I think young sometimes, and sometimes question myself. Trying to be an old person at 20 will not work- it is okay to look out for yourself and others, but you have an awful lot of living to do before you even think about dying. I think it's wonderful that you had a happy childhood so what changes are you afraid of- is it getting older ? Well, welcome to that. We are all going to die some day, and it is highly doubtful that someone is going to make it to 150 or 200! Why would we want to? It takes guts to get out there when we are older so make the most of life- sounds like you have a lot to live for, and there is a big world out there. If it makes you feel any better- there are those of us who are old who are still growing- nope we have not withered away!

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Also, you say you lost a lot of friends- did something bad happen to them, and that is why you are this way? I hope you can also talk to a doctor as well as continuing to see a psych.


Am 29 years, a difference of 9 years but things here can be amazing, you fear death but me at some point I wanted it to come to me because of the unbearable thoughts which were in my head. I understand anxiety can bring with it all form of virtual feelings, I tell you don't be discouraged, you are not alone in this. Look for medication or talk to a psychiatrist. Tomorrow might be very positive we have experienced this so many times


Get a new psychiatrist

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Can I ask why you are not proud of yourself anymore?

I've felt this way at your age, even when I was in college and working. Mine was bc I never felt I was good enough, no matter what I did, even a 4.0 in college...i still felt like I wasn't good enough and couldn't be proud of myself for it but there was a huge reason behind it and I knew what it was. I shut out friends and family as well except for a select few bc they just didn't understand.

You are young and have a whole life ahead of you to live and blossom into the person you want to be, and you can do this.

I believe in we just need you to believe in yourself!

Love and Hugs!


thank you very much everyone, when i checked my message again today, i would never have imagined so many kind and caring replies. thanks a bunch everyone


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You're not alone ! Sending you lots of good vibes 💗 Peace & love ✌🏼❤


thank you =)

good vibes and peace and love to you too

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How about changing your handle to Leaping Frog?


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