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Fatigue beyond


Hey everyone. I’m suffering with fatigue and depression and anxiety!!! My muscles and joints hurt so bad. I was reading up on chronic fatigue syndrome and it has all of these effects. Could it be that a lot of us are suffering CFS? I’m tired of feeling this way. No energy no motivation no nothing!!!! I don’t enjoy the things I use to, just don’t have the energy. And....my job is physical so that just adds insult to injury. I don’t know what to do. Taking vitamins and supplements, but it makes no difference in how I feel. Anyone else have this condition?

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I had these same symptoms. I do not have the CFS achy feeling any longer (still have anxiety but better). I can tell you for sure 100% it was Diet Pepsi + Aspartame. I drank a lot of it for years. When I got off, then (maybe 6 months later) drank more it, all the CFS symptoms came back. I have not had any for at least 2 years now.

Any aspartame (for me can trigger it) and it is a know issue. It can also trigger anxiety. verywellhealth.com/aspartam...

the biggest change in my energy level came exactly with pre-menopause and has gone down hill from there. I used to a a ball of fire when I woke up for work...and worked for hours and hours, days on end because I could. Then one day it all changed and got progressively worst. And my doctor told me it was menopause. I've tried everything, and got some relief with hormone replacement therapy. But all in all....just get tired easy, have no drive.... and it's not all down to my depression...I've had that all my life.

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Wow, I just don’t know what my problem is. I’ve got to get back to feeling human again. Joint and muscle pain no drive night sweats. I believe I’ve been through menopause, I’m 59, but then again maybe it’s here real bad!

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Hi Daisy, I had 16 rounds of chemotherapy & radiation in 2017. It's 2 years out for me and I suffer with terrible joint and bone pain. However, I drink Turmeric tea with meadowsweet & ginger. It sure helps with the pain. I take move free as well. My inflammation in joints still continues though. I cannot wear my jewelry. I also drink green tea. Cut out all processed foods, sugar.

I am so so sorry you are struggling! I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and a host of other issues. I completely understand. I have days that I call three bath days because I hurt so much. Hormones completely effect it.

But I have started seeing a naturopath and she has me on a rigorous diet and for the first time in 11 years I am feeling alive again! My anxiety decreased dramatically. I have energy, hope and enjoy my environment!

She has me on supplements and I am gluten and dairy free (this is the hardest!).

It is a process but it seems to be working. Lots of water is important, half your body weight in ounces. She has me taking three-minute hot showers, followed by 30 second cold showers 3xs and dry brushing my body. I thought all this was crazy town but am seeing some results fast.

Check with your current doctor, look into any underlying medical conditions, I had some of that too that was affecting my fatigue. Yes, depression can be physical fatigue absolutely, but so can other illnesses. Only a doctor can tell you exactly what it is.

Also, check any side effects of current medications you are on and discuss with your doctor if they are causing problems.

I pray you gain your life back soon. Your joy return and you live to the full :) Walking with Jesus has helped me on the roughest of days.

Best wishes and please feel free to ask any questions.

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