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How to move beyond my bed


Over the past years, I have been losing the ability to do normal tasks that I’ve been doing for a long time. Now I don’t leave my bed if I don’t have to. My adult daughter does my laundry occasionally. I order groceries online and pick them up. I haven’t cooked food for a few years now. Dinner, if I bother, might be toast or a frozen pizza. Mostly I don’t really care to bother putting something together. Vacuuming, dusting, bed making, etc have all stopped. A typical day is spent on my bed doing absolutely nothing. I’m afraid to leave the house. I’m afraid to go church weekly. I’m afraid to go to parties/gatherings and so on.

I have isolated myself almost completely. I feel much safer this way.

My concern is I’ll go from this low functioning person to one who just exists to one who’s no longer here.

Does anyone have any reasonable suggestions to make me care again?

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So sorry you are feeling so bad. I would find a counselor to talk with. You need someone with experience to help you? There may come a time that your muscles atrophy and you won't be able to move even if you want. I would consider this an immediate need. I am wishing you peace and hope you act on finding therapy. :)

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I do have a psychologist and a new psychiatrist for med management. I’m wondering if there’s a med that can help me get “unstuck”. I do have a dog and four cats so I have to get up to tend to them. Thank you for your well-wishes.


It’s taking you .. loneliness is gripping you .. you need to come out of it .

How to come out .. create some purpose to look after to on daily basis .. why not bring in some pet .. whom you should look after .. start taking them out .. a dog will be nice addition .

Start with that .. soon meet people on park .. move along.. but pls start to move ..

I agree that the depression is getting me but I can assure you that I don’t feel lonely. I have a dog and four cats that I care for. I’m an introvert and would never go to a park to meet people. Did I mention that I used to trust people but have been abandoned and betrayed several times. At this point I feel it’s safer to stay away from people. My heart is so hurt right now that I feel I can’t risk getting close to anyone. I’m in a bad space but hopefully it’ll pass, eventually, before anything unfortunate happens. Thanks for caring.

Just saying hi,🙋🏻‍♂️


My dogs get me up and keep me busy during the day. It is good to have someone or something to care for. Try to get up and just walk around every hour for a few minutes otherwise one day it will get too tough to get up.

I have a dog and four cats so I too must get up to tend to them. I have a fenced in yard so Puppus can run around and take care of business. Due to a breathing problem I have I can’t really walk her. I like the idea of walking around every hour. Often that happens anyway but I can be more deliberate about the timing and the route. Maybe I can do one task, no matter how small, while I’m walking around. Already I’m feeling overwhelmed so I will slow down and take baby steps. It’s better than laying here feeling like a useless waste of space. Thank you for the idea. Tomorrow the hourly stroll will be my goal - and only that.

I wish you the best tomorrow with your goal. I was an exercise therapist before I got sick so I will be cheering you on as I think about you tomorrow!

Did you get up and walk around?

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Sadly no. I didn’t make the extra effort needed to do it right. I haven’t done much in the last couple of days, except sleep.

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