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Used and abused

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I'm always the person people come to when things are rough or when no one else is there for them . But when I need someone , they all turn away and pretend I'm nothing . I keep helping them though . I hate seeing people suffer even though I'm busy torturing myself . Only three "friends"know about my depression . They don't care though . The first one ignored it , the second one didn't even try to help , the third just changed the whole thing to her by saying well I'm sad too . Because of this I hold everything in and fear being rejected again . Now I'm slowly getting eating alive by my thoughts

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Oh this is so true with me to, before this all happened to me I was the person most of my friends and family would call for something, now I ask for something or help and I don't here back or they just lie and never help when they say they will, and I just let it go and bite my tounge about it. It hurts like hell, like I'm nothing now. I feel your pain trust me.

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It hurts most when you've been keeping it in for a long time

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Yep, it's like a pot of boiling water, it gets so hot then if you don't release the pressure boom. That's where I was when I joined here and it helped to talk it off, I still feel the pain but I can share it here.

Remember, you do not need to be a martyr- it sounds like this situation is getting you angry.. You do not have to hold it in, and seethe with anger or just brush it off. Good that you came here.

Well these people shouldn't be called friends since obviously they're not

It's amazing how total strangers understand you more than people you've known for years

i think that your situation is common. I think that those with depression/anxiety are also sensitive and empathetic. I feel the same way that you do. I am the first to jump to help but feel all alone. I say, be careful about helping, help yourself first. As for your friends, i think most people that don't experience depression or anxiety don't understand it and don't know what to do.... that is the reason that I looked for an online forum.

Make your mission to help yourself and hopefully you can be yourself with your friends....that is what I am hoping happens with me. Good luck!

Hello unstable

I think you need to lower your expectations of others way down. You cannot expect others to care the way you do because it just isn’t going to happen. Such is life! I try not to depend on others too much, but on myself and my Higher Power. That’s where true healing takes place...within yourself. The only place where I feel understood and feel free to share my troubles with my mental illness is here on this forum. Acceptance of the reality that outside friends really aren’t of much help is like freedom! Praying for acceptance of life for you!!

I've been trying to lower my expectations but the people I surround myself with are so good at pretending to care , sometimes I think they do even though I know they really don't .

Sorry you don't have the support you need, some people really don't know how to deal with something they don't understand. I too am a person who always reaches out to help but get next to no help in return, I got tired of feeling let down so I stopped looking to others for comfort and help. I reach out to those who show true care. Do you have anyone you can reach out to that understands? Have you worked with a counselor or considered a support group? Those can be amazing resources for us who deal with depression. Maybe you could look into it. Try not to feel so down, you are not the one with the problem and others don't know how to handle depression when they don't have it. Hang in there, hugs.

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Thank you so much for the support . Hugs

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