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Feel so anxious, and depressed


Hi my name is really Debbie, and I have chronic depression, severe anxiety, and 24/7 # 10 pain.

I am isolated now as I had the handicap bar break off then getting in several car accidents, and I take meds but right now they are not helping. I go through cycles with my pain, and the anxiety is out of control.

Just glad I found a place to go to.

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Welcome Debbie,you’ve come to a good place🌞🦋

I'm glad you've found a place as well. We are looking forward to getting to know you.

Hi Debbie. We r here for U if U need to talk. 🙂🌸

This is the first step!

I'm sorry to hear that you have these issues. I can relate because I have chronic pain also. Have you ever considered volunteering? Volunteering helps me because it keeps me busy and I have control over my day. It is healing if you can find things to do that you enjoy on a daily basis.

Hi, Debbie. I am glad you found a place to voice your pain--physical or your mental health. I have pain, too, and it can be so debilitating. I am feeling a bit better as I continue to titrate off clonazepam. I am trying some things some of the members of this group have suggested. It certainly has helped me to be open and express my anxieties--I don't feel threatened. I went bicycling a couple of days ago and even though I feel wonderful being out in nature, my pain returns later as my sciatica and carpal tunnel sometimes hits me hard. I've ordered some gloves--I have several for my wrists--that are mostly for the "weekend warrior." These are really cushioned and look like they may sustain my wrists when I have them on the handlebars. I am thinking of going out tomorrow. Today the temperature is a bit too warm for me which doesn't agree with me. I love the cool, semi-foggy and then sunshine. It may sound odd to many but as I have gone through various stages of life, many difficult and many quite fruitful like when I worked, I listen to my body and don't need to prove anything to anyone. My husband is great--yes we have had our arguments--and he has greatly helped me. But spouses, relatives don't want to see us in pain or hear how we really feel, so this website is a wonderful place to hear others and I reciprocate when I can.

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