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New city new me?

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Due to the events from the past month and continuous extremely stressful events from last year I have decided to make a fresh start to a new city with the support of my boyfriends family and him. I had a very bad panic attack about 2 months ago. It was a horrible experience I hadn’t had before. I decided within myself that I wasn’t going to allow a person or situation to lead me to that distress again!! I just feel like all the stress from last year is catching up with me and on top of that I just give give give and don’t help myself and I keep going and don’t stop. I recently had got my dream job and was so excited to start (I had already been with the hospital for 3 years) but when I started the new job they treated me like I was nothing and like I was incapable to do my job when I know for a fact what I’m worth.. just didn’t feel good at all especially with the life events I was already dealing with and I’m the most caring and hard working person I know so .. I just felt super overwhelmed and undervalued. My very dear friend tried committing suicide when I gave her the news I was moving.. just so many things have been happening ! And I just wanna shut my brain off for a few seconds ! So any advice on clearing your mind or focusing on myself would be very helpful! I need to care for myself like now! last year.. my mom was sick for the whole year and still recovering now. I feel like I was the only one there.. I had to make all decisions and with me being 22 , a student and managing a full time job(working 60 hours a week though), it was stressful to the max for me to see my mom in that horrible state already. Also my boyfriend was deployed I felt so alone. I never took care of myself throughout that year and the years before .. I feel like that could of helped. So I just moved to a new city and Idk where to start. I feel a lot less stressed here .. but still very anxious. Just trying to continue to lower my stress level and live one day at a time(which is really hard for me).. already have a couple job interviews lined up doing what I love, maybe that will help!

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Hi Justadetour, I think you've made a wise decision in clearing the slate from all the stress around you more recently. Starting anew is not easy but can be just what the doctor ordered in giving you a fresh start. Oh anxiety may come along for the ride at the beginning but once you adjust to the new city and get involved in your job, things will start to fall in place.

I wish you well and give yourself credit for being your own advocate and following a new path in life. My best to you xx

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Thanks !!🙂

Hello, sounds like you are making a really positive change. What you say in your last paragraph, for me, contains all the answers you need.

" one day at a time (which is really hard for me).. already have a couple job interviews lined up doing what I love."

Living one day at a time is all we can do. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow hasn't arrived. Yes, you can make plans and have dreams about the future, but live in the present, in the now.

Doing what you love is what we should all do, whenever circumstances permit. Ask yourself the question, 'Am I happy?' If yes, carry on. If no, then work out why and change something.

Everyday in the new city you will make new connections and new opportunities will arise. I wish you every happiness. Take care,

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Thank you !! 🤗

Are U a nurse?


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