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I mediated this today’s day started out good .I had shoulder surgery, so I’m having to rely on my spouse to take me everywhere. Today again picks a fight with me. Tells me we are running my errands not and their time. And don’t need to. Well who is suppose to help me go places if my arm is in a sling and I can’t even go to the store to get something??? I’m stuck in this house only place I can really go is the doctors office. I can’t wait till my shoulder is better and I can drive. Because I will be gone all day. Drive myself to physical therapy than to the park anywhere but here. My spouse works from home so I can’t go anywhere. I called Uber the other day and that created a big fight. Why?? I’m not bothering anybody I just want to get out of this prison for a few minutes. I’m suffocating

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I so relate to what you’re saying! Cabin Fever! I get it too. Keep doing your best to get out right now. Do you have a friend that would come get you for awhile? I don’t see anything wrong with calling Uber if your spouse isn’t willing to help you. Wishing you peace and fresh air! 🙂🌷🙂

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Appreciate it!

That’s the same position I am in. Except I never got my license. Now my family is mad at me and they refuse to take me anywhere. So I am kept like some kind of prisoner. I haven’t been out since Sunday. It weighs on me. Especially with my past with agoraphobia which I over came. I enjoy being out. I am not mad at my family. Eventually they will be in my shoes and will come to see how painful it is to be isolated. To be treated like you are a burden and your needs aren’t important.

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