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Feeling helpless


Been having weight issues.. everyone around keepts pointing it out. My parents called me a cow and a horse... I can't go outside, let alone look in the mirror. I am so helpless and worthless. Trying so hard to not to harm myself. I hate this feeling it makes me so weak.

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Please do not feel this way. Your parents are awful to call you names like that. I am sure that you are beautiful. You are most certinally strong. Do not listen to them. Be who you are. Your parents are jerks. You are perfect for you. I'll be thinking of you :)

Ysocold in reply to irishmermaid

Thank you for that really:/ but I've been called so many things from so young I am sad to say I find no beauty in me. :( I am so embarrassed or scared to be me because I am always told a remark about it. But thank you so much.

mysmugcat in reply to Ysocold

They do not define you. I am sorry. Are you saying you are obese?

I agree with the reply from the other poster.

I am so sorry to learn that you're struggling. I know what it's like to be obese, and to have family members call you names. When my parents do, they say it's because they care and want to motivate me to make a change. What they don't understand is that I've been in survival mode for so long that the very last thIng on my mind is doing my hair, make up, or exercising. I have never felt beautiful, but what I have learned is this: the beauty inside me is not a result of what anyone else thinks. When I'm forced to think about myself, I come up with everything but my physical body. I come up with the intangible, truly important things, like the fact that I am slow to judge, often put others beforehand myself, and love with all of heart. When I think of those truly important things, often the criticism of my family doesn't matter. Yes, it still hurts, and I don't know how to make it not hurt. But I do know, deep down, that it doesn't matter, because I'm more than what anyone else thinks of me. I don't know if my words are helpful or not, but I felt your pain from reading your post and wanted to let you know that you're not alone, and that you a

Ysocold in reply to clar1401

Wow.. sometimes we forget just how much of a connection you can make with someone. I felt every single word written. Thank you so much for that.❤️

clar1401 in reply to Ysocold

You are so welcome. It's tough when I feel bad, I'm 41 and my parents still say things about my appearance, pretty much every time I speak with them (my mom mostly). They think they are helping, but they really aren't. Please just know that you are not alone and that life has so many beautiful moments. When I'm the most down, I fight to recall all of those moments and it often does help. It doesn't make everything better, but it does help me to focus on what is truly important. Take care, :-)

I struggled with weight since teen years.

Everyday I think about it. We live in a brutal culture filled with judgement.

Religion helps. God loves us unconditionally. He instructs us to not judge for those who judge will be judged by God. Pray for the people who hurt you

And know God is watching.

I pray protection and guardian Angels 👼 to surround you and your beautiful soul


Ysocold in reply to Beanerkins

Thank you much love❤️

clar1401 in reply to Beanerkins

What a great reply. I find that prayer helps me as well. It's hard for me to pray for those who hurt me. More often than not I'm praying for God to help me not hurt. But your post reminded me to pray for those who hurt me and I'm going to do that right now. Thank you.

Dear God please bless all of our souls

May we all feel your powerful love ❤️ so strong that we become strong so that no one can hurt us. In Jesus name we pray through the Holy Spirit,



Did you ever check to see if its a medical issues with the weight. Maybe your thyroid is not working properly

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