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Lost and Confused


I wrote my first post here some time ago, and when I read it again today I couldn't believe how much worse my life has become. I feel so alone and rejected and used and unloved. I don't recall ever feeling so lost in my entire life and I struggle with even a desire to live. I keep telling myself that nothing is going to change until I make changes and I don't see any changes. I've never thought of suicide before and I can't believe that where is where I am right now. I just don't see any point in living any more

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Hi if you are in the us you can contact suicide prevention lifeline at 1800-273-8255 or the crisis textline text the word "HOME" to 741741


You have yourself MindChaos! The positive thinking comes from within. You have the power to overcome your thoughts. Stop viewing things in a negative light and begin redirecting your thoughts to the positive. You have to be tenacious with it to start automatically searching for the positive in every situation. There’s always a silver lining somewhere, you just have to look for it.

If you check out now, you will leave many things undone. Your purpose will have not been met. You will leave a dark legacy on your family. They will never understand why. We have to fight because there’s no other viable option out there. Start working on loving yourself...I know how hard that really is, but it’s necessary. You’re going to make it! Don’t give up! Fight a little harder and forget about being tired! Wishing you the best!! 🌷☺️🌷

This is a terrible disease that effects millions....but when it effects your everyday life....and your not able to get help, or know how to or maybe even don't want to get help...the despair certainly can overwhelm us. We look at the half empty glass, we see no joy, life for us can be just existing for the moment....this site has many many members who have and do battle with the ups and downs of depression....and it's the downs that effect us. We don't realize that the long term effect of a momentary bad decision we could make that has final repercussions for us, can set in motion a ripple effect on everyone's life after we are gone...please watch this documentary:


Feeling trapped can lead to these thoughts. There are many ways to get untrapped. It’s time to make some changes,that’s all these feelings mean. The issue is we get stuck, so we think, with these feelings. These feeling become consuming, which is what we can change. Take it from a person who has been there, once you feel untrapped things will get much better. If there is any way I can help, I’m here for you. Thanks for expressing what’s going on with you, this will get better, we can help you through this.

Please know that you are not unloved. You matter a great deal to others and to God. It is hard to see the light when you are deep in the tunnel, but please reach out and talk with someone. You are not alone and you cannot alone help yourself. If you need someone to talk to that will help remind you of how valuable you are, please think about Mrjingles advice. I am attaching some information that I pray will help you see that you have much to live for and look forward to as well: bit.ly/2xrHObw .

I hear you mindchaos. We find ourselves in states we never dreamed of. The only thing that actually matters in these states is love, support, reconnection. Everything else is trivial. You’ve got mine along with many others. Keep reaching out and find it around you. Medically, socially, spiritually, anywhere and everywhere.

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