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I'm lost

Hi it's my first time here and I thought about trying something because sometimes it's hard to talk about negative thoughts to my friends especially I don't want to scare them.

It's not the first time I have felt really alone in life yeah I have a family and friends but sometimes it's like I just don't belong here. Years ago I got really depressed but never looked for help just talked about with friends. But I don't know lately I just feel I'm in the wrong place I don't know who I am and what I want in life. I have a job and good friends but the is still to much emptyness in my life. I tried turning to God but seeing it's really hard to believe and not be judged I just lost all hope

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Welcome Lonestar to a community that understands.

I was lost as well when I first came here. That was less than a month ago.

I'm 48 and I am just beginning my journey of being true to myself...no longer hiding behind a mask.

I find myself here almost every day now.

Reading posts and replies...replying when I think I have something to offer.

And asking for help when I need it.

I wish you hope and peace. Please take our hand.

You matter.

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Thanks for replying. I'm just 27 and people say it's an age when we should just be happy and not have anxiety or depression

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I was diagnosed in my early teens. It has nothing to do with age, income, race, or geography.

Those who don't deal with it have a hard time understanding it.

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Lately I just want to sleep all the time at work I try to keep my emotions to myself especially because I deal with rude costumers all most all the time. It's hard to hide that I'm just lonely and sad. Of course I always try to hide it and it gets harder. Sometimes I'm awake all night just feeling so sad and thinking bad things.

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I know about all of those things. I discovered a term a year or so ago I was unfamiliar with...hidden depression. I always functioned...worked, appeared normal, out in public. But in private, in my mind, I was tormented.

It's actually very common. I at 48, also came to understand how tiring it is to maintain that public smile. As you said, sleep is affected. You feel lonely and isolated...even around other people.

This site can really help. Genuine caring people who understand will help and support you. I had a really bad morning today...just broke down. They were amazing.

You have to work on yourself. I wish I had started earlier in life.

Have you considered therapy or medication?

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I did try meditation for a while but then I stopped using it. I might consider going back

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There are 20,000 members here and they will share what works for them.

There is no single thing...no magic formula. But try each thing until you find what works...or what helps.

The foundation for HU is unity. You are not alone. We understand because we have been there.

I have started and stopped many times. This time, with the support here, I intend to keep trying.

I am happy to say, just in the trying, I am getting positive results.

You matter here. You are needed.

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Those are people who don't understand. Don't eliminate them but you need someone to talk to that understands.

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Sometimes I think they would be better without me in their lives

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You might be better without them if they only provide negativity.

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No see they just say

" I'm here for you" but honestly they are not...they don't understand the word lonely not like I feel it

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I understand that. I have people in my life like that. I don't talk to them about my depression and anxiety.

Thanks for stopping by. Welcome to our community. I hope you enjoy it here.

Welcome to the group Lonestar. I have felt the same many times in my life. I, too, have a large family, lots of reasons to be happy. But sometimes there is just this aching sadness in me. I heard one time that it is our longing for a better world. That somehow, we instinctively know that there is a heaven and this isn't it. I found a man on YouTube named Ravi Zaccharias. I really like listening to him. He seems to have the answers to a lot of the questions I am asking. I especially like his video called The Meaning of Life. I am also reading his book called The Grand Weaver. Please look him up. I think you will like him.

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Thanks i will

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