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Affirmations! Let’s have a great day today team. ❤️


I’m rising above the thoughts that are trying to make me angry or frightened.

I easily put away the past I believe the process of life.

I accept myself.

I am willing to get rid of the need for this protection.

I am now willing to see only his greatness.

I have the power to make changes.

I am always divinely protected.

Any reason to live no matter how small that reason it is good enough.

It’s going to be okay.

I’m stronger than where I’m currently stuck at. I’m going to find my way out of this.

My depression does not control my life.

I have the power to defeat my depression.

Even if I fall back one day, I won’t be stuck forever.

I will and I am always positive.

I believe in myself here and now!

I have still come so far, and I believe in myself.

I am not afraid to keep on living.

I am healing.

I’m going to forgive and free myself. I deserve to forgive and be forgiven.

I am healing every day. I will continue to heal. I will let myself heal.

I have such a bright future.

I am going to get myself out of this mess, I believe in my strength to know that I will be okay.

Depression will not defeat me. I am more than this.

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deeaire, believing in everyone of those affirmations, will allow us to once again become who we were meant to be. Thank you for sharing a powerful post. Make it a great day xx

Nice reply agora so true we just have to believe we can do it!! 🌷

Count me in☝️🙂🙃🙂🧘🏻‍♂️🧘‍♀️🎧🎸🎶🎵🌺🌸🦋we can do it! And you’ve got this 🎧🎶🎹

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Alan, I was able to bring my son outside to ride his bike and I went to Walgreens lol without a panic attack

Sillysausage234 in reply to Hidden

Well done you and believe in yourself again!slow nasal breathing,uplifting music forum love talk about your problems someone will be there and your helping others too with positivity ☝️🧘🏻‍♂️🎹🎵🎧🎸🦋🌸🙂

That is beautiful what you wrote. Any reason to laugh or celebrate despite our anxieties. I am going to have a good day too. Thanks and sending you love

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Love it!! Beautiful affirmations 💜

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I loved this so much! That’s such powerful words that you’ve shared with all of us on this site! We can do this! 💪🏼🖤😊

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We can get through this!!!!!💖xx believe in yourself,🎸☝️🎶🎧☝️🙂xx we have the power to make the changes.i like that one

I am a little late to this, but wow this is powerful. I know it was posted two months ago, but I am very very glad that I came across this post. Thank you so much for posting. I am fighting really hard and this has helped my perspective. Again, thank you so so very much :)

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