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Lost Hope for a Better Future


I’m 21 and starting to believe that I lost all hope for a better life. I believe that I’m a weak person that won’t make it far in life. I am constantly thinking about dying and tragedy. I don’t know if the things that I do is even worth it. I don’t even know what I believe in anymore. I have never had a friend, a lover, or any other close relationship with another person. I’ve given up hope that I ever will. I can’t remember the last time I was genuinely happy. I don’t think I ever will be again. I feel like I don’t deserve to have those things or that they are meant for me. I don’t want to believe any of these things, but it’s hard not to. People always say that I have so much time left in life, but that’s hard to believe when I feel so much dread. I just want peace for one moment in my life. Can anyone help me?

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Hello tm23l. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been feeling this way. I get this feeling often as well and it’s so difficult to deal with. You said you feel like you don’t deserve anything...why is this? Have you always felt this way or has someone ever told you you were undeserving? I think talking it out with the members on here may help. Feel free to reach out anytime and please stay strong. You will get through this no matter how impossible it seems.


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No one has ever told what I deserve and don’t deserve. It’s just that I feel like because I never had any of those or came close to having. People always say that maybe it’s not time for me to have those things yet, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling lonely, confused, or lost.

You can push through, I fell very far when I was your age and had to seek help from therapist and a psychiatrist, medication was necessary to bring me out of the state I was in. Start out small and work on yourself when you can. It does get better.

Just wanted to touch back in with you and say, don’t give up. there is still hope for better times. I think patience is something that is often taken for granted( I wish I could be more patient every day) on here I believe you will find the support or suggestions you need to help find your way, just try your best for now until someone relates closely to the way you feel and can give some insight. It’s not an easy feeling the way depression/ anxiety ( whatever problems) can make you feel and healing can be a long road but if you’re here asking for help it shows you have hope and courage for the future, even if you haven’t realized it yet. I just began my journey on this site and it’s truly amazing to see how many people feel this way sometimes and how well they come together to offer support.

There is always hope ?

Did you know that in the Catholic Church having no hope is a sin ?

There is hope for you, you need to have faith in yourself in your future and in God your father in heaven who has a plan for you and who loves you, remember this and ask Him for guidance in your hopeless moments

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