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I’m not that attractive :/

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So recently there is this guy and we both really like each other, but he’s one really attractive guy. A lot of girls give him compliments all of the time that he looks like a supermodel (and they’re not wrong). I have yet to figure out why he wants me. I don’t think I’m super ugly, but I’m not getting lots of attention by anyone to even try and “even the field” I know that’s selfish, but I wish I was prettier so I’d feel more confident and maybe have some “leverage” again, I know that’s mean. But it’s really hard for me to understand why he even wants me in the first place. I wish it was easier for me to be confident in myself and not worry

5 Replies
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Maybe you are the one who sees into the real him?

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Well yeah that’s true but it’s still hard-like there is some other girl out there that’ll accept him that’s more attractive than I am

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I agree with your other replies. Plus, I was fortunate enough to know a not as attractive girl. However, that was just the outside. I was gorgeous but not vivacious and as even as her. She was extremely popular. I did not go to the prom.

Be yourself! Looks are fleeting even useless! Love yourself as the wonderful, unique individual you are! Look into your eyes and see your beautiful spirit. THAT is what truly matters!

Maybe you're not giving yourself enough credit. Maybe he thinks you're the most beautiful girl in the world to him. I would enjoy this handsome man & see where the road takes you with him! Best of luck! xo

You never know. He could be into you. He could be wondering how you feel about him. Maybe you're over thinking this. See what happens. You never know unless you try!

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