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I know everybody is probably sick of me now.I been having these thoughts for awhile and my therapist is aware of it.I have been really upset all day because I dont know if the counseling agency that i attend will be able to provide me with a different therapist. I have low income and not alot of therapists accept my insurance.I feel so hopeless.I contacted the crisis line earlier and was okay for awhile but,now i am upset again.I dont know what to do.

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Are you okay?

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Hi just having a really hard time

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What’s the #1 thing on your mind adding all the anxiety? What matter in your life you wish would just go away?

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I wish my social anxiety would just go away

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Have you ever just embraced it. Many of us have social anxiety, we are strange people. Lol. Does it bother you because you care what people think about you?

Hang in there. Give it time. Keep fighting. I believe in you.

I am so sorry, don't give up! We are here for you :) .

Glad you're reaching out to us for support. If you're having the self-harm thoughts again, please take care of yourself by calling the crisis line again or going to the ER. Know that you're not alone and there will be a lighter day ahead real soon.

hey I think about suicide every single day and have done for years.a couple of times I nearly succeeded im so lucky to be alive but very thankful and happy I really is worth living but as a sufferer also our thoughts are clouded with depression.we don't think clearly or see things as they should sure you will find lots of people on here offering support.

Call the crisis line again, please! We luv U.

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