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Making Progress :)


So This morning I went to a staffing agency to meet with recruiters. I was insanely nervous in the meeting, even when I was about to walk out the door I realized I left my backpack. I prided myself that I took the courage to meet with new people, and also on my way to the office, I asked a stranger inside the elevator this question, "How's your morning?" and that made me feel really happy.

Please share any little thing you have done recently that makes you feel a moment of joy. I am sure we all are proud of you!

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That’s great! Small steps are all it takes to make a big difference.

I went biking with a friend last night and it was so nice to be outside :)

Rearden, that sounds so fun !!!! I am happy for you :D

I am in such a similar position as you. I am living at home and about to graduate college and I don’t know what I’m going to do haha

It's totally normal that you are not sure what to do, Rearden. But don't judge yourself from that because I can tell you there are millions of us are going through this phrase of finding our passions. Now you are still in school, I recommend you to stay in touch with a mentor even when you are not in school anymore, they can still be your guidance. For example, your friends can be your mentors. Having a mentor is really helpful for you at any stage of your life. I'm sure you'll do great in the future haha

That is great advice. I’m meeting with a professor in a few weeks and going to ask for his help/advice on how he was able to figure things out when he was our age.

Thank you YongKang!

This is wonderful!!!! Your professor would love to tell you about his story and be prepared to learn haha. Also if possible, ask him to write you a reference.

I am so happy that I could give you a little bit help.

Don't forget to share your thoughts after that meeting :)

after a bit of a fluster today...I'm going to wrap up working on the laptop and go out and water the always makes me feel better. I loved that question by the was very nice.

fauxartist watering plants is like a physical form of nourishing souls! That's such a calming way to ease anxious feeling. Thank you for sharing this :)

it is soul food for me....thanks for that....may you too find your thing that centers you.

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