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Just When I Was Making Progress...

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8 days have passed since my last panic attack. The last few days have been fantastic! No anxiety or physical symptoms. Then, suddenly, I have some random digestive distress and just like that, anxiety is back in full force. I feel queasy, panicky and just plain uncomfortable. I had acupuncture today and I was just explaining how well I’ve been doing. Spoke too soon. I’m over this!

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8 days without a panic attack is most definitely progress! Remember that progress isn't always linear and there will be forward motvinh days and some backwards moving days. Keep up the great work that you're doing 👍 You'll be anxiety-free soon again.

Thank you! I needed to hear this. I doubt myself so quickly when things don’t go as I thought/anticipated. Living in dread is just awful. I so appreciate your response.

I understand how you feel. Your progress gives me hope, that things will get better for me.

i am sorry that you are going through rough time.

it is absolutely frustrating when everything is going well and later a panic attack kicks in; it feels as if starting from zero again.

i was the other day reading a statement that i was advised to do and it says " don't silence your mind, meditate, the mind listen and speak". To apply this approach i have to listen to my mind, and later speak to it . i am trying to apply it but most of the time i don't get the listening part in time, before my thoughts are transferred into emotions. I know that the more i master the 'listening' i will manage to speak to it, and subsequently prevent a potential attack. I guess developing a skill takes a time. I find it soothing to think we will eventually master the skill. For now we need to be patient and kind to ourselves.

Triggers can be debilitating. Have you considered speaking with a professional? I've been seeing a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. Working through thought management has been helpful. The triggers won't go away, we just need to learn to manage how we think about them. I chose a Christian counselor because working on deeper issues can make a lot of sense as well.

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