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2:30 am


I woke up almost an hour ago, had a few sips of water and started feeling crappy.

My chest began to feel tight (almost like I couldn't breathe), there's some pain but not bad or frequent, and the past few nights I've been having difficulty swallowing my saliva (like I'm sick and something's stuck in the back of my mouth).

I will also had I had a rum and coke and wings around 6-7pm yesterday and that's why I'm trying to tell myself is most likely the reason for how I'm feeling.

But it's 2:30 am, I'm kinda worrying and I have no one to talk to cuz all my loved ones are sleeping and I don't want to wake them cuz they basically all wake up at 5-6 am.

If these are anxiety symptoms, I've never experienced them (or seldomly have) im trying my hardest to tell myself that's what it is but I'm struggling and I can't fall back to sleep...

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I'm not sure if that is anxiety, a panic attack, or something else. I never had a panic attack but anxiety for me is at its worst a feeling of helplessness and a burning sensation in my gut along with a nervous energy. Breathing can be labored. I don't remember having anything with my throat but I remember someone else posting here that get throat would feel constricted during a panic attack.

I know there's quite a few things one can experience during an attack but this isn't something I normally have when I'm going through one, let alone waking up and having an attack.

Normally mine consists of the feeling of needing to run or escape a situation, and a feeling of "doom" but this is as I said different.

I'm just trying my hardest to not work myself up more and tell myself it's just anxiety but it's hard right now...I'm so tired and I want to sleep but the second I lay down it's like I can't ignore the feeling and the thoughts start up...

I'm curious, you have had panic attacks but never had anxiety? I always thought that panic attacks were what happened to people that had anxiety and an episode brought it up even further to a panic attack. My anxiety just never got to that level.

No aha I meant I never experienced the right chest or difficulty swallowing/breathing and that this is the first time I've had one upon waking up.

Sorry I'm probably not making this that clear since I'm half asleep...


God my phone sucks...

Lol. That one made me scratch my head.

When I have had bad anxiety, it has disrupted breathing but not swallowing. And yes, i have woken up with it.

Hopefully it is just something temporary and you will feel better in the morning. Try not to think too much about it (hard I know). As you know, that will just make it worse.

I hope so too, it's uncomfortable as heck. Right now I think I'm too tired to even think about it to be honest (which may be a silver-lining) but thank you for commenting and giving me some perspective 😊

I wake a lot in an attack my stomach feels tight and I feel sick all the time. I don’t drink alcohol but am finding I am so thirsty every night. I know this is my disease as I have been to the doctor

I'm pretty thirsty most nights as of late as well.

Do you know what may cause your attacks to happen at night? Cuz this is new to me and honestly I didn't think it was much of a possibility...

No I don’t. It’s not something I was even aware I had. My psychologist said I have had it for a while and it’s my fear of letter anyone down that caused it. She said I have tried to make everyone happy even when they treated me bad.

I hear you there, I've always put everyone before myself and now it's biting me in the butt I suppose :/

How do you feel now? Please let us know. I hope you are ok, but it could be many reasons of your discomfort at the middle of the night.

Thank you, I did manage to fall back asleep (despite taking a few hours to do so, even then in still tired) it did go away but I woke up with my chest feeling still somewhat tight and breathing was still a little hard but because of my chest.I'm still trying to figure out what triggered it, but I am better than earlier this morning.

Thank you for the concern 😊

May be you have to check it out with a doctor to make sure.

Maybe I should yeah

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Hey, doing worry, thats the first thing u need to do. Don't worry about anything,.I assure u ,there is no serious issue .It has happened to me a 1000 times.

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Thank you, that wasn't just a new experience for me and I didn't know what to make of it. Thank you again :)

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