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Everything is painful


I have chronic physical pain. I’m scheduled for surgery on my lower back. 360 spinal fusion. I’m also so depressed that I’m having trouble even writing this. I’m in extreme emotional pain. Just found out that my husband has been lying and probably cheating on me again. I feel hopeless and helpless. I hate feeling like this, but I don’t know what to do anymore.

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I'm sorry about your fears of your husband cheating...and your having the added stress of waiting for surgery. Do you have any close friends that can be supportive of you while going through the surgery. From what I have read there are good results with this procedure and a fairly quick recovery time. So that is a plus. However, the issue with your husband I fear will be a much more involved amount of time....are you dependent on him financially? If so, can you talk to an attorney to see what ground you stand on. Usually unless you have proof of his cheating, it's a hard sell in court. If you do, since you said he had past transgressions as well....then I would say for sure talk to someone after the surgery, and try your best to bide your time until then.

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Thank you. You are so kind to respond and thank you for the suggestions. Unfortunately, I do not have anyone other than my husband and kids in my life. That’s why I looked for a support website. I really appreciate your kindness.

🙋🏻‍♂️Just saying hi

Hello. 🙂

There are no words to describe sciatic nerve and back pain. I’ve had it and had surgery. I’m sorry you’re going through the emotional heartbreak on top of the physical pain. This is a lot and sounds hard. Seeing you in your pain.

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Thank you. The physical pain is terrible. But the emotional pain is almost unbearable. I don’t understand why he’s doing this to me. It’s all happened suddenly and came out of nowhere. I appreciate being able to share this with people who understand and have empathy. Thank you so much.

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