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Lowering my dosage hopping for weight loss (Update) not feeling well😞


Hello friends 😀. I have been on Seroxat 40 gm for about 4 months. And last week I was afraid that I will run out of my pills before my appointment so I cut to 30 gm. Today I had my appointment. I told her about my weight gain that that it just keeps on going up and thats the only thing that botheing me. Other than that my depression is almost gone my anxiety is bareable. I’m starting to enjoy my life with my husband and kids. So she recommended me going on 20gm now and continue on my 7,5 gm Mirtazapine. My question is do you think that

I will lose that weight ?I gained almost 13 kg and I’m trying to cut sugar and I’m trying to exercise at 3 to 2 a week. I’m hoping that I my mood stay that way and Ican lose weight fingers crossed 🤞.

Update: My anxiety hit me back can’t eat due to my ibs. I try to reach my doctor but can’t see her until 3 week. I also called our national committee of mental health they will call back in couple of days. I thinking maybe i can go back on 30g until the call back I don’t want to get worse 😞

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I don't think anyone here could really responsibly answer that question as no one is a professional.....when it comes to medication every one is different. But you did the right thing in talking to your doctor before lowering your dosage. And if you can get on a diet and exorcise plan that works best for you.....then I could see you may be able to work on your weight....but some people will always have weight gain after a certain age anyway's, and it's harder to loose it. All you can do is try until you find what works best for you, I hope the best for you....

She actually thinks that I should turn back on 20gm and see what could happen until my next appointment in Late September. To see what can happen with weight she also says it unlikely to relabes and should continue on CBT.

I am happy your doctor is being very onboard with monitoring your progress, your very lucky to have that....good luck on your efforts.....you'll do fine...just little steps are better than big leaps....meaning if you lose a bit at a time your more likely they say to keep it off....

Hopefully I’m very positive about it . Thank you for giving me of your time and replying on my question 🌷

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