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The worst 2 months...I can’t take this.


Hey guys, I been tru a big battle with anxiety attacks, these 2 months have been hell...I cake to the point where I feel almost cripple getting them almost every day now....everyday I feel fatigued shaking lightheaded vertigo you make it...can’t concentrate right it’s to the point where I don’t know what to do....I feel like there’s no help, I lost my job almost 2 months ago and it’s been really insurance will be cut off very soon and I’m worried 😦 sick over here how things are going....the only little thing that helps is sitting down a little or laying down but even that makes me feel there anyone that can reach out to me...I know I’m. Not the only guy going tru this...

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Hey there, so sorry you’re dealing with anxiety. Are you seeing a therapist? There are resources (in the US) for low cost care & medication. IMO you need to speak with a professional who can help you with strategies to deal with anxiety attacks.

Arroyon75 in reply to nicetry

I have insurance but will be cut in less than a week...I lost my job but I did apply to another insurance so let’s see....what do you deal with.

nicetry in reply to Arroyon75

Treatment-resistant depression and generalized anxiety disorder. Also separately, an autoimmune disease. 🤯

Always here for you. If you are not earning any money you can sign up for the Affordable Care Act and pay very little if anything. Go to ACA plans cover mental health treatment. You are not alone my friend.

Arroyon75 in reply to NWGal

Thank you for your kind support...I will be getting a new insurance this coming month. 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Arroyon75 in reply to NWGal

Have you suffered from panic attacks

NWGal in reply to Arroyon75

Anxiety generally but not what I'd classify as a panic attack.

Arroyon75 in reply to NWGal

Oh ok....I’m going tru these episodes. I came to a conclusion with agoraphobia also.

NWGal in reply to Arroyon75

A have agoraphobia as well.

NWGal in reply to Arroyon75

I do have vertigo but they say it's from having meningitis back in the late 70's.

Arroyon75 in reply to NWGal

Oh wow sorry to hear that...are you getting any type of type of help.

NWGal in reply to Arroyon75

Well, not for the vertigo - it happens mostly on escalators. I've been in therapy off and on since the 70's. I'm pretty well managed on meds but from time to time go in for a tune up, like after my son died a couple of years ago. Thanks for asking friend.

I am sorry you are feeling this way Arroyon75. I am dealing with this daily as well and I struggle daily, I have very bad physical symptoms all day and all night waking me from my sleep, still in process of ruling out seizures as well which could be the cause but the neuro believes it is more stressed induced not epilepsy. I don't lose consciousness and I have extreme anxiety and panic and this all started a year ago and it's just getting worse. I am scare to try meds because of one med that I tried. Scared to try anti depressants because possibly of seizures so I don't know what to do. I want to live but not like this. My child prays for me to get better and wants me back how I used to be. I am really sorry as I know what you are going through even though we may have different physical symptoms.

Wow I’m so sorry to hear that😔 it’s weird that when I get those panic attacks I feel the same way you hands start to curl up, I’m hyperventilating my body and stomach feels cold like there’s an elictric going on in there...i get lightheaded and feel like passing out....I can’t even walk outside cause I get weak...and not there....I start walking slow like 2mph and scared that I might get an’s really hard to concentrate...I feel almost crippled...had a blood test done few months ago and only came up magnesium levels was a little down but everything else was pretty ok...ekg was done and came out normal...everyday wake up feeling like crap and I’m getting enough rest so it’s not that...still looking into everything. I’m afraid to go outside cause I don’t want to get an episode...

The only med I have is Ativan and I will take 0.25mg because I am sensitive to meds and I have to fight with myself to even take it. I know what you mean. I have a hard time anywhere right now. I'm dealing with severe head pressure since June and pulsatile tinnitus and feel faint daily and nightly and like a buzzing feeling in my head and tightness around my neck. MRI and MRA of head Norml, MRA neck is normal. I had low vit d so taking that and vit b12 because it was 600 on the normal low side. Took me awhile to get the courage to take that but I finally did.

I just feel like something is really wrong and every day I am trying to breathe and stay afloat and try getting y mind off the head pressure but it doesn't let up and nothing otc works :-(

I try to listen to affirmations and listen to stuff while falling asleep too.

It's hard I know. You are not alone feeling this way.

Yea it’s hard my friend trust me I know what you feel...i try to listen to affirmations light jazz music and I got me a journal 📔 to document everything...I’m trying to follow my progress to see what works and what don’t holistic doctor told me to take 5HTP at night before bed and magnesium....have you tried any of those.

Do you think in any way it’s anxiety or something else....

I've tried magnesium citrate 250mg because I am scared to take the high potency one and cause more harm that biggest fear is that it's seizures which I am aware of. I've never had anxiety or panic until last year. So really I don't know. I know my symptoms are very complex but am told by neuro and therapist and psych that anxiety can do all sorts of things to someone and mimic a lot of things. But to be this physical is hard to believe. I had the typical increase heartrate in social settings but never needed anything for it.

I've talked to people with anxiety and panic and I just feel like mine is so extreme. My dad had it and my mother and my grandfather. But they never had all the symptoms I have. I'll get waves going through my head, tingling and numbness in my head, burning skin on head chest and back. Now like I mentioned I have had this relentless head pressure since June. And tightness around the throat with faintess feeling. I've had stomach rises sitting that'll make me jump up. Even feel rushes of warmth from my chest to my head with tingling in my head that spreads downward and my heart rate and blood pressure shoots uo and then I feel like I am going to pass out and I have had to pull my car over a few times with this happening to me. I get shaky and tremble. Do you get symptoms like that with your panic attacks? Or does it sound like something else to you?

Also my acupuncturist is was going to thinks it is anxiety and panic and not seizures. I don't know, but what I do know is that I am living in pure hell and feel like I am being tortured daily and nightly.

Wow same here, it’s very scary cause when I get these episodes it does feel like a seizure and I start shaking and hyperventilating....sometimes I feel hopeless 😩 so I know where you coming from...I’m here to listen and exchange ideas....and also to listen to your stories. I justo think I have heavy metals in my many things and thoughts but blood work cane back normal...I’m going to try to get a cat scan...Maybey it’s also sinusitis. But honestly I don’t know.....what does your family say.

They feel it is extreme anxiety and panic. Though they still worry and say maybe 1% it's seizures or something else. I know I have metal in me from the MRI and MRA with contrast lol. Gotta laugh at times. Did you ever have an EEG and if so did you have an episode while having an eeg or video eeg?

What’s an EEG again I heard of it before. I know I had a cat scan this past January as I had minor sinusitis where I had vertigo....

Sorry an it's an electroencephalogram (EEG) its a test used to evaluate the electrical activity in the brain. Brain cells communicate with each other through electrical impulses. To see if your having seizures.

All is not lost, Arroyon75. Countless thousands have felt exactly as you do. Countless thousands have recovered their quiet mind. And so will you.

Your nervous system is responding perfectly normally to what you are subjecting it to. Anxiety overload. It has put up with so much for so long and now it's complaining.

Fear of fear is behind all your symptoms. It's not what lies outside your front door that frightens you. It's the fear of feeling fear if you go outside. A panic attack is the fear that you are going to feel overwhelming fear sometime soon.

Arroyon75, I don't know what stress in your life started the ball rolling but it sounds like the loss of your job.

What's happened is that that anxiety overload has caused your nervous system to become over-sensitised and in that state it produces all the familiar symptoms you have listed.

The symptoms cause fear. The fear causes more nervous sensitisation. Sensitisation causes more symptoms which cause more fear. Which causes more sensitisation. You are caught in a vicious circle that is self perpetuating.

For recovery you have to stop 'battling' and fighting your anxiety symptoms. Fighting causes more stress and tension. Your nervous system needs less. So do the opposite instead.

Rather than fight the panic attacks, the bad feelings, the agoraphobia, accept them for the time being. Offer no resistance, let them come. Accept them completely for the moment despite how unsettling those symptoms are. They cannot kill you, disable you or make you lose your mind. So why fear them? Frame your mind for Acceptance. Do not seek to avoid the bad feelings, don't try to block them out or lose yourself in distraction. Face them head on and pass through panic.

When you truly accept for the moment you no longer flood your nerves with fear hormones and gradually your nervous system recovers from the over sensitivity and the bad feelings cease. But you must let time pass, this is no quick fix.

The Acceptance method for recovery from anxiety and depletion was devised many years ago by Doctor Claire Weekes and expressed in her first book 'Hope and help for your nerves'. Her protocols for recovery can be summed up in six words: Face, Accept, Float, Let time pass. Her book is available for a few bucks new or used on Amazon and Ebay. It offers understanding, reassurance and a road to recovery.

Doctor David Barlow, Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry at Boston University wrote:

"By thinking outside the box the brilliant physician Claire Weekes created a treatment protocol to the unending benefit of tens of millions of patients over the years."

Whatever you decide I hope you experience early respite and recovery from all your symptoms.

I try to tell myself fear is a liar. But he keeps on creeping in :-(

Accept even this. In time acceptance succeeds despite the false words that fear whispers in your ear.

Thank you Jeff1943

Arroyon75 in reply to Jeff1943

Wow 😯 must I say did you suffer from any of this stuff....

Jeff1943 in reply to Arroyon75

Yes of course, only ever had one panic attack but had feelings of crippling anxiety and health anxiety many years ago.

Nervous sensitisation magnifies the importance of problems ten fold in our minds. A leaking pipe becomes an insurmountable problem to sort and a stomach ache 'must be' a tumour. The stomach is the organ most sympathetic to anxiety.

Arroyon75 in reply to Jeff1943

Wow that’s interesting cause at times I get this cold electric sensation in my stomach and then feel all tense and fatigued...

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