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Going back to Dr today

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I’m going back to the doctor today to talk about my meds. I had been doing ok for a few weeks, but the last 4 or 5 days have been really rough. I wonder if my dosage is off. We will see...

And before anyone wants to criticize me about taking meds, I’m already doing yoga and meditation. I walk at least 3 miles (almost) every evening, and I have almost completely cut alcohol out of my system. I’m watching my diet and using essential oils. I’ve even started journaling. The anxiety and panic disorder is still there. I’m not sure what else I can do.

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What meds do you take?

I’m on Sertraline 50 mg. We had discussed me taking something I can have on an “as needed” basis along with the daily medication, but I’m a little more hesitant with those.

I take sertraline as well. I think you need an increase. I was on 50mg for a while. It stopped working and now I’m on 100mg and works much better for me. I also take 30mg buspar a day.

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X01WOOG in reply to Cat26538

Have you gained weight on Sertraline? I have gained 20 # so far. In the past, I gained about sixty #. I quit the antidepressant and lost the weight. So last week I quit taking the Sertraline and have already lost some pounds. I do not like being fat. Also, it makes your hair fall out. I told my doctor--what is so great about being fat and bald, especially for a woman. That's downright depressing to me.

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Cat26538 in reply to X01WOOG

I’ve actually lost weight. Being on sertraline has made me lose my appetite somewhat. As for your hair loss I don’t know what to tell you.

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cricketannie in reply to X01WOOG

I haven’t noticed any weight change at all. Thankfully!! But, then, my appetite hasn’t been that great.

I would hope no-one would criticize you about taking meds. We are here to lift each other up and offer suggestions. What kind of essential oils do you use? I am all new to this and learning with each post. Thank you for sharing.

Hi cricketannie, no one on this forum would ever criticize you for taking medication. There comes a time when all of us need that extra help. You are using all the right tools but just need that little extra boost to get you through. There is nothing wrong with that. Adjustments in meds need to be made from time to time when difficult times break through. Why suffer, why stay stuck in a position that doesn't allow you to continue forward.

You are going to be okay. Medication is a trial and error thing until the right med, the right dose is found to work for you. Good Luck with your doctor's appointment. Most of all cricketannie, believe in that this too shall pass one day soon. I support you. xx

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cricketannie in reply to Agora1

Thanks so much! I appreciate your encouraging words! I see I probably sounded pretty defensive in my original post. I think I’m battling something inside myself with the meds, and pushing that out on others.

It’s nice to have friendly, encouraging people to talk to.

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Agora1 in reply to cricketannie

This forum is all about understanding, encouraging and comfort. You are in a safe place in talking with others with the same issues. We are never alone. xx

No judgement come here at all! I'm also wondering what kind of essential oils do u use?

Yes, wondering as well. Any tips would be great!

I use one called “Anxiety Relief Blend” I’ll put it on my wrists and temples after a shower. It smells really nice, and is actually pretty calming.

You can get it on Amazon

I’ve also used peppermint oil, which is my favorite. It’s really soothing.

Thank You! I really need this. Going to get some now.

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