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I have no plans and no future!!!


Not everyone can make it in this life. I’m just so so so tired of being a person I don’t like. It’s such a broken record. I appreciate everyone’s good hearted advice but, I believe if I can’t get relief soon, I’m moving on to the next life. I know we all make bad decisions and have regrets but, mine have become unbearable! I’m bankrupt, divorced, lonely and deeply deeply depressed. I tried many antidepressants and anti anxiety meds. I’ve been through therapy did IOP seen loads of psychologists psychiatrists therapists and I’m worse now. I still can’t break through. I had such hope with the Brainsway TMS and it didn’t do the trick. At this point I’m confused and my memory is fading and I’m just ready to move on. I don’t have a job and when I do have a job it just makes me more miserable. It’s a vicious cycle that I can’t deal with anymore. I have no talents or hobbies. No friends. No reason to live. I hate the way I feel day in and day out and I don’t even know how to plan anything that requires real effort and determination.

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Please don't do anything to hurt yourself. Call for help. I know you have tried a lot of things, but please don't give up.

Praying your ok please message back

Please dont do anything silly. Im up and here. Message me

You've done so much. Continue to keep trying. Don't give up. We are all here for support. Share vent. Please don't give up fighting.


I feel the same way. It’s not up to us though when we move on. We just have to accept things and just tough it out. Their is no reward without trial.


Please please we here are your family. We love and care about you.

I have felt the way you do now feeling hopeless and suicidal but I kept fighting.

I had Doctors and therapists who have made things worse I’m prescribed medication that was toxic for me so it’s all about finding the right doctor

You didn’t mention ECT, have you tried it?

I was in a hospital for a month and they started the treatment there with great results.

I’m available always if you want to vent or whatever it is.

I have always said that there’s a reason for everything we may not know it and even in too much pain to see it.

Just hold on please


I know it may sound trite, but it only takes once. Getting to that ‘one’ will take everything you have. A tenacious approach. But once you get there, I think the fruit will be that much sweeter. Take care, as best as you can, your physical and mental well being. I know it’s incredibly easy to say but again, the payoff is nothing short of amazing. Also, not only should you take things day-by-day, but moment-by-moment if required because you have to think of you. Be selfish. You deserve it. Lastly, as painful as it may be, you need a plan. Enlist help if you think it

would help. And trust yourself.

I’m going through a similar situation now. Unemployed, bankrupt, 3 kids, married, zero money, car repossessed, lost my house, all true. The more you

can keep your head above

water, though, the higher above

the water you become. I’m not saying I’ve reached nirvana but I think I can pay some credit

card bills. Keep in touch. Go through the pain knowing the pain will not last. You will. Hope

and hard work rule.

please please don't give up. take one day or one hour at a time. watch funny movies or sitcoms. go for a walk n get a little sunshine.

plan something easy for the day. even if u organize a drawer. continue some kind of therapy if possible if not. u can go volunteer at a senior place. as long as u r breathing u r meant to be here. praying also helps. u can do this. sending u love n a big hug.

Please hang in there! We are here for you. You have done many good things in your life, too. Sometimes, making a list of those "good" things helps. Praying also helps me. Please keep posting and hang in there!

Try living your life to your own expectations. In our society we have a certain standard everyone is suppose to meet, but not everyone is suited to it. Time to think about what suits you and make it happen step by step.pam

Thanks for everyone’s support and I got a phone call from my therapist to check on me and she gave me some things to think about going forward. I told her I’m going to do ECT because many people on here have told me about it’s benefits and my neuropsychiatrist thinks I should do it also. I know when my depression is getting darker because my memory gets a lot worse and things from my TBI like double vision also get worse. I also know what it feels like to be feeling a lot better like I was after the 1st TMS treatment in 2013. It lifted the brain fog, fatigue and got rid of insomnia. So I know things can get better and fortunately there are a lot more options in this day and age. I’m nervous about the ECT but I should be. I was nervous about the TMS the 1st time and that worked. I told a very old friend of mine recently about my MDD and he couldn’t believe it but, he said if I ever need anyone to talk to he would be there and he was very open minded about me wanting to do ECT. So once again I appreciate the support and suggestions and I hope I can figure some things out and find more positive things to think about and stop beating myself up so much...

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