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Yesterday, I was out with friends. Two of them stayed over. They're twin sisters and we were all exhausted and we decided to lay down in my bed.

One of the twins started to spoon me. I clearly told her I didn't like it but she didn't let go. Earlier then she smacked my ass and uploaded a video in which half our school could see me in my underwear. I told her to take it down but she didn't. Then she started to hump me and I begged her to stop. The other sister didn't notice. I've been crying since she left. She was a close friend who called me her best friend.

Tell me if this is violation or if I'm crazy.

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Its a violation, read up on data protection laws about them putting the video up for all to see.

Our society finally decided that no means no, that also means that not saying yes means NO.

What happened to you is several violations. I think that you need to talk to someone about the incidents. Your friends need to know that this is serious.

She was always the good person so her intention might not be bad

If her intent was to make you feel uncomfortable, it worked. I don’t know how that can be anything but bad.

If it was just one little thing, then you could have taken it the wrong way. This was several violations that all seem serious to me. I am not going to tell you what to do, I am just giving you my cruddy opinion. I was not there and I don’t know the people involved, sometimes that is the information that you need to hear.

Definitely a violation. The bigger issue to think about however is why you were not able to tell her forcefully to stop, or why you did not leave the bed. Does any kind of confrontation make you anxious? xx

Yes because I still don't know what her intention was. I'm friends with her boyfriend as Well, I'm scared I might just be crazy

You are not crazy, this kind of behavior on her part can only lead to physical and emotional trauma for you. You may want to give her the benefit of the doubt but in this case, stay clear. The fact that you feel uncomfortable makes it wrong in every way.

If this is out of character for your friend, she may be in trouble herself. Perhaps drugs, perhaps mental illness. She needs help. It does NOT mean you have to be a victim to it. Set clear boundaries and take steps to stop her. It may be the most loving thing you can do for her. But most importantly, you are loving and taking care of yourself. Anything that makes you uncomfortable, you have the right to say "NO" and have it respected. Anything less is abusive.

That is assault. You asked her to stop and she didn't. It is cyberbullying as well. She needs to be stopped. Please take the steps to protect yourself.

Your not crazy and it would be consider a violation and also you have a privacy right cause it was taken in your bedroom, that's if I read it right. And how in the world did the other sister not noticed? I can also understand trying to confront her can be hard. And if you don't know her intentions I would ask her but I also understand if you can't ask her. But I think if you have told her to take that video down, she has to. She could get in big trouble if it were to go to the law if I'm not mistaken. But as I said, your not crazy. We're here if you need anything. :)


Her sister had headphones on and she was sleeping anyway

Oh. Did she find out after it happened?

No everyone was acting so normal I almost didn't believe it myself

I was going to say maybe if she knew she could tell her sister to take it down or she could do it her self. But we are here if you need to talk or anything.

I know how it feels to be violated, but it wasn't recorded or anything. The only time something got out to half of the school was when a senior 'threatened' to rape me.... and that was awful.

Can we talk? I think I really need it

of course just text me on here


Clear violation. She would have gotten a couple of serious elbows and kicks if she had started humping me! The pic of you in your underwear shouldn’t have gotten out. I would stay away from the morally deficient person bullying you and basically assaulting you. Don’t allow this girl to bully, manipulate, or assault you any longer. I hope you’re successful at getting her out of your life! 💪🏼🙅🏼‍♀️

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