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So, I was diagnosed with PTSD. I am having a hard time accepting this diagnosis as I consider myself to be functioning well in society and have done well with my career. With a few life and career challenges, but truth be told, who doesn't have those challenges right? My question to the forum to those individuals also diagnosed with Childhood PTSD, is it possible and if so what was your "AHA" moment of acceptance.


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I have ComplexPTSD....that's long term repeated abuse, and abandonment. And when those issues were explained to me in therapy...why I repeated certain behaviors in life is when certain pieces of the puzzle started fitting into place for e.

Thank you for sharing. I might sound ignorant, but when she diagnosed me with PTSD my initial thought was the military. (smile) It was very hard for me to believe I have PTSD, although, I will confess, that everytime I speak to a therapist about my childhood and the struggles I have experienced, Immediately start to cry. It does something to me and leaves me with a feeling of emptiness and sadness.

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Might I suggest you arrange to meet a friend for coffee afterwards the counselling session, because it leaves you feel like it just happened in that moment and you could be so low that its suicidal.


I realised when talking about being out that I hadn't been out in nearly a year.we all function well until we don't,pushing things to back of our minds finally pushes back to front of our thoughts it just creeps up on you.

My therapist told me I have PTSD a few months back & I had the same feel ing as you. I grew up in an abusive home (basically every type). She suggested a support group, don't think I'm ready. I work, take care myself... it is possible to appear "normal" & still have issues. The important thing you are getting help & you aren't alone.

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