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Anxiety married to PTSD

Good morning, I visited this site last night and responded to a few posts. That was my first step to try to get back out of my funk, anxiety. I hate feeling like I can't breathe and of course I can breathe, just good ol a anxiety creeping in on me. I have been dealing with it most of my life, brought on by childhood ptsd and did not figure that out til the last decade. I was masking it with the usual cover ups, hiding, pushing those ouchie feelings away. Then those turned into addictions and of course, those are not healthy addictions. They make you feel carefree until reality comes back and then you got to find your way out of that unhealthy distraction, that is all that is and was. Yay another baby step I am taking today, writing a post. I have done Therapy and have read up on Anxiety and ptsd-trauma. Journaling is one of the many healthy ways to break through this dibilitating mental health issue. Reaching out and writing on this site, Journaling should empower me, especially since I am on a healthy choice option site.

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Welcome butterpeanut, we can go a long time venturing down the same beaten

path when suddenly there is a fork in the road. We can either stay on a safe path

and go no where or we can, as you have, choose the more difficult one to go forward.

You have found this amazing safe forum, you have written your first post, you have

realized that addictions aren't healthy and you have the knowledge through therapy

as your guide to healing.

Butterpeanut, you have taken many baby steps to get where you are today. I'm glad

you choose to be a part of this virtual family of support. We share, we comfort and we

understand each other. Taking that next step will no longer be alone. We are in this

journey together. Welcome friend. :) x

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Thank you for your response, I much appreciate the heart felt welcome to this site. Definitely helps:) Baby steps.

It sounds like you love helping people and that is always good! It also sounds like you have done your research and are doing the work to overcome, so kudos to you! =) Have you looked into how much magnesium helps with anxiety? It calms the mind body and spirit. Also, ginseng gets rid of those loopy sticky negative thoughts. Of course, getting outside helps and even laying on earth or walking barefoot, altho that is tough in winter. Volunteering helps too, you and them. =) Blessings to you!

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Thank you for the tips. I do all of those except the ginseng, I will check it out :)

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Awesome! Keep taking the mag and ginseng, they don't work overnight like pharma but do work. <3

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