Anxiety during sleep

So I have been dealt big with anxiety and panic disorders for at least 5 months now. It has been hard on me because I had to be homeschool and I can't go anywhere public because I have an anxiety attack. But recently I have noticed that while I'm trying to go to sleep, my heart races and my lips go dry and I feel like I'm going to faint. Has anyone's else had this happen to them before??? If you have please send me tips, because it is starting to take a toll on me

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  • Hello - Yes I have experienced what you are going through now. Anxiety is brutal for anyone - but there is always help; and always loving support here for you. I had to learn how to remember to breath again - because I was so anxious I was holding my breath without even realizing it. My shoulders were all the way up to my ears with tension - yes it is affects our bodies in many ways. One thing you can do now until more responses come in - is trying this breathing exercise: Breath in very slowly and deeply through your nose, hold it a couple of seconds, then breath out slowly through your mouth. Do this for awhile, and the rest of your body will naturally relax. I know, easier said than done, especially when we are extremely anxious. When we focus on our breathing, and consciously slow it down - it helps everything in our bodies to slow down. It took me quite awhile to remember to do this because I was so focused on my anxiety - and overwhelmed. After awhile it will become easier to do. I still have to remind myself to do it when I feel an anxiety attack coming on.

    Yoga and Meditation help immensely - and you can do these in your home (plenty of videos on YouTube). Again, easier said than done - I know!

    Try to remember not to be too hard on yourself - and go at your own pace. There will be many other helpful suggestions on here very soon.

    Wishing you the best. Love & Light

  • Thanks for the tips. I'll keep them in mind

  • have you spoken to anyone about this? you should have someone teach you breathing methods for your anxiety attacks—from what I've heard, it helps you gain control quicker. when you have an anxiety attack, do you have people there for you, trying to comfort you? the first thing you should do is learn some breathing methods, so you can gain control. light headedness and dizziness happens often when you suffer from anxiety, from what I hear. the first thing you should do is learn some breathing methods, from a relative of a doctor so you can escape the anxiety attack quicker.

  • My shrink taught me some meditations and a system she calls the abcd. But in my case it's kind of difficult as I overthink

  • I understand about trying to meditate when our minds are going 100 miles a minute. I know the purpose of meditation is to calm our minds and bodies - so it takes awhile to train those of us dealing with extreme anxiety. You are going to make it through this difficult time and go on to a healthy happy Life! :)

  • Hi can I ask how old you are please? It is relevant to any replies you get. x

  • 17

  • Ok thanks. Because you said were were home schooled I was concerned you were under 16 which is the minimum age to be allowed on here.

    You don't say whether you have been to the doctors and asked for help. If so are you on any meds and doing any counselling? If not then I recommend you make an appointment. x

  • You can try some herbal teas that help relax- I drink a tea called Tulsi tea- it's great and relaxes me to help with sleep. Chamomile also works well. There's lots of different types/brands, so try's few & see what works for you.

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