Anxiety & Heart Palpitation

So, I realized what has spiked my anxiety. I got a birth control implant in my arm about a month ago & that's when my life turned upside down. I had it emergency removed thank Goodness. I'm still experiencing some anxiety though. My heart rate will NOT slow down and it makes me think i'm gonna have a heart attack. I've never dealt with this before. I just want it to all go away and for me to feel like myself again...I currently just started zoloft but I know that takes a while to work. I'm on xanax but when I really need it, but its like I need it all the time because my heart wont slow down it sends me into a frenzy. I'm just wondering will I ever be my old self again....dumb implant. I know it will take a while for my body to regulate. Can someone give me insight on these heart palpitations?

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  • Read anything I've posted or mainly responded too. I had a hell of a bout with palpitations, increased heart rate, feeling like my heart was just pounding, etc. I had just about every test ran on me and every single one came back normal/good. Maybe you need reassurance if you haven't already received it from your doctor. All this went on with me from Halloween til the beginning of this month. So I know EXACTLY how you feel. And you're certainly not alone.

  • Thanks for the reply! I'm praying it doesn't last that long :( I think once my mind starts to slow down, my body will follow. I do breathing exercises, but it's so temporary..I can't constantly do them all the time. I wouldn't wish these palpitations on anyone. I wake up with them too. It's rough.

  • The more we think about them, worry about them, and fear them. The more prevalent they will become, our mind is one crazy machine! I thought for sure it was something else, I've been dealing with anxiety/panic for 10 years. But it is just anxiety as like I said all my tests were normal and fine! Have ou been checked out by your doctor? Or go to therapy and discuss these feelings?

  • Yeah, when I focus on my heart beat..the faster it gets. Our mind is definitely a crazy machine..sheesh! I feel like my gears are constantly turning. I have a physical next Monday. The doctor who took out the implant did a blood test & everything was good, so i'm sure its just my anxiety. I've started seeing a therapist. Tomorrow will only be my 3rd time going, so i'm just getting my feet wet. I didn't want to start medication, but I've started that as well. I'm not ashamed of that fact anymore. Self care is important..if we don't look after one else will :)

  • Counseling and medicine can both be EXTREMELY beneficial to getting back to a more normal you. Seems like you're doing everything you can to get back on track, and I'm sure you will soon!

  • I sure hope so! Thanks!

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