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I desperately want to go outside for a walk but I'm literally terrified! My anxiety shoots thru the roof trying to get out the door! When ppl just stare at me looking horrified I know I'm weird looking. So then I turn right around and just rush home to feel safe and away from everyone! I wish I lived out in the middle of nowhere! No ppl would be perfect lol!! Ppl have always caused my anxiety to get worse!! Feeling worthless and feel like I'm wasting my life by being afraid of ppl. I don't know how to get past it. Family even makes me nervous. It sounds absolutely ridiculous but it has ruined every year of my life!! Anyone else have a fear of being around ppl? I'm probably just weird I guess. I pray life will get better but pretty hopeless at the moment. Its just another day spent hiding and away from ppl. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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(((((((Hug)))))) I am so sorry you are struggling. I hear you that it’s hard not to be anxious around people. I can relate. I often avoid people. Sometimes friends and family, sometimes strangers on the streets. I become afraid of people because I feel inferior or I feel their bad vibes are rubbing off onto me but in actuality it is my own negative beliefs that allow me to be affected negatively. You are not weird. I like who you are. Please be kind to yourself. Don’t break your own heart. 💕I believe it will get better.

Oh thank you starrlight your such a dear!! Isn't it the worst to be nervous around ppl? Life is difficult as it is but to have this nervousness is hard to deal with. Like you said I think mine is the feelimg of being inferior. It feels devastating. I'd write more but I can only be on this dang phone for a few minutes. Its barely able to charge but to keep it charged is not happening either. Once I charge if I can write back to you, I'm so sorry. Thanks for your help starrlight! Your the best. Have a really great weekend. HUGS!!!

Things can get easier. It has for me. I just havent really cared this last week. I just do my thing.

Oh I'm so happy to hear that your doing better! Great news😀 I was feeling like that when I started the propranylolol for anxiety. The negative thoughts just always take over and destroy my day. I know its because of being made fun of by kids and now even adults. I don't understand why ppl are always so mean to me. I shouldn't care but it's always destroyed my self worth. Anyhoo it's just another down day spent alone. Thanks for taking time to talk to me!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family😀🙏 God bless!

Did the Propanolol stop working? You are worthy and a beautiful person who deserves to be treated with respect. I notice when im feeling good I don’t care what others think, it’s when I’m really struggling that any little comment or look really gets to me. Hope you have a good weekend too!

I think it helps but the negative comments I say to myself just over take me and when I can make it outside ppl stare. Like you said when you feel down everything can get you feeling low. I really appreciate your kind words starrlight your to kind!! I'm supposed to take a propranylolol before going out which I haven't been doing. That's completely my fault. That might actually help if I do take the extra pill. I may take a true calm too since it almost puts you to sleep!! That's probably the only time I don't feel anxiety lol. Darn it I've got to charge phone again. God bless starrlight!😀💝🙏

I’m so sorry and I know it can be hard to change the way we talk to ourselves but I hope you can be nice to yourself. I’ve been so guilty of putting myself down but I recently started changing my perspective to positives and it’s really helped. It might take a while but it can work and then you won’t focus on what others may think because it will be enough that you are loVing yourself. You are such a beautiful person who deserves to feel good about yourself. I wish you saw you the way I do. It’s a good idea to take the Propanolol and Calm. God bless you Lovedogs.

I put on sunglasses, a baseball cap pushed down low, and headphones into an mp3 player. I'm in my world, lost in my music and people usually don't say much to me except maybe a nod or wave. I tend to take walks close to dusk.

Sorry you are feeling that way. Hope the rest of your weekend turns out better.

Based on your photo, I honestly don't see how you see yourself as weird looking. You look just like the typical person I see on the street. As for other people's reactions, you don't know what's going on in their minds at the moment you encounter them. Maybe they just got laid off, maybe they just had a fight with their spouse, who knows? And really - who cares? All you want to do is walk down the street!

Everybody isn't friendly, but that's just how life is, unfortunately. Don't let their foul mood spoil yours. Take that walk!

Hello my friend sorry to see things are at a low for you just now! You are far from useless the biggest problem I see is your anxiety! I believe in you that you can beat this deep down your a fighter! I will included you in my prayers but please start to believe in your self as I believe in you! God bless you my friend david!

Please remember- none of these people who frighten you put food on your table or pay your rent. I hope you continue to find some of life enjoyable, and walk in the great outdoors.

A walk sounds nice! You look normal to me, enjoy your walk!

Dear Lovedogs

I know what you mean ... you become super conscious of yourself when you are out and start thinking what others are thinking about you .

But you know one thing , everyone is God’s most beautiful creature . Don’t underestimate yourself.

When I go out to office , sometime I go without combing my hair .. which my wife also points out. I say I am going to work not of model shooting. And I just ignore ppl watching at me..

When you go out , look at building, park , birds car etc just don’t look to human .. u will find there are so many nice things are happening around .

Take care

I do and it kills me inside thinking omg they all think I look pysco!! I actually tell myself to look at the ground and not ppl like you said. Sometimes it helps but my negative thought overtake my mind and can only concentrate on what they are calling me such as ugly, fat and disgusting. All I can do is keep trying!! Take care😀

I feel your pain its summer Iwant to look nice feel nice Need clothes always embarrassed my prorities and thinking is crazy lost a 12 year job now i want to work from home ...smh i can't function like this. When I'm working i misearable in the house miserable 2 years my life has become nothing. I had months to fix it but nothing seems to work I feel trapped no one gets it . I wish i lived in a remote area i cant take that city the hood its too much

Lovedogs ..

You are such a beautiful girl ... why you feel u r ugly ... request one thing .. before you think others are making assumptions on you , you should stop making assumptions on you .

Finally I firmly believe that internal beauty is most important, outside beauty is temporary and its fails everyone .. even miss world do not look pretty at their old age (remove that makeup ) .

On any given day I will chose a friend who has beautiful character than beautiful face .

Btw you have lovely smile .. so cheer up 👍👍

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You said it perfectly!!!! XXX

Here's an idea - try to get something accomplished with your walks. Go to the store to buy something, for example. It will take your attention off of you and put it on what you are doing. It should relax you more as well. You're not bothering anyone, so the other people you encounter don't deserve any attention. Try not to be concerned about them. I hope you can make it outside tomorrow!

I think people are less kind today, but not all of them, the only thing that keeps me going is walking, you don’t need to engage, you don’t even need to look at them, but the fresh air is great, I look at the trees , flowers, animals, if someone speaks to me it makes my day, start off small, it’s wonderful,therapy, good luck x

I watched the song from the greatest showman last night, This is me, resonated a lot, reduced me to tears, and i shouted THIS IS ME xxx

My heart goes out to you. Its horrid when the feeling is so anxious just think of all the good things you have your goodness and thoughts for others. You sound to me amazing please get well my thoughts for you and prayers 💓💓

I know how you feel, I spend 90% of my time inside. I look for excuses to not go outside, I'll sometimes get my kids to shop for me. I'am forced to go out at least once a week for about an hour and a half cause it's street sweeping day I'll get a ticket if I Don't move my car. There are days when I'll risk getting a ticket cause I just CAN'T do it. But it's going on 2 weeks that I've been anxiety FREE, but I'm still cautious afraid it could come back? I attribute it to Praying everyday, maybe my medication? Taking one day at a time, that I'm not Guaranteed tomorrow. Save the anxiety energy if I really need it? Paying more attention to what my mind set is at? It easy to go back to the Dark place. I'm suppose to go to Vegas next week? I'm scared that my anxiety will come back over there?

Have you had any counseling? Try it and get some medication. Keep writing for support here. Try to Not seek support from friends and family? They'll be helpful at first, then will want you to get over it.. FAST. Take care

Oh I totally understand how you feel. I'm home all weekend again. Isn't it just awful being afraid to go outside? I hate it! I just went with my aunt and mom for a car ride real quick but I felt soooo much anxiety getting out of the car for a few minutes!! Lol I wish I had kids to go shopping for me!! I think I do the same look for excuses to not have to deal with going outside too. Its funny I just moved from Vegas to Utah. Lived in Vegas 5 years!! Ppl are real nice there. Hope you can have a nice time😀😀 I've done lots of counseling never has worked at all. I'm pretty lucky family is really good and loving but they don't understand what I deal with.

I don't think it's as much being around people as I'm afraid of having an anxiety attack in public. Which has happened twice. I would suddenly start crying. So when I'm out and feel one coming, I leave. I'm going to a birthday party for my grandson. I have a slight upset stomach. I'll drink some Alka Seltzer maybe I'll help?

I was looking into relocating to Vegas, but have changed my mind because of my health.

Hello lovedogs, you look like a Pretty woman from your photo n not at all weird looking. Are you sure it's not your Childhood bullies, still in your head? I know that for me it is. I have a.lot of the same problems, but, recognising:the reasons behind them is a help. Yes, family can be the hardest to deal with because they have seen you at your very worst. N some are the toughest judges. Maybe you could do what I do, when I feel lonely. I go out walking and I smile and say something about the Weather, to whoever I feel looks friendly. N sometimes, they igmore me, sometimes they just Smile, n sometimes a conversation starts. And before I know it we are chatting away!. I spend some of my nicest days, like this and come home feeling quite happy. It's all i seem to need, nowadays. Don't want a husband, friends that are always coming round or interfering family members. Remember People are just people. Good, bad and indifferent. If they ignore you or are nasty, my Dad used to tell me "we should pity the ignorant because, they don't no any better". N they really don't! Best of luck . 😊✌️🌻your Friend. Dee

I am just joining this conversation, but I can see you already have so many people who care about you right here on this forum. You are not alone. We all have struggled with some extent of depression and/or anxiety. I remember how horrible it feels to have my negative thoughts overtake my life and I feel helpless and debilitated. I learned medication alone wasn't the answer. I had to learn ways to keep my thoughts in check. Many times my thoughts even told me ppl were looking down at me, but most of the time it was in my mind. Most ppl who really know you do care, however, when we struggle we tend to feel like we are a burden on them. This book Battlefield of the Mind has been my staple to getting better. I learned my thoughts don't have to control me, but I can control what I think. God has given me the strength to do that.

Are you seeing a counselor for your anxiety? If you don't feel like leaving the house, this group provides counseling online and are very supportive.

Last suggestion I have is this website has some great mental health tips.

The author provides articles on how to stop worrying, how to not feel closed in, and helping others takes your mind off of yourself. I also noticed there is a chat with the author.

I will be praying for you. But know you can feel better. You just need the right helps and steps to get better.

Keep reaching out on this forum. We all care and love you. Hugs!!! xx

Hey lovedogs....I went into one shop today for 5/10 mins on my own and the thoughts overwhelmed me..telling me everyone thinks I look weird...I'm inferior...I don't look nice etc...this is all body dysmorphia/social anxiety..its an awful feeling...I was hoping u were getting better as u seemed to be doing well on propranolol...I went on it but I didn't find relief unfortunately....I seen a psychologist years ago and she told me I was pretty...trouble is with that condition is it distorts our own view of ourselves....Do u focus on one thing about yourself that u don't like? or does it jump from one thing to another? I am the same...I am so frustrated at the number of years ive spent worrying about how I look to people but cant seem to stop the negative thoughts.....Hugs..:) x

It isn't your looks some people aren't nice and stare love cos they have serious problems is it a bad neighborhood you live in. I'm Oliver and my partner gets stared at all the time and she's a beautiful girl a model. No it's not looks its jealousy love. My girlfriend is scared to go out too its normal and you can get past it stick to safe places and don't stare back love just take it one step at a time it's not you it's them.

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