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Generalized Anxiety Disorder among a few other things

Hi everyone. Just checking in to say hello. I am new to this group. I am 58 years old and still manage to have a job even though I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder, clinical depression, mild OCD, PTSD, and ADHD. Meds definitely help but also definitely do not make any of it go away. I found this group while just looking for articles about anxiety especially anxiety and confusion which I seem to suffer with a lot. When I am in a state of extreme anxiety, I get very confused, sometimes feeling frozen, unable to think of what I need to do next. It's weird. I feel weird when it happens. Any my boyfriend definitely thinks it is weird. Anyway, thanks for this group. :-)

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You're fantastic to have all of these problems and still be working! Between my 1 son and myself we have all of these problems also. Neither of us is able to work, though. Don't you want your anxiety to be treated better and to be under control? For that you need a good psychiatrist and for all of your problems I highly recommend a good counselor. It's no wonder you get confused and frozen and weird feeling since you have these conditions not under control. I think that is just normal.

I hope you opt to get treated and get to a better place with all of your problems. I can't imagine being frozen and being at work. Doesn't that create problems at your job? I know that I had problems at work due to my memory losses from years of being on anti-anxiety meds called benzodiazepines. It took about 14 years before the memory problems surfaced and the benzos were absolutely needed so I don't regret them. They allowed me to work those 14 years but then I had to stop working due to the short and long term memory losses.

Your Dr. may choose a different type of drug now that it's known what the benzos do to memories, so don't worry about that. And forewarned is forearmed. I would still choose to have my high anxiety brought under control like it has been all of this time. Best wishes to you and your good health!


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