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Fight the good fight


Hello everyone I haven’t been on here in a minute I hope everyone well and doing great fighting the good fight getting better day by day like the warriors we are if anyone needs to talk or shoot the breeze I’m here for everyone we are all warriors in this battle against depression or anxiety or whatever it maybe that’s keeping us from moving forward i here to say we can do it every last one of us no matter the battle put god first and a little hard work I’m not saying it’s gonna be easy but we gotta fight no one gives up we are here to support each other no matter what we are in the same fight together we are one and I’m a shoulder or a ear for anyone who need it ....... fight the good fight and never lose hope or faith everyone have a blessed and wonderful day

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I love the way you worded everything you just said. Referring to all of us as warriors is incredibly courageous and kind of you. Our battle is holding us back from moving forward in our life. Good for you, and I'm glad that you have such a positive outlook on this. I know personally for me it's incredibly hard for me to always have a positive outlook, and seems as though you do have a positive outlook and that is great for you!

Calt28 in reply to eatpraylove

You can be just as courageous as me it comes with time and faith and just seeking the help you need but it starts from with in we can’t give up because it only makes things harder fight my friend we are in the same battle and we will win


Thank you for those words!

Calt28 in reply to Hidden

Any time and never give up we will pull thru the finish line isn’t as far as you think

Thanks for being available to others. Yes, anxiety and depression are a battle, but with God all things are possible. And He puts people like you in places like this where others can find comfort, help, and support. So glad to have found you here.

Calt28 in reply to pam4him

Glad to help I’m not always on but if any needs an ear I’m here and I am also glad you found me so I could find you be blessed and have a great day and continue the fight because we are warriors and we are strong never ever give up

Thank you. Faith is fundamental when fighting mental illnesses. Thank you for your kind words. God bless

Thank you soooooo much, Calt28!

I really needed that RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT!!!

I've been battling depression for a week or so. I haven't reached out to this group, which I should have. Between ADHD & depression, I feel like a duck in a strong current. Paddling away, but getting nowhere!!

I saw my psychiatrist & she decided that we're still not where we would like to be with depression. She is adding Welbutrin to the Cymbalta because Welbutrin has properties that help with focus. I guess Cymbalta helps with pain (which supplements the pain meds I'm on).

I HOPE this is a win-win! God bless you, my peeps. I've started to post many times, but I didn't feel I had the words necessary to help.

Have a great night. Thanks again, Calt & everyone for being here & saying just the right thing at just the right time!!!

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