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Why do they have to give us no Hope

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Hope is the only thing we got for this virus. I try not to watch too much TV, because theirs always braking new, never giving us hope. I am up in the middle of the night because of my true nightmares, from PTSD . That Dr. facile, or what ever his name is ,is telling us most likely we will have this virus in the fall again. No one know what’s going to happen. They just should be telling us what their doing, and what we should do. I cry to see my children, and grandchildren again. I cry for my grandchildren ,not be able to live a normal life like children should. I cry for everyone in this world too, that’s going though the same thing. Pleas everyone have hope, don’t listen to these people that say we are doomed to have this again. Pray, and have hope, say it loud, say it louder, We Have Hope, no one will ever tell us not too, or tell us we not going to get rid of this virus. We are all going to be together again, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Do what we are supposed to, and we will win this fight. Love to you all❤️❤️HOPE!!!

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I HEAR YOU and I have hope. I also, suffer with PSTD, have nights, scream, shout , cry. But I also smile and laugh. I have had to turn off my T.V because it was making me worse. Now I just listen to my local radio and play my favourite uplifting songs that I can dance, sing-a-long to and feel happy😊Believe in God, he will get us all through this and what will be will be. Take care!

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Oh my goodness, I could hear you all the way to my house, great job. I’m so sorry that you go though the same thing as I do those horrific nightmares, but we have to take any joy we get can with those smiles, and laughs like you said. Keep saying it HOPE!!! Much❤️

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we always have hope no matter what the world throws at us dig in stay safe keep strong and we will get through this.

True. It's all bad news on tv. The survival rate for covid is 97%. Has anyone ever said that? I try to detach because otherwise I might just lie in the coffin and wait...

They dont know what to expect but speculate for the sake of saying something and dont care there are ppl who might overthink it all and despair.

If someone is in need of seeing a psychiatrist is it an essential thing to do? I doubt it but B&Q is open. What if someone needs to fix their mind?

Let's say b.....cks to all this on Tv.

Take care and be positive x

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Right with hope, we will get though this, no one knows how longs this will last. Yes turn off the TV sets. Maybe now we should shout out, shut your mouths up, all we need is informations what to do ,so we can stop this together,❤️

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I'm with you on the tv thing .....close your eyes be serious leave ur worries too god ..I did that last night

There is hope in some media....the ones that tell you that this will eventually pass. History repeats itself, and every great pandemic has eventually burned itself out. You have to sometimes look past all the sensationalism and fear mongering and believe that.

Bad news sells so they prolong it. He did say something like that but I didn’t take it as negative. I think he meant that if it became like the flu and comes around we would be ready to handle it. He seemed very positive about that and it made me hopeful. This time around we just have to get thru the best we can like we are doing now. Vaccines and treatments are on the way but they need to make sure they are safe and effective. I know it’s hard to not get discouraged, I’ve been down myself many times but with all the wonderful people here they have helped me each time. 😊

I don't think the medical team updates are to take away hope.

It's fact based information we should be told. Also in these press conferences we are being told what is being worked on as far as research etc.

There are still too many people looking at this as " nothing" It's something and it's something big.

If the tv is upsetting you shut it off. That's all the control we have.

Stay safe, be informed but don't let it take your hope away.

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Hi ghi123

I got to love your reasoning they really should give us some positive input at least if we follow the information we have got it gives the health services some respite to equip for the treatment of those who suffer the affect of this damned virus.

There is always hope no matter what may develop, Hope spring eternal.

Peace and hope you feel stronger MaxV4 xxx

I feel the same it seems it's all they talk about how many deaths and cases but not on how many people made it through the virus . I know some people who has had it and are fine now.

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