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How do you fight that feeling of loneliness. Especially at night when there is not much you can do, you cannot really got out and hangout with other people or go to a store just to be around with people. At night when you are all alone........ what do you do? what can you do???? It is so quite and your mind races from one thoughts to another........ you feel depressed and sad....... you cannot sleep nor looking forward to sleep because you know that tomorrow will bring same thing.......... Loneliness...... it sucks.

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So sorry you're feeling this way!!! but coming on here is a good thing to do!!👏💞

Thank you. I am very glad that I found this place. I am not afraid to write out what is on my mind! and thank you for replying.

you are welcome! & yes sometimes it helps to write out your thoughts and feelings to help sort through them!

Yes it does...... Also it helps with depression... because you are so focused on writing that you are not thinking about anything else. Once again thank you!!!! You are very kind person.

thank you!!☺️& yes keep writing and posting on here as well!!

You are welcome....... I am feeling much better now that I am writing. instead of just thinking about this in my head.

know that you aren't alone &really others may be feeling similar things- as far as What I think is sometimes it's not even that we or some don't have family or loved ones but just that they are asleep or not available, busy or just cant relate or understand us??? I don't know this is just what I've experienced for a little while now personally but I have had times in life when I had close friendships or some who would stay up late and talk with me or be there more maybe that wasn't the norm idk? but it is what it is for now and it can be very hard!!

I live in US and my parents and younger sister lives in Japan. It is very hard to get hold of them because they work and hours are totally different. I have never really had any close friends who I can relay on at times like this. Plus it is not that easy to find a friend or a person to talk to...... I know that my situation is not unique but it is just hard to deal.....

yes that is hard & I understand! I hope & pray for you to find friends for you to confide in and be there for you! I know I need more of these myself so let's pray for one another?

Yes! I will pray for you so that you will find someone to talk to and becomes good friend.

Thank you! & im glad that you are feeling better and hope the best for you! Feel free to chat whenever and I'll get back to u soon as I'm able!!☺️

-Thank you!! I am going to try to sleep now! Thank you so much!

I have the same thing and my doctor recommended I just fix my sleeping schedule. We're more likely to worry and have the bad thoughts at night because we're alone and have nobody to talk to since they're all asleep. So he told me to just go to bed earlier. You'll have more time in the day and you'll have more time with the people you want to be around.

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I am hoping that I will be able to go to sleep without being sad or depressed. I am going to see a doctor next week hoping that they will be able to help me. I don't want to totally relay on a pill but if it will help I will ask a doctor to prescribe them to me. I know that i need a routine regarding sleep schedule but it is just so hard when I am so depressed and feeling alone in this world.

I need the same & hope you get a good night sleep, yes and without any sadness just peace!! - let me know how it's going for you!😊

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Yep I know exactly what you mean, I'm on two pills for my anxiety but they don't help me much. It's hard for me to get a good sleeping schedule because I sleep a lot during the day. I have no motivation to do anything. At night I have a lot of thoughts about death and stuff and I'm always tempted to wake up my parents to talk to them but when it happens I just force myself to go lay down in my bed and put on a song I like or get on social media to distract myself and before I know it I'm yawning and then I'm out

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Mu73Da70 in reply to cole81099

Yeah.... I need to find a music that I can put on at night to help me relax. I have no TV so that idea is out but yeah.... music! Thank you for the idea!

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cole81099 in reply to Mu73Da70

No problem. There's a type of music out there for everyone. Just look up some stuff and you'll find something you like

if u don't mind sharing-what are some songs or music that you've liked or that has helped you feel better? thnx☺️

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