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Esa assessment stress


I have been sent an appointment to go for my third assessment for esa in about a year. I'm so depressed over stressing about it. I also have ST, osteoarthritis, IBS, ( with diahrea up to ten times a day) and undiagnosed Fibromyalgia.

I don't know why they keep saying I'm fit for work as most days I can't even get out of bed for either pain or depression. I'm suicidal a lot of the time.

I hope I don't sound bad but these are the things I'm going through.

Can I ask for an home visit instead as I find it very stressful having to attend their office? And have no one that can go with me. My age is nearly 61 by the way if that makes any difference I don't know.

I hope someone can help me please as I've got nobody to turn to. Hope I haven't gone on too much. Thanks in advance.

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I'm not sure what esa is exactly. Is it like a disability thing? I applied for ssd,(social security disability) many years ago because I could no longer work due to depression issues. I did get it but it was a long detailed process. If your appt is 1 yr away you have GOT to stop thinking and worrying . Or did I misunderstand? Is it your 3rd appt of the year? That makes more sense. Either way, if you weren't eligible I think you wouldn't have GOT the 3rd appt. What will be will be. Worrying will not change the outcome. Wishing you the best.

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Its the third time my employment and support allowance has been stop in about a year. I'm in the UK. They make you go for an appointment to see if your entitled to the benefit. If your refused you have to apply for job seekers allowance and lie that your capable for work or you don't get any income at all. Even though my doctor gives me sick notes stating I'm unfit for work. They override that.

I'm so worried I'll get turned down again. 😢

PS thanks for replying.


I believe you can ask for a home visit, and as far as I know they may ask for your gp to confirm you need a visit at home due to your health..a letter from your gp confirming you would struggle to get to an outside appointment may be what is required here.

Is it possible for you to have the help of your local citizens advice bureaux in this, for help with the forms and advice etc. Or any other organisation in your area that could help, maybe Age Uk , they do offer some help..

If you have to attend a medical assessment, do take someone with you..

It is a most stressful thing completing the forms and having the assessment, it is well worth trying to obtain some kind of support with this as the points system operated for these benefits can be tricky.

Good luck

🌺🌼🌺🌼 xx

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This site is very helpful and covers everything about ESA and PIP

You do of course haVe to have the mind set to be able to read and research it on here , it is worth it if you can


Hi Katkins57, I understand the emotional pain this causes when physically we are struggling with health issues as well.. During the 5 years I was home bound with Agoraphobia, I was able to have both medical and mental health addressed. It wasn't easy. (I'm in the U.S.) but I did find a doctor who would make house visits as well as nurses to check on me once a week. Lab tests could be done in home as well as ultra sound. I actually had more consistent care coming to my house unlike when I would make an appointment and then be unable to keep it because of anxiety fears.

Even my therapist would come to my home once a week and after a while, we did phone sessions. I'm not sure how the UK would handle that. As for ESA assessment that could be a little bit of a struggle but don't give up. I wish you well. I understand the stress it can cause. xx


How did the assessment go Katkins?

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