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I haven’t been able to watch movies like I use. Saw Infinity War and I had to walk out of the theater, twice. That movie was too much death for me. Last nite, I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and couldn’t finish either. It was too emotional for me and I woke up. My heart was banging through my chest. Didn’t think I would be able to calm it down. Lots of slow, deep breathing. It makes me super sad. Like: what’s wrong with me??!!!

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I recognise what you feel like, everything seems to affect you and impact on how you feel. I stopped even being able to watch the news as it would lead to lots of negative thoughts and anxiety. I ended up going to a therapist who helped me understand my thought process and learn how to worry less, wishing you all the best X

I hear you. For a long stretch I couldn’t listen to any music without feeling too much getting too upset.

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Personally I think that ever since the global financial crash and the last election a lot of people are on edge.

Remember these are movies and you did the right thing they weren't for you. I know when I do see movies which is not often I go for comedies. Maybe nothing is "wrong " with you per say. To put the movie in perspective- remember there are first responders, soldiers and others who face dangerous and /or violent situations every day - it's amazing - I do not know how they do it- but they do!

Thank you all for sharing ur feelings. Makes me realize that I am not nutty and that I am not alone. I deactivated my FB acct bc I couldn’t take all the negativity that poured on my newsfeed. Granted we choose our audience, but it was time to let go. I am old fashioned and would rather hang out with people in person and/or write letters via my “hand.” Lol I hope that we can continue talking on here and know that I am here for u as well. I might not respond right away, but I will. Hope u have a blessed day! ❤️

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