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Embarrassed all day


Does anyone else feel embarrassed all the time? Like i think about ways I’ve acted in the past, I think about how social media has made it so easy for me to divulge so much of my feelings to strangers and then i start feeling embarrassed. Like ugh why did you do that. Now people look at you this way or that way. I care way too much about what others think of me and I can’t help it and it consumes my life. Is that my social anxiety? It’s just such a draining way to live; never being able to “let loose”. Always feeling like you’re being stupid/acting stupid etc.

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Im so sorry you’re feeling that way. I think reliving the past over and over is called rumination. There are techniques to learn how to train your mind to stop. I think most people on social media are more concerned about themselves than thinking about things others said. That may not be helpful to you but I believe that.

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I also second-guess my past actions...and third-guess.

I tend to overanalyze and wish I had done this or that instead.

But I agree with Blue Belle, most people are self-absorbed and do not pay as much attention as you think.

I have been shy (social anxiety) since childhood. Bless my Mom, she would say "What makes you so important that you think everyone is looking at you?"

She was right, of course.

Live in the moment. You can't change yesterday.

Most people are more concerned with themselves and don't really think about what others do or say. If you work on your self esteem you will learn to stop second guessing yourself. You could also take a break from social media for awhile. Most people are trying to impress and it can leave you feeling dissatisfied with your life if you believe everything you read. We all struggle, have problems, feel alone, have good times, it what life is. Pam

You really don’t sound stupid

I’ve been feeling like that for the last few months or maybe even half a year. I have a lot of self-doubt. I’m even ashamed to go to the supermarket or some shop. I’m ashamed to talk to the clerk, ask for help etc. I’m scared of people. I hope you will feel better. I’m learning to try to control my thoughts and stop thinking about what others might be thinking...

Looks like you need a heavy prescription of fucitall™. Fucitall™ can inform you that its okay to do things that some might deem as "not normal". Sometimes we think people are looking our way when really they're not. I understand where you're coming from, I've had the same problem. But don't be afraid to lift up your head when you feel embarrassed and look around. When you just consume into yourself, you can convince yourself that a situation was much worse. Most of the times, It's only ourselves who will remember something embarrassing. If you do something embarrassing and people laugh, laugh along sides them, instead of criticizing yourself internally, a little verbal self-deprecation can make you feel a bit better, as long as you don't go overboard and realize that it isn't that bad. Next time you find yourself in a super embarrassing situation, take a tab of Fucitall™, and own up, make a joke out of it, it's gonna be okay.

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