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58 year old male. I have struggled with depression most of my life. About three months ago I asked for a week of to deal with my depression (I had almost three weeks of vacation left and my anniversary was coming up). I came back to work and was fired two weeks later. We found out this week that we have to move. My wife has MS and all our family is in other states, plus we are broke..Feel like giving up.

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Hey Kennybobenny. Those ASSholes at your work! But first, I feel so sorry for the fact that your wife has M.S. I hope she thrives in spite of the astronomical challenge that is this disease.

Now, back to the A-holes that fired you in what was one of your darkest hours! I had a similar experience. I was very honest with my department managers< about my mental issues, which consisted of ADHD I

Kennybobenny in reply to Imakook

Thank you. Nights are especially rough for me. I appreciate your support .

You can't give up've come this can't just throw it all in..keep going..something else is in store for you..get through this obstacle..keep going..

I’m not one for reaching out but last night I felt I had to do something. Your words meant a lot to me.

Well good on you for reaching out..we all reach out on here one way or another..we are on here for are not are strong..I have faith in are certainly not done yet..far from it..keep going..Its going to be alright..

I pressed send too quick, Kenny.

To finish my story, although managers were very understanding & supportive, I became micro-managed by having to write down every second of production of every day; This went on for weeks! I had been an A+ employee for 20 years!

I was also struggling with severe arthritis & pending spine surgery. I swear, I BARELY made it to my surgery date before I lost it completely! Thank God I had always carried short-term and long-term disability. I had her surgery in Oct. & am just taking long-term.The surgery was super involved & invasive. Doc put me out of work for 6 more months. I'll be applying for permanent disability.

Now for the good news Allow your families to take care of you. It may take a moment to get your bearings, but I know things will work out & there was a new plan for your life.

Hopefully you were given anti-depressants, but if not, check what resources are available for an unemployed family man whose wife has M.S.

God bless you & yours!

Kennybobenny in reply to Imakook

I was given anti-depressants. I have good days and bad. If I ever work for anyone else I will not reveal my health or my wife’s health to them. In the two weeks I was back at work before being fired we found out my wife’s cancer is no longer in remission. I told them.

Imakook in reply to Kennybobenny

I'm so sorry, Kenny. Do you have a good support system with you & your wife's families?

Kennybobenny in reply to Imakook

Not really, I was hoping to lean on my brother but he just shuts down.

Thank you

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