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Accepting my depression



First time posting here, still unsure what to say.. Maybe just saying it out loud helps.

Finally realizing that i have a problem with depression and that i need help to get through this.

I started medication 4 months ago after (finally) going to see a doctor and telling her everything that i’ve been feeling and she gave me medication for that (i’ve been suicidal and having all kinds of problems) and my psychotherapy is starting next month. But i think there’s still a part of me that’s in denial and that ”it’s all in my head that it’s just a bad day” but now I’m finally realizing that it’s more than that and that i need help. Sp baby steps!

Hopefully i can find it here :)

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Hi panda, nice to meet you here. I'm new to this group as well. I've spoken to a few people and everyone has been very nice and supportive. Now that you've said it out loud you can start to fight it. I've suffered with anxiety and depression a long time, it's a struggle some times but remember depression is only a part of you...not all of you. I'm here if you would like to talk.

Nice to meet you too. I’m really new just started this yesterday but the amount of support i’ve gotten so far is amazing. It would be nice to talk to you so i might hit you up at some point!

Feel free to hit me up any time!

glad your here first it's a bit overwhelming coming to terms with our stuff and realizing that this is just a part of who we are....and because of social stigma...we feel maybe we should some how beat this and overcome this like it's a curable disease or something we can just get over by will power alone. Well....for many of us like's just part of who I am....acceptance is the first step to getting in touch with learning how to cope with our 'isms' and learning how to live with them. You'll be okay...a lot of kind people here who have done the'll be okay.

Thank you! Yeah realizing all this has been my biggest issue but i felt lot better yesterday after posting this so i’m on the right track.

Hi! Welcome to the group! I’m new as well and have also been struggling for many years with anxiety and depression. I’m here for you though if you ever need to or want to talk :)

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Thank you! Same for you, i’m here too if you want to talk! :)

Welcome! With all the social stigma surrounding mental health it's a hard thing to accept. I've been working on accepting it for about 8 years now and it's rough. I've found remembering to treat it as I would any physical illness really helps put perspective on things.

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Thank you! Yeah my doctor said the same thing and it made me feel a lot better so yeah trying to make my peace with that.


Hiya, the fact that you have realised that you are not well and are taking active steps to seek help and get better is a massive leap forward. There are lots of people here making a similar journey and hopefully we are all on the road to a better place. Take care,

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Yeah! I felt a lot better yesterday after posting this so i’m feeling good about this.

hi, welcome to this site, sorry you are feeling this way. what medication are you taking and do you feel it is helping. what psychotherapy are you going to, I have just started cbt and take fluoxetine. acceptance is the hardest thing in depression but it is an illness which unfortunately people can't see, it would be easier if we had a broken leg, but depression is something we try to keep to ourselves. in a way it is in our heads but that is because our chemicals in there aren't working properly not because we are imagining it. like you say small steps are the way to go, let us know how you go on, x

I’m taking this medication called Cipralex, 20mg/day. It kinda does, it doesn’t take everything away but it does stop my mind going to the darkest place. I can still feel it and think about it but it takes away some of the pain. It took me a while to see any differnece, I’ve been taking it 4 months now and haven’t seen that big of a difference but I’m hoping to get there.

I’m not 100% sure yet, I’m going to see one therapist and with her we’re going to figoure out the best way for me. And finding the right person to do this with. That scares the shit out of me.

How are you feeling?

hi, how are you feeling to-day. do you see your doctor for a review regarding your medication. yes the medication does help our minds from working overtime, but your right things don't completely go which is good in some ways because we need to have feelings or it wouldn't be us. keep up with the baby steps and take care. this site is here for you. x

Welcome to the group. You will find a lot of support here. I've only posted a few times but people here are really nice. I also suffer from severe depression and anxiety. What. Helps me is being with people who understand and can support you. I hope you have a blessed day.

Thank you! That’s what I’m hoping for to find here; other experiences and how people get through this. The best way is to learn/hear what worked for them and try if it works for you.

I honestly have been through a roller coaster ride my. Whole life. Someday I would love to write A book. If you need someone to talk to I'm always here to listen.

Hi there. I really relate to your post. I have also recently decided to finally ask for help with my depression. It is really hard to ask for help if you feel like you dont want to admit that you are really struggling. I hope that things go well and you keep seeing help to benefit yourself. It is hard to accept it for me too, every day is different and some days I still don't want to admit it or try to look for ways to help myself and then other days I feel I have had enough. We can do this though, its all a process to feel better!

Yeah exactly! I don’t know why it keeps changing, like you said some days I don’t want to admit it and other days I’m so ready to kick this ass! I hope it would stay the same all the time. Baby steps!

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