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Depressed because of my birthday

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Tomorrow is my birthday and I never imagined I would make it to this age. This year has been horrible and I’m disappointed to have made it to another birthday. That makes me sound ungrateful but everyday is a constant battle with myself and I struggle so much. I just want to make it through tomorrow without a complete meltdown. Wish me luck

12 Replies
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Praying for you! It will be okay! Happy early birthday ❤️

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Don't be sad about your birthday, I mean even if you might not like birthdays you can still celebrate with family and friends you know enjoy your day, have fun. I hope you have a great day :)

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I hope you find a way to enjoy the day.

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Happy Birthday. Hope it goes well for you.

Happy birthday to you but to be honest I don’t know what you want to achieve from saying your disappointed to have lived so far what about people behind you how they will feel , your parents you won’t feel any better not being here ! So selfish! Not being rude just wanted to say

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That’s why I’m still here. But it’s not selfish when you’re miserable. Suffering comes from multiple directions. You wouldn’t want to force someone to stay around who is in pain, right?

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I have history of sexual abuse since 7 years old I’ve been used beaten my stepdad was putting his big dick inside me whilst my mother was asleep drunk .after my mother passed away I was so alone no friends family or home! My brother used me sexually and treated me worse then animals.. I have daughter she is lovely and beautiful she needs me that’s why I’m still here but I don’t talk about it I still have nightmares about my stepdad putting his penis inside me and laughing so evil it’s was so many years ago I’m 31 now I’m here just because of my baby girl

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Thank you for sharing. I’m glad you have your little girl. Everyone needs something positive to look forward to. I’m glad you’re still going for your child and showing them the right way.

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I know how you feel. Each year I hope I don’t have to make it to the next birthday as well. New Years is upon us now and I sincerely hope I never have to see 2020. But we are still here, and still fighting because we see some sort of reason to. You might not have wanted to make it this far, so the fact that you did is quite an accomplishment. Be proud of it. You’ve been strong.

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My birthday is coming up soon, as well. I don’t really care to deal with my birthdays at all. But I try to think of what I’d say to someone I care about in that situation- I’d suggest they do something nice for themselves. Maybe put your phone on vibrate so there’s no distractions, pop some super buttery salty popcorn - get you a big glass of iced tea or water with lemon - something refreshing- not necessarily alcohol, and curl up on the couch with a big snuggly blanket and watch some reruns of judge Judy (in my case), Seinfeld, Whose Line is it Anyway, ...something light and funny. It’s a well deserved treat to yourself because despite the odds you made it, like it it not. So take the time that day to just be kind to yourself. You deserve that much.❤️

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What kind of help have you investigated for yourself? Although it may not seem like it when you are stuck in depression and anxiety, they are treatable and you may very well be able to get past it if you find the right help.

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I’ve been in therapy and several medications for years. I seem to always take one step forward and three steps back.

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