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Good evening friends!!! I just moved into a condo only 2 weeks ago and I just heard today 2 ladies talking in the outdoor pool. One is my downstairs neighbor say she's got horrible neighbors upstairs and on the sides of her. The other lady said just turn your back to them. I'm thinking I just moved in how could she hate me already? I tip toe around so I'm not loud and was trying to not upset her. What kills me is the mean comments she said. Ppl all of my 45 years have called me stupid, ugly, and I'm a piece of s..t. Being rejected just caused my anxiety to get so much worse!! I'm already housebound due to crippling anxiety. This sure didn't help!!! Anyone else get bullied by someone?? How do you cope with it? Just asking for help please!! Thanks and have a blessed night!πŸ˜€πŸ˜Ž

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Hi lovedogs please stop people like this bother you they are only a pair of bitter gossips ! These women must have been talking crap every time they open there mouths ! Look ive never met you but ive grown to like your sense of humour so just laugh as this pair of twisted witches ! I truelly hope you dont let this dampen in any way you new home and life god bless you. !

Omg thank you!! I try to be very genuine and kind to others but I'm constantly getting hurt by these mean ppl. You brightened up my dayπŸ˜€πŸ˜€ I can't thank you enough!!! I'm trying to not take it personally. Really trying! I agree with you that they are just talking gossip. Its there problem not mine. Funny thing is is that the 2 of them came up to me to welcome me to the complex. They were so nice. Not sure what happened. The hell with those witchesπŸ˜„πŸ˜„ How are you doing? Really good I hope.

Oh do you agree that everyone on this site is amazing and so supportive and caring!!! I'm soooo glad someone told me about this site. This wonderful site has been a lifesaver!

So they are fake back stabbers to boot? These people are of the worst type. I worked with two guys who acted real friendly towards people (especially if they needed something) and then talk about them soon as they left. It literally happened about everyday. I tried to figure out why some are like that and all I can come up with is maybe they are unhappy with their own lives.

If they are upsetting you, pray for them (If you are a praying type of person). That works for me.

Oh thank you for responding. Yeah for the life of me don't understand these type of ppl. You understand as well from those mean ppl from work. I totally agree with you. Total backstabbers!!! They always say those type of ppl are jealous or like you said their not happy with themselves!! How are you doing??? Ill definitely pray for them.

Its amazing how they can be nice to your face but stab you in the back dont let them bother you ! Im glad to hear your kind words if i can brighten one persons day then im glad to be of use to someone ! God bless you my friend david !

Thank you for your kind words too. Yes you brightened up my day and I can't thank you enough! How are you doing??? Your friend, kaceyπŸ˜€πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜€πŸ˜Ž

Hi kacey good to hear your happy ! Im still trying to sleep as its 4:47am and ive only managed about 2/3 hours sleep been getting bad tension headaches also ! Going out later on for my birthday god am i getting old ! Take care david

Absolutely!!! I was asked to pray for good things in their life which I will do. Thank you!!

Hi David! I have the same issue....insomnia. Sorry to hear you have tension headaches. Does anything like ibuprofen or Tylenol help? Yea happy happy bday! Hope you have a really great time with family and friends. You deserve only the best!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜„ In feeling so old too. Just hate it. I'm 45 and u? You sound young at ❀. That's what matters. I always get the older woman comments. I'm like omg I'm old!!! Lol. I sure hope you get feeling better before you go out and celebrate!!!! Your friend, kacey

Are you sure this neighbor meant you when she said "upstairs" neighbors? Are there other upstairs neighbors besides you?

Why people have called you those terrible things is a mystery to me. You seem like a kind-hearted person just trying to live her life. Your photo proves that you aren't ugly, and the piece of.... comment, well, that's just plain mean.

When you go outside, remember that you belong on the sidewalk just as much as everyone else. I'm glad most of the people you meet are friendly.

I'm 62, and I would love to be 45 again!

Thank you so much. I agree with you about the fact she might not of been talking about me cause their is 4 of us upstairs. I thought that but wasn't sure. Thank you for your kind words. Means a lot to me. Being 62 is just a number. I bet your young at heart and that's what matters. I know the feeling of wanting to be younger!! I guess all I can do is try and not think about it. Kinda hard to when bones and muscles start to ache lol. Your a very kind and caring person. Thanks for your message I really appreciate it.

Ugh people can be so dumb and cruel...and the fact that they actually welcomed you in with smiles and then talked about you afterwards just shows how fake they are, and you don't want/ need those types of people as friends. You are actually better than them because you are truly genuine and they are not. I feel sorry for those kinds of people

Yea I can't for the life of me understand ppl who do that. Their probably just miserable in life. They gossip and all I can do is pray for them. Thank you so much for your message. When I got here they came up to me immediately came up to and acted so nice. Unbelievable.

Hi I don't reckon they were talking about you at all as there is no obvious reason why they should have been! The only way to find out is to ask them but I wouldn't give them the satisfaction. As you have met your neighbour you could always ask her casually if everything is ok and say I hope you can't hear my telly or something similar. I wouldn't go round specially though but just ask her if you happen to see her passing.

A bit of advice - in every group you always get a bit of backbiting and bitchiness etc. so keep your b*** s*** detector up for a while until you can suss people out. x

the next time you see her...introduce yourself....say hi....I'm not will know right then and there where you cannot tip toe to please someone you don't even know, and further more it's ridiculous to do so. If your not tap dancing at 3 am in the morning on the kitchen floor...forget about this your life. Don't let anyone dictate to you how to live your life...who cares what she says...she also complain's about the people who live next door to her...she just can never please people like that...nor should you have to. You can not make everyone happy...stop trying....make yourself happy...that's the only thing you have to happy. Do what you need to do ....

I totally agree. I shouldn't have to tip toe around. I have insomnia and I've been up all night. She just knocked on my door and said I'm keeping her awake and disturbing her dog!!! What the hell. I will walk around during the day cause she can't tell me how to 2alk when to walk. Its totally ridiculous. Thanks a lot for your message. I can understand if I'm up all night that me walking around early in the morning is irritating. All I can do is try and get along with her to keep the peace. Have a blessed Friday!!!

Do you have a carpet down? x

No its all tile flooring. Its ok we talked for 5 minutes and left on good terms.

Oh that's good you did. I imagine tiled floors above another flat could be quite loud when it's night time. I am wondering if a couple of rugs would help? x

Disturbing her dog?!!!!...that's the absolute limit...don't talk to her...she's a goof ball to think your supposed to tip toe around, at any hour....she has her walls connected to others...what the heck does she expect..the world to revolve around her...I bet others have complained about her BS expecting everyone to be quiet so as not to disturb her DOG!....ignore her.

Great reply faux and you are quite right of course. But you would need to be fairly confident to do this. x

I guess I am okay with doing something like that, I have no problem clearing the air and trying to be diplomatic with a neighbor, but I am afraid this gal is the kind of neighbor that no matter what you do it will never be enough. People have to be able to live in their home normally, and it's expected when you have someone above you and beside you there are going to be noises. If the woman can't stand noise...she should not live in apartments or condos.

I agree 100%!!! She owns her unit and I'm renting so she probably has issues with different renters. She said the elderly couple with grandkids annoyed her too!!! Hoping for peace. Have a really great weekend!!!


There was a person like that in one of my family's neighborhood, he would call and complain about everything to the point he would contact the police. The police simply told him, if it bothers you this much then maybe you should think of moving. No more complaints. That's it ,simple. If it gets absurd, and that was me in your place, I would just simply , with a big smile on my face, and ever so sweet voice tell her exactly that. "Have you ever considered moving since all this disturbs you and your dog, I know I would have moved!" I had a neighbor like this too, it was her dog coming into my yard and she had the audacity to tell me about my fence more than once, I with a smile told her well I have been watching YOUR dog dig a hole and push his way into MY yard, but I never have once complained to you. Never came over again. Hope it all works out! Don't let these type of people get to you, simply bitter.

lovedogs51511 in reply to Hidden

Absolutely agree with you. She's not worth my time. I apologized and tried to remain civil with her. I,sure hope she doesn't start complaining about little stuff. If she does ill ask her why she doesn't move like you said. Thank you so much for the message!!! Hope your enjoying your Friday and have a really awesome weekend!!

Sure she was talking about you? Sounds like these people are very ignorant. You have a great big personality I can tell and clearly they are mean bitter small people who have nothing else in their lives. There are a lot of people like that. You have your family there and you are happy inside. Some people are just jealous. You were nice to them I will bet which makes it more irrational. I have worked with people like that- nothing pleases them more than gossip.

I couldn't agree more with you!! Some ppl thrive on gossip. Sad really when you think about it. Lol I'm super shy and so quiet around ppl. I am happy inside for once in 45 years!!! Feels great. Thank you so much for the kind words. How are you??

Thanks for asking. We are holding up- looking forward to getting together with friends! There are some issues from the past that still leak through but that is life. Anyway, forty five is sure young woman!

Oh I hope you have a great time with them. Yea your right this is life. The good and the bad. Lol your silly. I feel all old!! But like you said this is life!! Lol

Well thank you- I over two decades older than you- I can't believe it!

Lol I can tell your so young at ❀!!! Your a funny gal!! Age is,just a number as they sayπŸ˜€ Your a dear!!

You are too- sometimes I look in the mirror and well I can't believe it's me. You're a special person - a real gem.

Oh I do that too!! I'm like I don't look anything like I did even 3 years ago. Smoking has destroyed my face causing sagging around the mouth plus wrinkles on half my lip. Yikes!! Thanks hun!!!

I've already got arthritis in both shoulders, can't see as good and the list goes

I know what you mean about the vision- I have a few conditions. Isn't it fun?

Oh yea its a dream!!! Lol

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