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Moving in anxiety


Hello, I've been feeling anxious lately and it's been so hard to cope with it.

I recently decided to moved in with my bf, but I feel like I didn't really thought it through and I'm now thinking it might not be the best for me, and my mental health.

I'm so worried about telling him, I don't want to hurt him but I don't want to feel rushed either. But I also wonder what if it's only my anxiety stopping me.

Thank you guys for reading.

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I’ve been living with my boyfriend for 2 years now. I still have my anxious moments but it’s great. Sometimes I need to be by myself so I’ll just go in the other room and he knows to give me space but it’s comforting to me and my mind that I’m not really alone and he’s in the next room

LydPrz in reply to RNbby

Thanks you so much for ir words!

I feel like I rushed home myself and he’s very committed to move in together and that’s what’s making me es feel awful and anxious

As what RNbby was saying: I would say that maybe you should just be honest with him, tell him about your anxiety around everything and that you need to just work through it and honestly need to do what's best for you, and let him know it's not about him, (from what your saying if I understand correctly), but that it is about your comfort level that you need to make sure your going to be okay, and that he is understanding and patient with you. If he loves and cares enough he will accept what ever you need to ultimately do....even if it means you need your own space again. You could try that in your current living situation with him too maybe....have your own safe place, a room to go to, and designate that you need your time alone there, and he respect that....

LydPrz in reply to fauxartist

Thanks you so much for the words!

I definitely need to be honest about this, I’m sure he would understand. Growing up my parents never gave me space, they had no boundaries and I felt like I never had my very own space. Somewhere I could go and know it was private space and time for myself.

Now I’m sharing a house with 6 roommates that are really awesome but there’s always so many people around the house and I feel the same way.

fauxartist in reply to LydPrz

so if you move in with your BF, will it then be just the two of you, is there an extra room?,

LydPrz in reply to fauxartist

No :( San Diego rent is insane so we can only affor a 1bd place :/

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