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First depression diagnosis

Hi, i'm new here ans i'm 18, and this year i suffered from a manic phase that cost me a lot and now i'm going through depression, i went to a psychiatrist, she gave me a treatement, but i have no Idea how i'm going to continue my life, i have a Big exam in june and i don't know if i am going to be able to do it, i keep finding comfort in the idea of giving up but then i feel so bad about it that i Say i'm going to end my life and that Idea seems even more comforting. I'm stuck and i don't know what to do. Please help

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What do you mean she gave you a treatment?... and june is a couple months away try seeing a therapist that can help guide you


Are you seeing your therapist on a regular basis, and does this treatment mean they gave you medication to take daily to help with your symptoms. If not, you should go back and get what you need to balance your body chemistry. When we get our body's chemical levels worked out, then we seem to be able to cope with life more. It's always going to have it's challenges, but you cannot do it without help. Please take care of your needs, and know you are not alone, I'm glad your sharing here, these are very nice people on this site and many are right there with you on your struggles to get better.


Yes she gave me pills, thank you i'm glad i found you guys

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Hi Epsilon,

What you are experiencing is familiar. My daughter had a psychotic episode in 2017. After she was released from the hospital, she immediately returned to school. It was too soon, so she put her education on hold.

Please don't give up on treatment. If the current treatment isn't working, let your doctor know that you need something else.

You have a Big exam. You need to know your options. Can you postpone the exam? What happens if you don't take it in June? Academic accommodations may be an option if you are in school. Do you have someone who can support you and assist you with decisions that you need to make?

At this point I have more questions than answers, but I am always happy to share things that I have experienced and learned.



When i had the episode they gave me a strong neuroleptic or sthg like that, and i had an extrapyramidal syndrome so the other therapyst gave me a smaller dose and then i stopped, i stopped going to that therapyst, and now i'm seeing a new one


That's great news. I'm glad you are seeing someone.

If you need anything, we are here. Contact me whenever you need to.

Never give up.


Thank you really, i'm trying my best not to

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