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Dealing with my depression and anxiety and PTSD


Yesterday I was at my wit's end my depression , anxiety and PTSD were so bad I felt so lost and confused and alone I didn't know what else to do , that was until i came here and I met others here, that are going through what I'm going through and then some , I wanna thank you so much for those who took their time to reply to my post, Believe or not you saved my life I just couldn't fight the war alone anymore , you see I can't afford to go see a therapist or anyone ,my situation won't allow me to leave my house for to long either I'm a 24 hour caretaker, I just wanted thank you from the bottom of my heart, I know my depression and anxiety will always be with me and it's always going to be a war in my head , but this time I know I don't have to fight it on my own , and that just by having someone who's going through what I'm going through to talk to without judging me or mocking me made it easier to talk to made me feel like I really did matter and that I wasn't alone , today I'm doing a lil better , you guys are the best thank you so very much for being there for me. your friend always Dragon13

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Keep reaching out to us here. You are not alone!

Dragon13 in reply to Kat63

Thank you for making me feel welcomed here , I can't begin to thank you enough , to me I think you were sent to me you all are true blessing to me , my days don't seem so dark and hopeless anymore I know my war in my head will never end but now I know I don't have to fight this war alone anymore thank you so much, I'm glad y'all let me in this group before I felt like no one cared now I know people do care , please don't get upset if I post my depression and anxiety are back and trying to take over again , I don't wanna be a burden to those who already have so much on their plates , I told one follower that I was afraid to tell anyone about what was going on in my head afraid of being mocked and labeled , you see I was raised by my step dad that men have to always be strong with him if I showed and weakness like crying for example I got beaten bad one time he threw me though a wall ever since then I've kept my mental health issues private I never told anyone in fear of being mocked or shunned , that was until i found yall now I know it's ok to open up ,yesterday I cried for hours as I was telling yall what I was going through I haven't cried since my mom died I cried like a baby because I actually found a group of awesome people that share the same problems I do and that really do care

Kkimm in reply to Dragon13

Hi Dragon

My name's Kim.

I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder which developed two years ago after a couple of life traumas in quick succession. I have been lucky enough to have almost fully recovered from going onto antidepressants and following my own programme of activities every day which involved excercise, creative activities, trying to do something to help others and most importantly working through and ignoring symptoms which could be very frightening at times.

I really feel for you and understand what you are going through. I am so glad you are gaining help through being part of this community. It will have helped you to cry and release the feelings. I too find it difficult to cry but certain things can help to release it for me sometimes too.

I am sorry to hear you cannot get any therapy. Are you on any antidepressants to help your condition? Mine have been a big help to me but I understand that not everyone feels able to take them.

I hope to start some therapy in October.

I guess you are in America. I am in the South of England and live in the country on a peninsular with creeks and salt marshes on one side and sandy beaches on the other. I love to walk by the sea or even in town and find it helps my anxiety alot to do this. I also love all wildlife and bird watching and can spot lots of wading birds and seals from my walks along the creeks.

Do tell me about your area if you feel like it, even if it is town it will have different birds in the parks to the ones in England and birds in the USA such as mockingbird or chickadee sound very exotic to me.

If you are not into wildlife what sort of interests do you have? it can help so much to get a hobby I found. I know it is hard for you to get out so you would have to find one you can do at home. I love reading, films and music, not sure if you are into those at all, if so what do you like?

Sorry to hear what a tough childhood you had. It definitely leaves it mark.

My very best wishes, feel free to write to me anytime and I will reply when I can.


I am in a similar situation, I don't have any friends and no one in my family understands...I've battled PTSD, major depressive disorder and anxiety for years yet some days I am ok and others I just want to due...I feel your pain...

Dragon13 in reply to Erigirl36

I'm so sorry you have to go through all that , not to many understand or they choose not to , depression , anxiety and PTSD are hell and it's a constant war in our heads . they have no idea it's a war we have to win if we give up we'll die but you do have friends here in this support group and I'd be happy to be your friend to to let you know you're not alone

Hang in there. Alot of people are in the same boat. One day one hour at a time. Hope you feel better soon

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