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My emotions took place


Today i can feel the failure, and how bad it attacks me. I'm now in the bus heading home after leaving college , i am skipping one important class, my head is full of worries, i'm typing this message with my heart in my hands. I've had some tough days, a few days ago i decided to step out of my comfort zone, after 2 years without going out with a Guy, i took the risk, i had a good time and then he vanished, this just made me feel horrible and today i was in a fight with my mom, the worst thing! Now i feel beat by my own emotions and this feeling sucks ( i've taken the anti-depressant one hour ago, i feel sleepy though)

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I feel your pain. Sounds like you have a lot going on around you and with your emotions. It will be okay. This place will go and be taken over by an easier way. It goes like waves. I’m so sorry you are hurting right now. You are not a failure. Good of you to be releasing your feelings here. Take special care of yourself, okay?

Thank you so much!!! This is hard! Dealing with multiple pains it's Just so overwhelming. I'm trying to heal

I know that overwhelming feeling. I think I push myself to heal when I just need to be gentle and patient and it will come. I hope it becomes easier for you soon. Let me know if you find certain things that help you heal.

He kissed me....anyways, i'm dealing with that. I cut him off, because i have no time for his mixed signals, i'm already damaged enough

What worries are you having?

I struggle with anxiety my entire Life, it think that is one of my biggest problem.

I am sorry to hear that. I know what it's like. How are you coping with or managing it?

Unfortunally. People are forgetting about manners, respect, self-love , commitment, togetherness. I see my parents' marriage, they go through many things and still stick together, they are rock solid. I've had a previous relationship which was abusive, i was stuck in fear, since then i haven't dated anyone, i didn't want to take the risk, i was not mentally prepared, but recently have been trying to put myself out there more often, we all want to experience love. But everything got worse, people are so cold nowadays i'm not only referring to men. I have lost hope, because i have been hurt in so many different ways, some people are so creative when it comes to making up stuff, ghosting, sum up, it's hard.

I live in Brazil, and around here people don't have those support groups, actually, it is rare to see someone seeking for help, and admitting that something is going on, in my case, i had a tough time to convince myself i needed treatments and meds. So i resort to this online support group whenever i need to talk or a friendly advice.

Brazil is not my ideal, the violence and corruption can hinder our lifestyle, still, it's beautiful, people are friendly. But i intend to live in United states, and work as an aupair.

I have, once, 2 years ago. I went to NYC, just to spend some quality time and fullfil my dream, which was to go to new york, get to certain places, since i was young i dreamt about it. I've learned english aiming to go there and comunicate with locals, in my 18 year birthday my entire family and friends helped me to raise Money to finally go, i went by myself and had the most amazing experience. Now i want to come back, it doesn't necessary needs to be Nyc, a small calm Town would be enough, i'd like to spend at least a year, so i could be totally envolved with the language and culture.

Hahahahha they do, i saw a rat carrying a slice of pizza that was twice its size. I like the central park, it's beautiful and calm.


How do you feel? How are you?

I am in Romania ... sorry if I have mistakes in English.

Hope you're well! I await a sign from you when you can ... when you have time ... if you want ... :)

On behalf of all men I apologize for my genders behavior. :)

I feel for single people today. People are such in a rush to get the instant gratification they miss the courtship. I'm glad to know you see enough self worth to know that not what you want.

Try to find 5 things that make you happy, and focus on them. I'm sure one day soon you'll find someone who will be your rock and wa t a relationship like you desire. ✌

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