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Beggars can't be choosers right??


Having a very hard time trying to find somewhere to live in Hurricane Utah. Parents want me close to them cause of having so many problems with my disabilities such as seizures. Parents will buy me a trailer to live in. Family all has money and I really don't want them to look down on me!! I've always felt like such a problem cause family is constantly helping me. I am so very grateful for having a family that cares so much!! My brother used to live in a mobile home and he kept saying I feel like trailer trash. Now I feel down in the dumps cause what if he thinks that about me? I'm just thankful for whatever place I can call home. I just want family to think bad of me.

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I like what you said...your thankful for what ever place you can call' does not matter what your brother says.

Im just glad I will be able to call it home. Its the judgements about ppl living in trailers calling them trailer trash.

it's easy to put someone down, but just as easy to be supportive...hope you ignore any have a home....and it's yours...that's all that's important.

Good morning!

I think you have it right, be thankful for what your parents want to do. Take the trailer. You're not trailer trash!

My Aunt lives in one and its really nice. My wife and I looked at them before we bought our house. The fees kept us from buying it.

I have family that lives in trailer parks, besides my Aunt.

There is no shame living in a trailer or accepting help from your family.

Look at it as an opportunity to better yourself and overcome the fear you have about going out because of BDD, mine may not be visible, but talking with you, its not something I should let control my mood and mind.

I'll be here for you if you need to talk!!

I am grateful for what they are doing for me. Its having these disabilities that keep me broke and unable to pay for rent. Having epilepsy keeps me without a drivers license. Life never gets better. I got sober hoping to have better things in life. I feel like drinking but can't. Today I've been crying my eyes out. Hopefully this will all work out. Sorry for complaining about this. I'm just really depressed. Hope you have a blessed day!!

Are you able to get on social security disability? I know they say life is what you make it, but similar to you, I get that it seems like there are more setbacks than advances forward.

I'm really sorry you feel like this. Keep on being sober, I can't imagine how tough it is at times, but you know how damaging alcohol can be and the last thing you want to do is make it worse.

I hope you can find something that will help more alleviate the seizures so you can at least be able to work. It sounds like you would get help in getting to/from work.

You're very lucky to have that much support!! Take advantage of it in a good way to help move forward!!

I'm on disability. 850 per month. I appreciate and am very grateful for it!! 😀 I do feel grateful for families support. They have sent me so much money over the years to help me out. Let me live with them when I was struggling with addiction. Me and my brother are soooo close! He means the world to me. We get along soooo well. We're both goofy characters. Love to be silly and laugh a lot. He told me just this morning about chb or some kind of oil that helps with seizures. Maybe something good will happen with that. Who knows. Just trying to stay positive after crying all morning. Hoping all is going great with you!!!

To me, the term "trailer trash" has more to do with how certain people behave, not where they actually live. I've seen trailers that looked upscale, and had lots of nice features.

You have no control over what other people think, and you should try not to let it bother you. You didn't choose to have epilepsy, or depression. That's just the hand you were dealt. Everyone on this forum was dealt a certain hand, and we all have to play it the best we can.

How lucky you are to have such a close and loving family! Things should work out much better now that you have moved back near them.

I appreciate your message! Its super frustrating having disabilities that keep me from working full time and takes away the privilege of driving. Life just gets worse by the day!! I feel hopeless, depressed, sad and not wanting to live anymore!!! Waking up each day is like why God??? Please take my life!!! Everyday is like that. Thanks for your message! Ill just try and get by like always. Hope all is good with you!!😀😀

I n my opinion there is no such thing as trailer trash. To call someone that is bigotry. It would be very helpful if you can begin therapy for your depression.

lovedogs51511 in reply to b1b1b1

I don't treat ppl bad its my family and other ppl that bother me. I love everyone! I love the homeless cause they are nice to me and I love helping them get anything they need even when I have nothing. They appreciate if you can help them. I just gave a homeless guy a warm blanket for winter and my last dollar to a kid wanting to go home. I always treat everyone the same just wish ppl would do the same for me is all. Sorry I didn't mean anything bad by saying that. Ill at least fit in there at this trailer park. Its a nice place. One is small but really cute!! If they can put money down on it I will pay back my parents 800 dollars per month. It sounds really like an opportunity!!! Thanks for your message!!

Like I wrote above the park these places are in are really nice. I'm looking forward to moving there!! Its an opportunity I can't refuse. Thanks for the message!!

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