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Sigh... anybody listening ?

I don't get why my brain is trying to nitpick into everything I do. I've become overly critical over myself and I feel frustrated bcs I really just want to live. I haven't done anything bad or wrong so why on Earth is my head making me feel so.

I'm just. Not like my parents. I'm from a different generation. I can't think like them. I don't even want to. I grew up differently and I'm not as traditional or conservative. I don't want to feel bad for being different from them bcs I'm still the same me and I'm still a good person and I don't do anything bad or rebellious.

I feel like I'm going crazy. I really just want to be around people my age. I can't handle all the mental stress. My brain keeps latching on to random thoughts or things my mum says. And then makes me feel bad.

I..I really don't want to become like my parents and other older people. I don't even like the way they think. I'm a teen. I just want to act my age. Is that SO bad ?

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No it's not bad at all to want to act your age and be with your peers. Each generation

does and thinks differently then the last. Parents will always try to instill their beliefs

on their children. With no disrespect to your mom, you need to be your own person.

It's when you don't, that mental health issues come into view. And I think that is what

you are going through right now. Do you think having a sincere heart to heart talk with

her might help settle some of the pressure you are feeling. Sounds like you are trying

to please you parents as well as yourself. You need to choose one.


I just...sigh. I feel this strange pressure. This image of a completely different person in my head I might become. Simple things I love seem like issues. And I don't understand why it has to be like this ? Is me not wanting to be like my parents mean I'm bad ? I want to be like people my age.

I'm tired. I can't handle this. These past 3 weeks the only humans I've been around are my parents and it's getting to me. I haven't met anyone my age. I have no friends here. They're all back home. And I have 5 months until I can go back.

I don't think I can last


DistressedPoe, I forgot that you are away from home. That has got to be very

difficult for anyone your age. I must have missed the posts on why you are

away from home for so long. However, are you not able to connect with your

friends back home through the internet/cell phone??

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I do that everyday. That's how I'm surviving. But it's hard. Not being there in person. Plus I just...I feel antsy living here in this house. It's becoming a trigger.

I see my brothers so calm doing normal things teens do. When I do them, suddenly my brain makes me feel bad about it. I don't like this. I want to get away so that my mental health can go back to normal.

I always get so triggered and anxious around my parents. Especially my mum. I can't handle it. I don't want to.


No, thats not bad. Its perfectly normal, everyone experience being a teenager. Even your conservative parents.

Teenagers generally have a very turbulent emotional drive.

Do you live near a larger town? if then im sure there are lots teens to meet.

Personal i find it easy'er to engage in social conduct in a club, where you all have a common intrest, and that common intrest is the focus.

As to your nitpicking brain, im sure when you find something else than your mothers words, to focus on, there will be a change of pace


There isn't. It's a small town with barely people my age. I haven't seen anyone my age in 3 months. I'm tired or this. I want to go home.

I hate this.


It’s very normal when you are a teen to want to be different from your parents. Separating from the parents’ ways of thinking, and forming your own ways of thinking, are a major part of that stage of life.

It’s normal to want to spend more time with friends your own age, and less time with the family.

Everything about this is normal, normal, normal.

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Sigh. Y'know thing is...I know it is lmao. And I'm pretty calm. But I'm also scared that every little thing I do, my brain will nitpick it. And be like "oh you're just straying away and doing something bad"

Like ?? I don't want to confine myself to the kind of thinking my parents have. They weren't like this when they were younger. They're only like this now.


Like for example sake... My parents don't swear. But I do. And I don't wanna suddenly start feeling bad and being all "omg I am the devil" for smtg so superficial.

Like it's so stupid. I can just not swear, yeah. But I also don't see the big deal in doing so. Am I hurting anyone ? No. Am I committing a crime ? No. I don't wanna be overly judgemental over myself this way the way my parents are with people around them. They see someone do ONE thing and suddenly go all "omg that's so bad tsk tsk" and start making fun. I hate it.

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Ahahah damn. How do you deal with it ! I don't know why. It makes me sad that I really can't handle living with my family for long periods of time. I was so excited but past a month, it really starts to take a toll. I'm learning to keep my agitation at bay but wow. It's hard to not be around anyone my age.


U need to get off this site then as it is too "old" for u, and probably most people here are adults....Don't put down conservative people or older people as they often have good ideas.😡


Hey I'm not saying it's bad. I have anxiety. You need to understand that whenever I have a thought that's foreign to who I am, I panic. It doesn't matter if it's good or bad. I get agitated. It's like getting your identity stolen from you by your own brain. It's painful. And agitating. And the physical symptoms are torture.

I'm not negating the older generation's wisdom. But I'd rather not feel like I'm acting older than my age. I've always had a pressure to behave older than my age. Childhood wasn't easy. I developed anxiety because of it.

Please don't be upset with what I said. I didn't mean to offend anyone. I respect older people but that doesn't mean I need to be like them. I want to be my own person. Not a copy of someone until I can barely recognise myself


They didn't put conservatives down, nor older people. They simply said they didn't agree with some of the things about those demographics. Please don't tell someone to leave. Please be kind and thoughtful in your responses on here. We're a bunch of hurting people. We don't need to add to the hurt.


That wasn t really fair and maybe you haven t read the post you re replying to properly. DistressedPoe did not put older people down at all. If you felt offended it has more to do with yourself than the original post. I m 60 and can totally relate to the DistressedPoe s post. Just like all of us this person is hurting. Please try a bit of kindness... it helps :-)


Thank you ❤️ I was really worried I had come off as offensive. I just. I'm not in a good state of mind at the moment


You should be so proud of yourself! I Don t know all of your story but I can read in your post that you are more grown up than I was at 50, lol. Look at you: you do know what you want and you do know what you Don t want. Many of us didn t know that in our teens. Of course you feel torn between expectations and your own idea of yourself. I still am today at times, still hearing my mother whispering in my ear... Take it as it is:it is difficult in your situation but you know what you don t want. You will be back in 5 months and maybe there, where you feel home, you seek professional help to sort out this conflict within yourself. I m just now learning in therapy to see myself and not the image my mother had of me. You ll be feeling so much better one day because you have a good heart and the brains:-) And please stay here, this is a community for anxiety sufferers and not a fn nursing home, that was me swearing :-)


Thank you. Genuinely. It means a lot ❤️😇

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I often feel the exact same as you. I could have written that. this is the plight of a modern teen. hugs, my friend.


Dude honestly, I just want my mum to stop triggering me with her words. I'm always on edge around her in case she says smtg that'll make me start overthinking. I so desperately want to go home. I haven't been used to living with my mum since I was 15. And since then, she's changed so so much.

I love her but....she changed so much and I really don't want to change into becoming that way. I don't hate her. She's amazing. But....that's not who I want to be.

It's hard to not be around anyone my age here. I'm visiting so it's a new country and I've been here for 3 months without any friends to meet. Nobody my age around at all. I have to consistently text my friends to make sure I don't feel lonely.

Once I opened up to my mum about feeling lonely and she got so offended and upset because I felt lonely around family. But really, we haven't lived as a family in 10 years. And I really don't know how to. I tried for a month but then anxiety kicked in. Every time this happens holidays are about to end so I get to go back and relax. But it's been way too long and I have 5 more months to go. This is tough honestly. All of this is so tough.

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Omgggg my mom is usually fine but sometimes she gets in moods and is really negative and critical of everything I do.

I love my mom too, and she's also conservative. I'm not exactly one or the other, but I tend towards liberal. I totally get where you're coming from with not wanting to just become them. It's hard to figure out who I am with their opinions all around me.

Man that has to be rough :( Are you able to leave anytime sooner than 5 months? Can you stay with anyone else?

Aw I'm sorry :( That's awful. I hope things get better for you :(

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I can't....uni starts in Sept. My hostel opens a week before. So unfortunately, I'm stuck here. I could go to Grandma's house in ANOTHER country and my close friend recently moved there so I'd get to see her but I can only go next month. I'm looking forward to that.

But even then, I doubt I can meet my friend often. She stays far away AND I'd still be around my grandma and aunts only. Nobody my age still :/ it's hard living like this man I hate being idle. 9 months is such a long break I hate that my uni only has a September intake.

Sometimes I really don't think I can last 5 months. I'm getting very depressed and secluding myself. I feel bad but...I really have no energy anymore. I feel so bad. I'll be busy with uni, then work, and I plan on working back home so I won't live with my family. Bro's will go off to college soon too. I really should enjoy this time but I can't. My anxiety is taking such a huge toll on me. I'm so very exhausted.

Also haha high five ! I'm also a Slytherin.

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Aw man that sucks :( Are your grandma and/or aunts triggering like your mom? I hope not.

Yikes. Can you skype anyone? Would that help?

9 months is a long time. Tbh if I were you I'd just sit in my room and watch youtube or shows or movies to pass the time. Probably not healthy though XD Prob would make things worse.

Aw, I'm sorry. I really get the no energy thing. Like any willpower I had to do anything was just sucked right out of me and I'm left tired and burnt out.

How's your relationships with your brothers? Can you hang out with them until they leave? (IK it's not like with friends, but at least they are closer to your age, maybe? IDK, just throwing things out there)

I'm seriously tired all the time, and I hate it because I'd love to be productive... I just can't muster the energy :(

Ahh Slytherin Fam unite!!! :D (I'm actually a slytherpuff, but... technicalities, technicalities)

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No they're not. I think I'll be okay. They're chill. Though... they'd definitely say weird stuff also but I don't think I'd take them seriously.

Yeah I try to talk to them often. Skype doesn't work here cause the internet is so bad. Though I've tried.

IKR !! 9 months is suuuuper long. I'm a workaholic as well. So like. Not having work is already depressing me.

Me and my Bros are quite close actually. We talk often and I tell them everything. They agree that mum and dad can be too much and do try and offer some comfort. But they have exams rn so I don't wanna bother them much. I sat with my bro earlier though. Spoke about all the times I've gotten agitated and he agrees that mum can be overdramatic and it comforted me to know someone near me felt the same as me. We have a 3 year gap so he's the only comfort I physically have rn.

Yeah i get you. It's tiring as hell and I'm constantly exhausted and burnt out. And honestly a little scared that certain things I do will agitate me. It's all so so uncomfortable and frustrating.

How u feeling though ? Better ?

And damn slytherpuff huh? That's like..me + my bro ahahaha. I don't think I have any hybrid houses. Though the closest would be Slytherclaw.

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That's good they aren't triggering though! Man, stupid stuff seems to be unavoidable XD It's good to not take it seriously though, so props to you :)

Oh phoo that stings. Are there any cafes or McDonalds or other public places with free wifi near you that you could use?

Ahhhh, a workaholic. Yeah, 9 months must seem like an eternity. Is there any busy work around the house you can do to try and occupy yourself?

That's good! You've got some allies! Ah, exams, how I despise them so.

Chats are always nice :) I'd say to stick around them as much and as long as you can.

Sometimes I'll just be going along, doing my thing, and something out of the blue and completely dumb will irk me to the point of anger. It's very odd. Is that the sort of thing you're talking about? If so, I really get ya there :\

I'm doing ok. Tired and stressed, but such is the life of a student.

Haha yup :D ooh slytherclaw... sounds like a get-it-done kinda person. Matches up with you being a workaholic lol!

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Omg I feel like every suggestion you give. Is gonna have a negative answer. They do have wifi. But it's slow. And only for 30 min MAX. So can't do much lol.

Oof parents been trynna make me do housework. Idk I try when I'm in a good mood but I think I've been dealing with so much emotional stress that I've given up. On a good day though. I do cook for everyone. But it's not like...REAL work I enjoy. Sigh. It's a bit complicated. I actually emailed my uni professor. For early assignments. Uni hasn't even started and I'm already some weird teacher's pet lmao 😂😂

Well for me it's not anger, it's fear. But yeah. Dumb thoughts. Happens. You can talk to me about it if you like. My messages are always open :)

And damn how old are you ? High school must be tough huh ? Though tbh. I miss it. When you get to college high school feels like a breeze. Enjoy it while you can HAHAHAHAH

LMAO I guess it doesss. How interesting.

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OOF haha man my suggestions are NOT working out. That BITES.

Ah. so busywork doesn't do it for you. you want something that matters? Haha teacher's pets unite!!! lmao early assignments... really early XD

Anger, fear. For me, they kind of go hand in hand. I'll get angry and then afraid someone noticed or I hurt someone through it. It's really, really random stuff too. Like someone sniffling repeatedly during a test or too many people talking at once. I think I may have an auditory overstimulation issue of some sort, idk. But, thats a horse of another color. Same to you :)

Lol I'm 16. Oof I'm taking 3 honours courses this year, and I think 3 or 4 next year XD OOOOF I'm so nervous for college XDD I feel like I'm gonna end up living in a studio somewhere with 3 cats, a full time job at wendys, living off ramen, and watching anime for all my days lolololol. Too much stress to have a life lmao.

Slytherpuff is an interesting mix as well. I present very confidently and a sort of no effs given attitude around people, but inwardly and by myself, I'm very soft and self-conscious. I guess when I took then test, around people or alone, determined my results. (heh I've taken it 5 times I'm such a frickin nerd lololol-- 3 slytherins 2 hufflepuffs)


Ahahahaha issok. Talking to you is distracting enough tbh. I feel better.

Yeah like who wants to mindlessly do stuff they don't like ? lmao

I kind of want genuine work that I enjoy and like an environment where I can interact with people cause I'm extroverted as hell and this is just torture AHAHAHA

Ahhh...it seems you have sensory overload. Ever tried to see if you have some form of autism ? A lot of my friends had mild autism and would get this. Took them years to figure out. Also, it can also be bcs of anxiety or obsessive compulsion. Overwhelming trivial things. Our issues are quite different. Mine are triggers that cause intrusive thoughts that just bother me, worry me or make me scared. And I have a HUGE issue with unwanted abrupt change. Traumatises me lol

Oh damnnnn dude why so much overworking ? Though ngl. I retook an exam while doing the second part of my exams (6 2 hour papers in 2 days) JUST to go from A to A+ 😂😂😂 worked out but lmao idk why I did that. But I'm sure you're capable and will do great !!

Aw come on don't be so negative. Here's smtg I do : always list down what kind of life I want in the future. Like a bucket list. And genuinely it DOES help lift my mood and give me a goal I hope to achieve. It's good to always think positively to avoid negative thoughts and overthinking. I'm sure you'll find your balance to have a life and work hard.

Ohhh damn I took the test 5 times too !! Got Slytherin every time lol. For me I'm genuinely confident in myself as a person and quite secure with who I am (well before this current anxiety issue sigh) but at the same time if I get insecure it's like REALLL bad. And I start to doubt myself a lot. I'm kind of a trainwreck. Idrk why I'm a pure Slytherin but I think it's the ambition + how I can persuade ppl to do things my way. Pretty good with words AHAHHAHA

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Ah really??? That's great!!! Actually talking to you has made me feel better too. :)))

Haha true true.

Ohhh can't relate to the whole extrovert thing, but genuine work, defiantly. I want to do something that matters I guess. Idk. Oof but yeah if you're an extrovert, that has to be absolute hell lmao.

That's what it's called! I couldn't remember the name but that's what I'm pretty sure I have. I took an online test for types of autism (haha online quizzes will be the death of me) and I didn't get anything, if I'm remembering correctly. It was a while ago, though, so I'm not sure. I'll do it again to be sure lol. Well that would make sense. I've go General Anxiety Disorder, social anxiety, and OCD. Lol yea I'm seeing we aren't talking about the same thing hahha. Oh dang. I'm able to adapt super easily, so change doesn't really bother me one bit.

Gotta do it for the GPA!!! currently at a 4.2 I believe hohoho. A to A+... I've done that too haha. Aww thanks!

Omg I make "life plan" lists all the frickin time. They really do help. It's been awhile though, so I should do another...

Oh thank goodness I'm not the only 5-timer lmao. ooh consistent!! I feel the confident aside from anxiety thing. If I didn't have such bad anxiety, I wonder if I would be an extrovert or actually confident. Woo wooooo trainwrecks unite lmaoooo!! Niceeee. Pureblood XD (also slyherin's aesthetic is dope af lol) Ohh yeah I think I've defintly got the ambition part haha. I'm ok at words If I spend a long time on them lol


Oof dude I have GAD too ! And I have some symptom of OCD. I guess we're similar but fighting different battles in the same spectrum. Issok. We're still fighting the same issues so we aren't alone ahahahha.

And same !! I take those dumb quizzes all the time too. Idk why but it calms me to know there's an actual name to what I'm feeling and I'm not just some insane lunatic 😂😂

Also, dw. I'd been an introvert my whole life. Until I was 18 when I realised...hey, lmao what are u doing ? You like talking. You wanna stop being shy. Just do it ! I got to college. New people, new environment. Decided to try and be more social and POOF ! Apparently I was an extrovert the entire time who just enjoys silence and less attention sometimes bcs ppl can be annoying lol so maybe if you have good days, you'll realise that you may be extroverted too.

Lmao we're so similar. You're a lot like how I was in high school before I grew out of feeling insecure and critical of myself. Learnt self love and confidence came naturally. Although, being an introvert isn't bad..it's fun too. I switch between the two a lot 😂😂 I'm 51% extro and 49% intro. And it flips around a lot.

Oooo 4.2 !! That's good !! Keep going ! You're doing great !

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Haha yea we really are pretty similar! It's interesting how we've got so much in common yet such strangely different things.


Man, that's pretty frickin rad. Being around people exhausts me lmao. Lol ppl are annoy a lot of time in my school. I'm tested every day haha. Maybe once I get out, things will change. Who knows!

Ikr. The odd thing is though, I like how I look, and I like myself. The self consciousness comes from anxiety, I think. I constantly worry what others think or me or are saying about me or are noticing about me. Yikes I it gets better once I'm out of highschool. You sound like an ambivert! A middle ground, bit of both, flip-flop kinda situation.

Eyyy thanks :D I'm tryin lol


Yeah interesting isn't it ? Lmao I've met so many great people on here who are actual friends now ahahaha. This site is actually the best thing.

I mean, it doesn't have to be your appearance. I mean I'm the biggest narcissist I know. I think I spend at least 7 hours of my day looking at myself 😂😂😂😂 you being anxious over what people think is also a form of insecurity. Think of it this way : you're afraid ppl are thinking bad things about you. And every time you do, just think "but I like who I am. I'm nice. Why would they say bad things ?" It should help. I had a friend who drilled this into my head until I stopped being conscious of what others thought of me.

Also, I think it might just be your high school that's making you this way since you're fine outside. Once you leave you'll be just fine ! And damn I relate to ppl in hs being annoying. I hated mine too until senior year when I changed schools lol Just ignore them they aren't worth your time. The right people don't exhaust. I talk to everyone but only hang out with like...8 people 🙃😂 I hate big crowds. Feels suffocating. So I get you. I hate parties where there's too many people. Especially if the attention is one me. I was nominated for prom queen and had to go on stage and give a speech which was all great but the mental preparation was daunting ugh. Though, I feel like public speaking really helped me get comfortable with crowds.

And yeah I guess I'm an ambivert. Idk. I think labels are useless with me. I'm genuinely a little bit of everything 😂😂😂😂

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I've been considering getting a little less active cuz there are lots of triggers, but this interaction with you has kinda given me hope :)

Hm. I hadn't thought of that. (LOL I'm such a narcissist too!!!) "but I like who I am. I'm nice. Why would they say bad things?" Damn, coming at me again with these bomb quotessss. That's a great way to think of it. That one good friend. Thanks for paying it forward! :)

Man, my highschool sucks booty. It's so damn cliquey I can't breatheeee. I can't wait to get out lmao. I try to ignore them as best I can but them my brain's all like, "they'll think you hate them or that you're a snob if you ignore themm" but then if I don't ignore them, it's all like, "they're prob laughing with their pals about how desperate you are to be popular or smthnnn" but tbh popularity is an epidemic, and until they're cured, they can be quarantined. My close friend group is about 4 people atm, but I'm friends with about 14 (bookclub table as others call us lol) and friendly with most everyone. And gosh I love my friends, but they sure can talk XD

It's a bit much with all 14, so I try to hang out in little groups within our group rather than all at once. OOOOOf parties that's a whole other story haha.

Eyyyyy prom queeeeeen nice :D Oof, I hate speeches. yikes. I'd give the shortest and punniest speech so people would be too busy laughing at the puns to notice I was done haha. Ah, that good :)

Oooh I love labels. If I can smack a label on something I can know that this is this and that is that and there's no confusion. I much prefer knowing what something is for sure and poppin a label on it to remind me :D


😂😂😂😂 wth we're opposites but also similar this is insaneee. Also, I remember getting triggered too so I just sort of stay to post my own issues and when I'm in the right state of mind, that's when I read posts by others and ONLY posts I know I can handle. Some days I come on just to message some of my friends I made on this ahahhaha. You could message me anytime too ✌🏻 I'm glad you feel better talking to me. I feel accomplished :')

Honestly, I know what that feels like. Lmao I unknowingly became a part of the "popular girls clique" without knowing lmao. But tg my senior year, my new school was great and the students weren't judgemental. Before that...DAMN was I bullied. So much racism and just general jealousy and two faced behavior. I hated it. I think dude, the best thing to do is realise that people can form opinions about you all the time and you really can't control what they think of you. But you can control how much you care. I stopped caring once I realised that I can't make everyone think nicely of me and I just have to accept that if they say mean things, it reflects their personality, not mine. I have my friends who love and care for me and I only really care about what they think. Everyone else can jump off a cliff lol

And omgg yes !! Hanging in small group ! I can't with too many people lol. It's tiring as hell plus I can't even pay attention to everyone. I'm the mom friend and everyone needs to talk about something 😂 I can't handle them ALL doing dumb shiz at once. I don't even let them mix AHAHAHAH

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IKKKK that's what I was thinkinggggg. Yea that's what I'm thinking of doing. It's a little uncomfy otherwise lol. My pms are always open too :))) You should. You've been great.

Thank goodness for good schools then :D your old school sounds like a bit of a hellhole. Ya know what that's what I always try to tell myself by damn anxiety gotta peep in like, "oh. but ya should care." But then I try to tell myself that that's big dumb so I should just go on my way. hee hee u right. yeet them haters away

Lollll back to the sensory overload thing one time I was playing dnd (wow lol this convo has really exposed all my nerdy hobbies lmao) and we've got a 7 person group and it gets loud cuz we all act dumb and just ask the dungeon master if we can pick up a rock or train a whale or some dumb crap like that, but this was during a party at the host's house and there were tons of people upstairs, a tv playing, kids running around screeching playing with toys that made incessant beeping sounds, and music. I literally shut down. I curled into a ball on my seat, tucked my heat between my knees, and didn't think for a good 20 minutes. I just sat there. It was wild. But yeah my friends are like that sometimes. Loud, wack, and horribly annoying. but they're my loud, wack, horribly annoying people, ya'know? gotta love em XD

haha oddly enough I'm the kind of "dad" of the group bc I'm just awkward, tell puns, and but into convos weirdly, but also randomly give brilliant advice and comfort my pals. them dern kids'll turn me grey heheh


AHAHHAHHA TELL PUNS 😂😂😂😂 MY LIFE STORY. My friends always get all "well here she comes again with the stupidity" but I love them for actually even reacting lmao. And YES I get so stressed bcs of my losers. They're always doing dumb crap that makes me get headaches and I swear I'd probably get old before I'm even 21 😂😂😂

Ooo DND. Sounds like you're the same species as my brother 😂😂 they get so noisy when they play too. And yeah about that sensory overload, hmm...y'know what. I'm gonna do some research and I'll try and see if I can find something that'll help you cope. I knew someone who had sensory overload. He used to sleep in a room with black walls and curtains. No light. He loved the lack of senses he felt. He'd say he just liked to sometimes lie in darkness and recharge with calming music and give his brain some rest. Maybe that can work ? But I'll try to see if I can find other stuff !

It sound like you really do struggle a lot with overwhelming sounds and places which is probably why you don't like your hs as much. Crowds = noise = anxiety. Going someplace peaceful will do you good and getting your own place will as well. I think constant criticism is also somewhat of a sensory overload bcs it tends to do damage to your brain bcs it'll overthink and make you frustrated. DEFINITELY move out boyyy. You gotta ! 😂😂

And I know !! The anxiety thing. Where you're like "lmao this stupid" but then your brain is like "..but IS IT ?????" And suddenly you're like "oh yeah..damn. is it ? It is really ?" And then for me, I just start to overthink. So what I do NOW is simply be like "y'know what, okay. It is. And ? I should care ?" Or "I know your tricks you little a hole just STFU for a bit." Helps a bunch and makes me laugh at how much I can hate an organ 😂😂😂😂

Just bear in mind that what people say should NEVER matter. Unless you're...hurting someone. Then yeah. Maybe stop. But otherwise. Who gives a crap ? You're a great kid. Stay that way and try to look on the positive side always. Every time your brain thinks of smtg negative, think of smtg positive. And if you can, play loud music and drown out the thoughts. Go play with a cat/dog. Hug your friends. Hug your bf/gf and tell them you love them. Anything to get your mind off of the negativity in your head. It helps. A LOT.

Or ..use that angsty teen spirit and write some BOMB poetry. Maybe you can publish it and get money AHHAAHHAHAAHA I always tell myself that.

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Here's one of my favorites. "I was wondering why the baseball was getting bigger, then it hit me." heh the life of a parent

Ah yes, we nerds are a species all to ourselves.

Aw you don't have to do that! I just took a quiz and I got a 73% where 33% meant most likely have it. hmm. Sounds like I need to set up an appointment with my doc. Ooh I have black curtains and alternating white and black walls. My bed is next to a black wall and I face it at night. hmmmm. I'm looking into this more too.

Omg yeah the more I'm thinking the more I wanna go. I can't stand it here.


heh dum brains lol

Those, once again, (I've said it lots, I'll prob say it more) are words to live by. hurting others is never ok. and if others hurt me, I try to not care. I'll try more, darn it. :)

yes for positivity!!! hugging my dog is the best frickin feeling when I'm hating humans. then she hears some squirrel or smthn and runs away from me haha. ah well. doggos. what can ya do.

TEEN ANGSTTTTT YASSSSS get that coinnnnn. 😂😂😂

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AHHAHAHHAHHA OMG THIS IS MY NEW FAV THING! I'm definitely using that !!!

Also, dude... for an introvert you have a wholeeeee lot of energy. It's good ahahahah. I think once you get past your anxiety you might be more comfortable in huge social places. You sound like the life of the party. And not lying, you're actually funny AHAHAHHA. I love these kind of puns.

And wow. Yeah you definitely sound like that person I knew. You really should look into it. And nah it's no worry !! Anything to help out. I love doing research anyway! It'll give me something meaningful to do. Btw, it's not like online quizzes are accurate, kiddo. Try not to do them so much you might aggravate your GAD in the future and make you believe smtg is up with you when it may not be. Ever heard of psychosomatic symptoms ? It's when your brain assumes smtg is up and then you start to feel it.

I read up on it once. How someone suddenly thought they had a heart attack bcs of some article and thought over it SO MUCH that they got chest pains. Obv didn't get a heart attack but you feel symptoms and that ain't fun for an anxious brain.

Also, it's good to not wanna hurt people but BOYYYY...istg if someone hurts you, you don't just NOT CARE. you stay away from toxic people like that. If you don't like something, voice it out so that they think twice before saying something that may hurt you. Sometimes we try so hard not to care until we let people say whatever and keep the pain hidden and get insecure/don't feel like we're enough. You have every right to feel hurt and tell the person (but lmao not over petty issues try not to get oversensitive. That will make things worse for you).

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Glad to provide material :)

One of my fave pun sites is punoftheday.com/cgi-bin/dis... I have it memorized lololol it's often an open tab lol.

Omg once I'm away from people for at least an hour I'm rearing to go. Also, online it's so much easier. OOOOf I hope my anxiety dies down and I can live a little lmao. Ahhhhh thanks!!!! You literally are so nice haha!

Oh yeah Ik online quizzes are often baloney and I don't put much stock into them, but along with everything I'm reading about it and also all the symptoms, it's a pretty straight cut case. Then again I'm a self-diagnosed hypochondriac (lol get it)

I once convinced myself I had a kidney disorder I believe. Since then I don't really visit Dr. Google much haha.

Lol ya that'd be a good thing prob. heh... I should start to do that. I'm in the practice of letting things go atm bc I don't want to make the rest of highschool miserable haha. When someone I don't care about does something, I try to not care about what they did. If someone I care about does something, I try to peacefully resolve it, bc I care about them and most likely what they did. Oh yea. petty stuff is NOT my cup of tea XD


You sound like a mature kid bro I'm sure you can handle this !! 💪🏻💪🏻 I'm glad you know how to handle difficult issues and you know where your priorities lie.

Also THANK YOUUU for the pun site. I shall annoy my friends more now AHAHAHAHAHAH also, I TOTALLY got that pun jn and laughed out loud lmao.

And yeah seeeee ??? Dr Google is a quack. Stay off it and stop self diagnosing. People like you are what stress out my parents HAHAHHAHAHA jk. Oh but srsly tho. Some people come to my dad thinking a headache means cancer or come to my mum thinking weight gain = pregnancy and they just wanna faint for a bit bcs they just take weird home remedies and make stuff worse. SMH AHHAHAHA.

Lmao you sound a lot like my bro with his social anxiety. He hates attention and gets drained after spending so much time with people. But he is definitely so fun to be around ! He's found a way to deal with it and I hope you will too and become more calm.

I feel like you're the kind of person who's cheery and bubbly on the outside but always having a fight in your own head and when you're alone you really just don't even wanna smile and just sit in the dark and reflect. Which isn't bad but...I hope your anxiety decreases so that you can be cheerful and happy in your mind too. Not just to show the rest of the world you're okay.

Feel better, little one 😂😂😂 I sound like shifu from KFP but lmao whatever. I always sound like some old sensei for people even a few months younger 😂


Eyyyy I try to act more than my age :)

YEEEE ANNOY THEM KIDDOS it's my pleasure :D 😂 ah yay!!!

heehee Ikr like who gave you a medicinal license? sheesh :0

hahahah no ur right lmao. OH LORDY THE HOME REMEDIES I've heard of so manyyyyy they terrify me lololollllll. XDDD

Eyyyy your bro and I are twins haha!!! separated at birth I suspect 😂 ah breathing exercises help me the most. also separating myself from the situation. yeeyee for coping skillz!

Yea that's pretty much dead on haha :) I try not to sit alone in the dark too much for that very reason. It's bad for my state of mind haha. Aww thank you :) I hope you feel better too.

YYaaaasssss Master Shifu. What a legend. (whenever we had noodles when I was little I would drape one across my upper lip to mimic his mustache-thingie haha)

lol that's how it always go. like, oh you're 2 days younger than me? LET ME TEACH YOU THE WAYS OF THE WORLD, MY YOUNG PADAWAN.

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Yeah I can tell. Dw so do I 😂😂 it's a blessing and a curse bcs I'm both wiser than my age...but also have the pressure to NEED to be mature when I wanna just be myself and act my age. It's a constant struggle lol.

Maybe maybe 😂😂 you're the same age as him too. When's your birthday lol. Istg if it's the same day...imma faint. Breathing exercises are great ! And yes I mostly just walk away lol. The amount of times I've walked out of a room without saying anything 😂😂😂 I could be in a drama.

Yeah I could tell. Man either I spend too much time with people who have issues like these or I'm just a mind reader. It's scary to be able to guess stuff like this sometimes and be dead on but that's where my Slytherin trait lies ! My friends get persuaded easily cause I can get into their head and guess what's up. So they just spill the tea. Most of the time. I hate it though. Makes me wonder...if I was evil, this would be such a terrible trait 😂😂 lol my paranoia

I'm glad you try not to !! Do you have someone you can open up to about your internal struggles ? I think it'll be good to tell someone you trust about what goes on in your head so they can reassure you and set your mind right if you ever spiral.

And ahahahaha that's so cute !! Awww. I don't remember doing that but taekwondo practice was always fun cause we'd pretend to be the next generation of dragon warriors or some shiz and fight 😂😂😂

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Ah I'm so glad you can tell :) haha yeah it's certainly a bit of both 😂

Haha that's funny!!! Ah, I don't really share personal info online, yaknow :) Omg breathing exercises have taken me down from panic attacks before. they are a lifesaver. Man walking away is so underrated it really fixes lots of things haha!

I think you are just really good at reading people maybe? That'd be my guess. You'll be a great teacher :))) Haha it makes you wonder if in a parallel universe you're ruling the world 😂

Yea my friends are really open to talking and stuff but I always feel like a hassle and literally my worst fear is people growing to resent me so I try to tread carefully heh.

ikr lol 😂 BROOOOO I SWEARRRR I USED TO DO TAEKWONDO I'M SHOOOOOOOKKKK ya know what this is wack. How are we like the same personnnnnn but so differenttttt. And omg that's so cute too!


Damn, not even your birthday ? It's understandable I guess. The internet can be a scary place. I remember once being scared to death because I made a Facebook account with my mum. But lmao the fear only lasted for 5 min before I saw the games (man, those were the days)

Maybe lol. I don't like it. Cause I can tell when people are lying to me or thinking they're being smart and trynna fool me. Especially hate it if it's someone close :(( but meh what can you do, amirite ? Thank you I hope I am a competent teacher.

Awww don't think that !!! I have friends that think that and honestly, it's more of a hassle if they don't talk about it when they're stressed because I worry. But it's good that you talk from time to time. Never fight this stuff alone, kiddo !! It ain't easy.

OMGGG WHAAAAT ?!?!? Damn we really are quite similar yet opposites. This is insane 😂😂 I hope your hw went well ! Have a nice day at school !!

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Yep not even my birthday :) Oh games are great 😂

ah yeah I hate when people lie to me too :(

Haha I know it's really irrational, but it's persistent.

IKrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Ah it went ok. Was up till 1, but not bad! I did :)


Ayyyy I'm glad your day was better. And 1 isn't bad AT ALL. I used to stay up until 3 every night as a standard and sometimes all night long. Black coffee is my LIFE. I feel like I wouldn't have survived college without it.

It's okay we all have irrational fears. Just don't let them run your life and you're good !


Oof a couple weeks ago I had tons of homework and I stayed up till 3 two nights, 4 one night, 2 another, and 3 the last. It was ROUGH omg I fell asleep in so many of my classes heheh. Ickkkkk I can't stand black coffee. I'm more of a kickstart kinda gal 😂

Yeah that's the tricky part lmao.


Y'know what's weird ? You make it sound so rough but I'm like "whoa.. living the dream". I have so much free time i miss being beat down, running on caffeine and just genuinely EXHAUSTED from all the work. I'd have classes back to back and then extra classes until 5/6pm. I complained in the moment but...WOW I miss it now. Everyone was concerned about me and my sleeping habits but genuinely I don't remember feeling more ALIVE. I guess you really learn to appreciate the little, chaotic things when you're bored out of your mind 😂😂😂

I don't think it's that tricky tbh. If you think about it, it's quite easy. Just takes some time to get used to. Every time you have an irrational fear, you gotta challenge it by pushing yourself and going through with your day despite that "what if this happens" nonsense.

The tricky part comes from how scared we get and how much we doubt ourselves. Which is why I always remind myself to go little by little. Like. Just do little things and take things one step at a time. Slowly the fear, anxiety and stress seems to dissipate.

Although damn I was having a good morning now it's just turning terrible bcs I miss my friends and having a life :') AHAHAHAH. Lifeless people problems. Top tip little one : apply for college before graduation so you don't have to wait for the late intake (in case the graduation makes you miss the deadline). Any holiday more than 2 months is practically a death wish.

Honestly at this point, I hate watching TV shows lol 😂😂 I've watched every show I can THREE TIMES and watched every single movie I could find. I might have movie PTSD after this. Gotta save up my movie watching quota for Endgame and then I'm DONE with movies for a few months 😂

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Oh damn I don't think I can relate! 😂 I hate it. I wish I could get a good 11-12 hours per night!!! Eek I have a hard time functioning like this haha! oof to each his own I guess lmao.

hm. I'll try that. crossing my fingers!

Oh I'm planning on it lol. I wanna MOVE OUT OUT OUT. man two months sounds lovely.

*gasp* my livelihood!!! (sarcasm haha... ish) I love shows!!! to me, they help me get out of my mind and just relax. When I'm feeling depression-y triggered, youtube can distract me from my thoughts. When I'm angry at my parents, youtube can distract me and cool me down. My fave shows make me laugh when I'm feeling empty. A good movie can help me cry if I'm feeling emotionless. Ect. They help me so muchhhhh I love themmmmmmmmm :D

OMG endgame. I swear I'm gonna cry for hours if anything happens to Cap QwQ he's my bb. Oof I'm a HUGE nerd for marvel movies


Okay I mean. I'm saying this because I've been free with no work or life for 4 months and all I've done is watch TV shows and do nothing lmao. When I was in college and school I wanted breaks too but I'd much rather be beat down and tired than be tired of not being tired, y'know ? It's like...being without purpose. Hate it.

Most of the times shows are GREAT. I spent my first week of holidays just binging B99 and Friends 😂😂😂 but ugh when you run out of stuff to do, even movies don't help calm you down. Music still works though ! I always have my fav Spotify playlist at hand. God....I can NEVER leave home without my earphones. I would DIE. No music = tortureee

What kinda shows do u watch ? Or YT vids for that matter.

OMG I'D DIE IF THEY KILL TONY I MIGHT ACTUALLY SET HOLLYWOOD ON FIRE (jk FBI pls don't come after me I'm too much of a coward to do that) but I will be UP. SET. My heart already broke when they killed Loki in the first 5 min. I was like WTF I DONT WANNA WATCH ANYMOREEEE 😭😭😭😭 My friends even filmed me sulking lmao and SAME !! Marvel >>>>>>>>

I think I've watched Spiderman Ho-Co like...6 times 😂😂 that's probably one movie I'm not sick of. Yet.

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Ahhhh I see what you mean. Yea I suppose if that's all you did it would be pretty listless. :\ Omgggg music I love music too. I have Spotify playlists of over 4000 songs haha XD

oh Lordy e v e r y t h i n g. I can't even remember all the shows I like. one of my faves is the office tho haha. cooking shows, romance, comedy, rom-coms, crafty, dramas, actions, and in a lovely category all to its own, anime. lots lol.

Yt, I mostly watch literally everything that shows up on recommended. gaming, hacks (lmao they're basically comedy skits with how dumb they are) makeup vids, vlogs, transformation vids, and all sorts of other random youtube-y things.

I CAN'T EVEN THINK OF THAT NOOOOO HE IS SPOODY'S DAD AND SPOODY MUST COME BACK AND HE NEEDS HIS DAD AND TONYS SO SWEET AND UGUGUGUG I get too emotionally attached. (lmao them dern fbi ppl) yoooo I was so confuseddddddd. hahahahahahahahahah I literally cried for an hour straight after infinity. not joking, not exaggerating. I had tears coming from my eye orifices for over an hour.

Omg I could watch any of them again and again (not infinity TT ^ TT )


AHAHHAHAH which artists do you listen to mostly ? I'm pretty much a music junkie too! I mean. I make music so it's obvious lol but I loooooveeee discovering new music. It's like finding treasure lmao

Oof the office !! Love that show. I have a lot I watch as well. But I think I've watched almost everything I could. An old favourite would be Gossip Girl. AHHAAHHA. That used to be THE BOMB !! I've basically watched everything besides KUWTK bcs honestly their BS gives me anxiety FOR them (loljk idc)

I think I'm emotionally attached to them tooo 😭😭 when Peter disappears bcs of thanos I felt my happiness disappear with him, swept away into the oblivion that is the giant crack in my heart :') IM ACTUALLY SO SO SOOOO EXCITED FOR Far From Home !!! I can't wait to see Peter back in action.

Lmao really ?? Not even iron Man ?? Captain America ?? Lol I've watched IW like...4 times. I skip the deaths and just pretend they're safe and Thanos never wakes from when Thor stabs him. Am I in denial ? Maybe. Do I care ? No.

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My Chemical Romance is my favorite band, Billie Eilish is my favorite artist, and I like TO^P, Panic!, All time Low, FOB, and lots of other "alternative" bands. but I'll really listen to anything. Pop, rap, punk, rock, edm, ect.

Haha I've seen every episode of all 9 seasons. Ah I've never seen that! Oof same I don't watch it tho bc I just don't care hahaa 😂

I knoowwwww "Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good." AHHHHHH MY HEART. ahhhh Peter's such a sweet lil bean.

ahhhh my heart just can't take infinity war :((( ooof haha nice. I've done that with some books and movies before 😂


Lol this reply came later than usual. Sorry man, distracted 😂 ugh anxiety can be so annoying. Though I'm doing better these days ! Still antsy af from time to time over why things feel TOO CALM 😂😂

Oooo OMG !!! Now I'm starting to wonder if you're just my brother in disguise online 😂😂 he's obsessed with those alternative/rock bands too !! I like their music as well. It's freaking awesome. Do you listen to this band called "The Score" ? You should check them out. They're great !! And American Authors are pretty awesome too.

Damnn sameee !!! I've seen every episode of every season of almost 20-30 shows. NOW do you see why I'm so tired of watching shows AHHAHAHAHAH I've watched everything twice or thrice. Need a new show to watch tbh :/ but idk anymore

THAT DAMN LINE BROKE ME !!! 😭😭😭 I really hope both of them survive bcs I really really love the "Tony and his adopted kid" dynamic between the two. Somehow Tony manages to NOT overshadow Peter and let him shine so it's not "Tony's little Padawan" but rather "Tony and Peter". At least, to me. I know a lot of people hate that Peter's suit relies on Tony's technology but I think it's not that deep. I mean, Peter still makes his own webbing. And if Tony Stark can make him a better suit bcs of his resources then why not ?

Ooo what kind of books do you read ?


I’m sorry man. I really hope you feel better. I’m rooting for you

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Thank you soooo much !! I appreciate it ❤️❤️

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Of course. We’re all here to help each other.


There is a cytle with perfection and depression. It is not complicated but may be hard to describe. In basic terms you had an individual do things to perfection or close too this often. This leads too being disapointed with what joy do which eventually leads too depression. This cycle happens over and over again. This is a very simple description. I find info graphics usefull for viewing go see things. I have signed up to Pinterest you msg find my saved infographic a there. Hope this helps. Lastly I would you are not alone in this I suffer sane. I would describe has a curse because of the negative thoughts, depression etc it brings but a blessing because it means you do a good job at things mostly. I do this anyway so this is my insight which may not natch yours of course.

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Just be you. No, you should not think like an adult because you are not one yet. Teenagers should not forced to be adults until they become one. You need to live for you and who you are. No two people are the same. We each have our own personality. Our thoughts are not the same as another. You tell your parents how you feel. Let them know that you love and repsect them. You will find out as you get older. You will become a wonderful person and the one you were menat to be. Love you and take care. I am 56 and have 3 children and six grandkids. I never once told them how to live. Hang in there. Teenage years are not easy at all.

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As I read further post. I see how triggering things are upon you. I left my hometown when 21 years old. I have been gone 35 years. I go back once a year. I have triggers 24/7 when I return for the week visit. I know how you feel totally. Hang in there. I could not make it for months if I had to stay where I grew up. I would have to leave too. I would never move back to where I grew up. Too many horrible memories. BE STRONG.

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Thank you. I'm not a bad person right ? For being triggered ?


Certainly not a bad person for being triggered. I am not a bad person because of triggers either. When something happened in our life that was not a good thing. We have flashbacks and memories of that thing that happened to us. These are triggers. It is normal. You are not bad so do not let anyone tell you that you are. Do not let your mind tell you that you are bad. Hang in there.

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Thank you ❤️


DistressedPoe, life in a small town (210 population) is very dull. I grew up in one. No real friends either. When I left for a bigger town, over 90,000, I still don't have a lot of friends. But I got a decent job with benefits for my husband, daughter and myself.

When I traveled to see my mom, I would stop at the local grocery on my way home for one of their fabulous hoagies. The store clerks, who all knew me, of course, would ask me, "What are you doing these days?" Well, I'm a smart***, so the first time, I told them I was a criminal (I won't specify what type) who made a lot of money. They looked out the front window and saw the Buick I was driving. As they turned back to me, I said "I don't drive my Escalade when I see mom. Too many things to explain."

I'd drive my 2 hours back to my home and mom would be on the phone soon after. She asked "What did you tell the folks at the store?" I told her the truth. She asked me why I did that. I said it wasn't any of their business to know what type of work I did. We both got a good laugh. Mom was a little strict but we were good friends by then. The next time, I told them another far-fetched criminal scheme. Mom called me again after that one too. The clerks stopped asking.

Your parents want you to behave a certain way because of that small town. Any little rumor and the whole town knows what you are doing, how you are acting, etc. Then they approach your parents like they are bad parents or ignore them because they are bad people. They have no control of you so your parents look bad. Swearing is an easy thing to fix when you are with your parents. Based on your earlier comments you are an adult over the age of 21. You can respect your parents when you are in their house and while out in the public view in town. But, being an adult, you could also choose to swear. Decide if it makes you feel good to swear or if there really wasn't a need for it. If it accomplishes nothing, don't do it.

As for friends, see if there are local events going on. Any basketball games at the local schools, or nearby colleges if you have a car. Bike trails or river floating events, fishing or hunting, target practice, etc. Get involved socially and you might find friends you want to hang around. But locking yourself away doesn't help overcome that.

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I don't think that's the issue here but I'm grateful you replied :) my parents and I just have different views on life in general. And they're a lot more judgemental than I am. I tend to not bother with what people do whereas my parents start criticising and then judge me for being quite calm over it.

It's just ..a whole lot of things.

And the swearing was an example. I don't swear in front of them. I just mean, these are the kind of trivial things that are bothering me bcs I don't think I'm BAD but at the same time, my mum makes it seem like the end of the world. Which is quite draining.

And no, I'm not above 21. I'm 19 ^_^

I know locking myself away won't help but...there really isn't much to do here and I really feel sad doing things alone.

Thank you for the input though. I'll try to get out more. I went and sat with my bro and had a talk. Felt a lot better


Well dont do what I did. I got sooo tired of living with my folks and bumping heads with my father that I joined the military. Well it's not all bad, met plenty people my age including my husband. But this job is definitely not for everybody, it comes with so many other stress factors. I say find some hobbies, something that gets you out of the house too. Our parents can be over bearing at times, but remember some things they say are with you in mind, they try to make you better than themselves. Although it can be annoying at times, if you dont agree, then just accept what their opinion is but let them know that you also need to discover and formulate your own opinions.


I know, I know. I try to. But...it's just right now I'm in a very sensitive state. So anything they said makes me doubt myself. Anything.

And I just...I feel bad about myself. And then I get scared about turning into them. And it's this huge cycle I'm trying to break. But can't.


Believe me friend there are thousands of teenagers out there feeling like that. We are from a different generation and we don't believe in myths but its ok to be that. God driven youngsters are scarce in modern world. Be proud of yourself. Just do your studies,job well it'll pay off for sure!!!


Do you think your parents know that they are upsetting you? If not, maybe you should change that in a calm, sincere way. Having them read what you wrote here might be a good way.

I too grew up with parents who forced their ideas upon me. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do if there opinions are more important to them than your feelings. It sounds terrible put like that but parents can sometimes be that way with the best of intentions (as was the case with mine).

I recommend on planning to go AWAY to college, enlisting in the Navy, joining the Peace Corps, or some such thing. Focus on getting yourself out when you have that opportunity rather than on the current power struggle. I KNOW that is hard, but it is probably best. Keep your eyes on your own goals. If they force you to do other things, try to think of any way that might be of some use toward your goals or just grit your teeth and bear it with the knowledge that once you are out of their house, you can make your own decisions. Let that motivate you!


I am supposed to go away to college. In 5 months. It's just...it's so long away. I feel exhausted already.

And my parents wouldn't understand. They'll only jump to conclusions and be like "WHY do you feel this way" as if I'm supposed to know.

I was stressed and having an anxiety attack just now. And dad came to ask why I was being so sad these days. I had to tell him that I didn't want to talk about it right now. That it was a bad time. But he kept insisting until I cried and started shaking begging him to stop. But he still didn't. Until I got so agitated and angry. I don't like feeling this way. I hate that I shouted out my frustrations.

I don't like worrying my parents but they really do worry me unintentionally. I need a break.

This is why I stay away in college. I don't live with my parents. I just visit. But college ended 4 months ago and I have a 9 month break before uni. It's hard


OMG I know a lot of people have already replied to this but I can relate to your story SO MUCH!

My mom always raised me saying I should be my own person and have my own opinions but in practice she yelled at me every time I was different from her or didn’t exactly agree with her opinion. It took me ages to even figure out what she was doing and I still really struggle to value my own opinions.

I’m 18 now and am planning to move out as soon as that’s financially doable for me. I’m not sure what to tell you about how to get along until you go home, but don’t forget to value yourself and your feelings/opinions :) good luck


Thank you. Good luck to you too !! ❤️

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Hi! Good job reaching out. Let me say you are not alone and it is NOT your fault. It sounds like your brain is just a little out of balance and living in fight or flight mode. This is not your fault. I have lived in this state for years. I am 47. There are tools. Look into DNRS coaching or myoptimalbrain.com

These are both techniques and training to help the neuroplasticity in your brain. Talk to your parents or a school counselor an let them know how you are feeling. Only you can take the steps to fixing this. You just have to find the right path. You are strong. You are loved and you can do this. ❤️

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Yeah I think I'm in constant fight or flight mode too. I'm always on alert. There's just something about this place and the way my mum behaves that makes me this way.

But I'll get through. Thank you so much for the positive words and also for validating what I thought was wrong with me, i.e. the perpetual fight or flight


Do you meditate daily? They are free at YouTube.com.

They are called meditations and some hypnosis. Start with short ones, then work up to the 20+ minute presentations. Breathe and follow the safe instructions.

Use stereo head phones, rest in bed or chair. Take care of yourself. We are all individuals. We are not anyone else. Search for your own self of this moment.

Concentrate on being the best you can be every minute by minute. Small amounts of gratitude for even folding socks will accumulate into bigger and better spaces for you to be a happier person.

That's what I've been doing since Nov. of last year. Now I can fold 7 pairs of socks at one sitting!!!


Hmm I could try that. My mind tends to wander a lot and I fear things that may happen in the future a lot. Gotta learn to live in the present. Sigh. I'll get there !!

Thank you for the suggestion. I appreciate it


To focus is one of the goals of Mindfulness. Meditating helps.

We are told it's okay to wonder. The programs will allow suggestions to bring the focus back.

Change is difficult. Psychologists say it takes 21 days to change a habit.

Are you willing to take the challenge? Meditate 1-2 times/day for 21 days.


Hm, I'll try :) it's worth a shot

I already do yoga every morning heh


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