Heart palpitations

Hey everyone,

So Friday night I kept getting this breathless feeling and it was bothering me it felt like my heart was doing a flip flop. So I got my husband to listen to my heart and he could hear it then it would like beat normal and then like double beat. So I freaked out literally panicked grabbed my stuff went to emergency. They checked my blood pressure it was 138/75 they gave me a ECG, blood work and urine test. Everything came back fine no abnormalities healthy heart. They could see on the ECG that I had heart palpitations, but said they aren't harmful and that 90% of people get them but don't pay attention to them. He said because I focus so much on my heart rhythm that's why I can feel it. It's weird because I went to the pool that night and I went down the water slide and I got that breathless feeling it didn't hurt but it felt weird and it took my breath away. Even though I went to emergency and they tested me for everything I am still worrying and it's upsetting me so bad I feel like I have a bad heart. They reassured me everything was completely fine but I can't stop worrying­čś×

I am a 26 year old I am healthy I don't smoke I don't drink like I eat healthy but no matter what I can't get it through my head. I always worry I am going to die. Whenever I accelerate I getting that breathless feeling­čś×

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  • You're having what's called "health anxiety" and it's due to unusually high anxiety. You are fine and your heart is fine. Once you've had it checked out is enough. The picture you draw is of a nervous person with too much anxiety. This is a very common thing to have heart palpitations but to still have a healthy heart. You can go to a general practitioner or an internist and tell him or her about your anxiety problem and hopefully get put on some kind of antidepressant for your anxiety. It needs to be brought down towards normal.

    Or your doctor may refer you to a psychiatrist which is also fine. The psychiatrist is the expert in this area and may find you have more than just anxiety which is great to know sooner than later. He/she is also the expert in selecting the right drug(s). You may also get told you need a counselor which is most likely true. I recommend you do this.

    A counselor can make sense of all of this and help you deal with the newness of whatever happens and the meds and all of your questions. This person is also on your side and will look out for things you don't even know to think of. I know a way to find counselors if you need it. I also have a longlist of non-drug resources for you if you'd like me to print it here. Just let me know if you want it.

    Take care and God bless.

  • Thank you for responding. I am currently on 100mg of Zoloft. I have been on ciperlex but had to go off because I was pregnant. I never ever got these before now I get them everyday. Is it bad to get them everyday. It's so exhausting­čś×

  • You have just pointed out a good reason why getting a panic attack every day isn't a good thing. It's exhausting. It's also not healthy and takes all of your energy and directs it toward something useless. This is anxiety out-of-control and you need to call your doctor and report it.

    Is this a psychiatrist? There's little point in taking Zoloft that isn't stopping daily panic attacks. Your doctor needs to alter your med(s). You need a doctor who knows what he's doing. That would be a psychiatrist and always a doctor that you keep informed by reporting if your meds aren't working or you are having a problem with them or despite them.

  • Thank you very much

  • I also feel like doctors will just up my dose but it doesn't fix the actual issue. This is taking everything out of me. I worry from morning till night and I would really like help.

  • What help do you have in mind?

  • Well real help would be to up your dose or change to a med that rids you of the panic attacks and constant worry so you can move on to understanding your anxiety and how to live with it and manage it better. For that you need a counselor skilled in managing your anxiety to learn from. If you're busy being in attacks and being anxiety-ridden it's hard for you to learn about them and conquer the anxiety. Would you like that list of non-drug resources now? You could start learning a little more about your anxiety and how to live with it and how to deal with it.

  • I would like to see a councillor I was seeing one but she was not helping at all. I need one that understands me like I was seeing one before and he was amazing. I was also on ciperlex and it calmed me right down. I just don't know how to transition. Like will I have to cut back Zoloft and then slowly start

  • I know right now the natural remedy isn't going to work. I need medication until I am strong enough

  • The natural remedies usually aren't strong enough. I've tried so many and that's often what happens. Because many prescriptions are made from natural ingredients that are strong enough to be dangerous so they get regulated and become prescription only. i.e. heroin, morphine, etc.

    No, you don't necessarily cut back Zoloft to start an anti-anxiety med. They can be taken together for different purposes. It just depends on whether the doc sees depression that needs the Zoloft. Be sure to ask the doc if he/she thinks you are depressed when you have a chance. Let him explain what he's treating and with what drug.

  • I have had palpations for several years now. When they first stated I felt just like you did... Scared! I would run to the ER idk how many times to be told I'm fine. Have you had you thyroid checked? This is when I started noticing mine back in 2009.

    Thyroid can cause all sorts of feelings in the body. I still have them but not as bad since my cardiologist put me on a beta blocker. It has helped. I still get them when I exercise but is very uncomfortable at times stops me in my tracks. I just tell myself they will not harm me and move on.

    I had to wear a holster monitor, do a stress test and echo to rule out any other problems. Cardiologist did mention I have a small leaking valve but was not a concern at the moment. I am 35 so maybe by the time I'm 60 I'll need to have it FIXED. also are u a caffeine drinker? If so this will give you palpations too

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