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Has anyone ever been triggered by a noise, a specific sound that bring out your worse memories


Dad use to only listen to one radio station, he never changed it, i went for my walk with spidey last night we were laying on the grass and i heard this music it was coming from a car that was parked not to far from us. The music stopped and then came that voice from the radio telling people the latest news and to call so they can win prizes....... in a matter of seconds i felt like my chest was closing in and it was getting hard to breathe i couldn't remember the breathing techniques i learned i was holding tightly to spidey i felt like i needed him to keep me here,grounded, so my mind won't play tricks on me that i would know i was safe in the park that i wasn't back in a corner in that house praying that dad was in a good mood and i wouldn't get hurt this time. Spidey put most of his weight on me and started licking my face and rubbing his nose i started rubbing his fur, forcing my brain to focus on this specific dog and eventually it worked. I was back at the park

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((((((((((((((((Gentle hugs))))))))))))))))

💙💙💙💙 thanks hun

Any time sweet you 💕


YES. My wicked mother slamming plates and dishes

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She is pretty awful

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Hi mine is someone shouting and yelling, especially if it is at me! Or negative criticism sets me off too. I have many triggers like this. Interesting post.

I hope you find some answers - how about trying counselling as this might help. x

I am in therapy. Yea i don't deal well with yelling either

mine is triggered sitting in a room and the silence is broken by a ticking clock.it takes me back to when my mum died I was alone in the sitting room trying to gather my thoughts and all I could hear was the clock.

Im sorry about about your lost, i wouldn't have any clocks at home

another trigger for me is listening to birds tweeting late on a summers night.it takes me back to when I was in care and things happened that shouldn't have.when I hear birds now at night its a reminder of difficult times.

How do you deal with those triggers when it happens, is there a technique to help you keep calm

with the clock ticking I just take myself out of the room with the birds its really only a problem when I'm on my own.i would turn up my tv or sing when I'm out.

The sense that brings back memories (both bad AND good) most strongly is the sense of smell. The aural sense (hearing) is number two. Yes, I have some sounds that can really set me off too.

Hang in there Danielle. Lotsa love and prayers from my camp too. Thank God we all have one another here. This place has been such an oasis. This is an excellent topic.

There are some songs that just destroy me, like "Say Somethin" by Great Big World, or "I Hope You Dance" by Leanne Womack. I do set aside time to listen to them someti.es, because they are a couple of my grieving songs, and grieving is a process that is good to work through, but when they come on at the grocery store . . . Grrrr

I absolutely love these songs and yes they do make me emotional

I hope you dance can be motivating in a way

I Hope You Dance contains very powerful and heartfelt prayers for 2 of my ex's, my daughter who was born without a bio dad, to whom I have no legal parental rights, and who had been kept from me the last 5 years, though I raised her for her first 9 years as my own, and my mom, who died a little over 3 years ago as the only family member who never turned from me. There are parts of that song that are so eerily specific to each of them.

Music has always be a very big part of my life. From Louie Armstrong to ZZ Top. AC/DC to any and all Zydeco, and everything in between and well beyond. I don't have multiple personalities, but my music collection sure does!

Music is therapy in itself. My playlist is sure schizophrenic or bipolar to say the least. I have a happy playlist though. My car jams. Every time I go out it just really pumps me up in a good way.

Whenever I hear the Seekers singing 'All my life's a circle' I am transported back to when I was 18 and living on my own in London and was very unhappy. I was working as a cleaner in a hotel and that song always seemed to be playing.

When I hear Rod Stewart's Maggie Mae I am back in the club with my first bf. x

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Do you remember some of the great one hit wonders from way back like the UK soap star, David Essex with, "Rock On," or Sugarloaf with "Green Eyed Lady?"

Here's a few others to take you into the "Wayback Machine."

10cc's - "I'm Not In Love"

America - "Horse With No Name"

The Box Tops - "The Letter"

The Band - "The Night The Drove Old Dixie Down"

Gerry Raferty - "Baker Street" and "Right Down The Line"

Bread - "Make It With You"

Not at all to having our thread, Danielle. These are really classic songs that whether people remember them or not, are still as powerful as the day they were written.

The great thing about music is, if there's a lull in good music coming out (according to my taste) I can always go back to Chopin, Greig, Miles Davis or Charlie Parker. :P

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I not only know all these songs well but can still remember the words! :D x

old-soul in reply to hypercat54

You would be a blast to play music trivia with. (Or even sing "SCARYOKEY" with. lol

Here's one, (and yes, I knkw all the words too) Do you remember, "Motorcycle Mama" by Sailcat?

Tell your mama and your daddy too, ya got somethin' better to do, thank sit around the house the rest of yoir life! Your 18 you can be my wife. You'll be the queen of the highway, my motorcycle mama, and we'll see the world from my Harley. (If the chain don't break)

LOL. I shortened it up a little.

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Ahhhh "Bread" such memories :)

Yes. A lot! I had a severe car accident. Every time I see or hear one especially I

get startled. In a panicking way. It’s awful. I think I’m doing better but it’s been 30 years. Im so glad you have spidey! He sounds like he is such a precious blessing! Did you get his vest yet? He’s definitely a therapy emotional support for sure. I was crying the other day and Tater Tot put her face against me and Athena gave me a hug. I taught her how. She puts one paw on each shoulder and lays her face against me. They sure know. Usually I say hugs and she jumps up here and gives me one but they know what we need when we can’t say it! All dogs in my opinion are therapy dogs.

Spell dog backward. Coincidence?

Spidey is going through training to become a service dog, since im planning to go back to school having him there would help me

To be an emotional support dog he needs no special training. A therapy dog does but not emotional support. I hope it works out though. You can get service dogs as well but yours knows you best. Look at the guidelines. If your doctor gives you a note it can help but training isn’t required for emotional support but it is good to have. That’s great you are going to go back to school. Good for you.

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I think that is so wonderful!

I wonder if there is any way to lessen the effects of these sounds. Exposure therapy can sometimes be helpful where phobias are concerned, but I think this is an entirely different animal.

Does anyone know any way?

If so I’d love to know.

Yes exposure therapy is one of the steps we're not there yet

Well, my prayers are definately with you. I hope that as you go along you'll keep sharing your experiences with the rest of us, because it not only instills hope, but also validates to others that we are NOT alone in our struggles.

I have felt a great sense of comradarie here since joining, and you are one of many who's posts have often helped me, so thank you.


Hi Callmedanielle,

The scent of roses trigger bad memories.

Callmedanielle in reply to Hidden

Do you mind telling me about what happened


I have never revealed this before. My ex-husband never knew that I didn't like the roses that he would buy on our anniversary. I don't know why I never told him.

Roses have an offensive odor because I associate the scent with death. My dad died suddenly when I was 10 years old. At his funeral, the church was filled with roses. After his death, I experienced depression for the first time. Depression and I have been close for many years.

So there you have it.

*Notice to prospective suitors: Please skip the roses! LOL

Have a fantastic day! I love your spirit and energy, Callmedanielle.

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💙💙💙 thank you for sharing it with me.

Callmedanielle in reply to Hidden

Have a wonderful weekend


That is the plan. Thank you! <3

yeah, though movements and postures more than anything. It's not that I should know that I feel afraid of them or know that I cannot make sure I either can begin to trust an environment after, but that I know that I've physically been hurt, and seemingly incessantly am kept from progress or real love, safety, care or interaction. And instead am subject to harassment and abuse by and from others, though am unable to mention who or how or why this has happened when asked and told that because I do not have a first hand account of and from myself when asked that I am delusional, as well as before, and am experiencing psychosis. Without any further examination, plan for care or provisions of normal expected safety or advocacy.

So sometimes yes, sometimes no, but when I do it is more the feeling of the stimulus as near than the actual sound, presence of or the person.

I am extremely sensitive to the sounds of coughing and burping because to me it sounds too close to gagging. This triggers me because I have a horrible phobia of v*miting.

Starrlight in reply to Katie_Y

Same here, hearing coughing and such sends racing to save what I think is a choking person.

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